They are keeping it real and humane. These are the thoughts coming to my mind when I think of them. Interestingly, they seem to have way more energy than many youngsters these days. And they are really taking the indie scene with their unique music bridging past and present.

Here are some interesting thoughts from Sylvia and Roger, and in the meantime, listen to “Amerika” – their single in German!

Music Authentic: What important projects are you working on these days?

Roger: We are currently finalizing a new German language album that is scheduled for release in early September. This requires a lot of time and energy, because we really do everything ourselves (writing, composing, arranging, producing, photos, videos, promotion, marketing, and so on.) It is our first album in German and we are very curious how it will be received.

Music Authentic: Which artist do you recommend to listen to from the past or the contemporary era and why?

Silvia: Hear who ever you want to hear.

Roger: That’s right. But my all-time favorites are Nick Cave, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, The Beatles, David Bowie, Radiohead and also a new band which I found on Twitter/Spotify called Portobello Express or the Swiss singer/songwriter Faber.

Music Authentic: What things would be the greatest achievements for you through your art?

Silvia: The greatest achievement of my art would be if it would penetrate the world, if it would be understood and implemented by everyone and everything and if we would have paradise on earth… any other questions?

Music Authentic: Have you ever used your stage as a platform to help out others?

Roger: We see ourselves as part of the indie artist scene. Wherever possible, we try to help other indie musicians. We have our own playlists on Spotify on which we place, promote and stream their songs. We are very active in the social media and support indie musicians there with follows, reposts or posts to their albums, concerts and so on.

Music Authentic: Have you ever felt promoting your music become almost like a door-to-door selling?

Roger: Yes, music promotion is often a very tedious business. As an indie artist you need a lot of patience and perseverance. Especially at the beginning of a new band project things go very slowly if you have no or very little money available for promotion.

Music Authentic: Do you think there are firm lines among the different roles all you need to be an all-in-one solution for your art?

Silvia: No. You don’t need different roles, when you are the film.

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The Golden Mantis

Music Authentic: Which superhero would you play in a movie or in a series if you had the chance?

Silvia: I can’t think of any. All superheroes have super problems too. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

Roger: Likewise!

Music Authentic: What do you think of the changing values in our days?

Silvia: If the values that make us human continue to exist, much has already been gained.

Music Authentic: Let me ask you this: are you afraid of what the future holds?

Silvia: I see no point of being afraid of the future. It’s not here jet. I prefer to get afraid when the time comes… And I also see no point of thinking about how my life will be like in a few years… Why waste my energy on such trivialities? I need it here, now.

Music Authentic: How do you usually gain strength during these changing and challenging times?

Silvia: Time have always been challenging and changing. I find strength in equanimity.

Music Authentic: What do you think the the hardest challenges are in society these days?

Silvia: To remain a philanthropist and just keep loving, hoping, carrying on.

Music Authentic: What encouraging message do you send to the readers?

Silvia: Breathe in, breathe out.


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