I like great artists with the right ambitions, with good attitude, you know, the ones who seem to walk the extra mile not because of the fame but because that how an art piece, a song should be done. T-Flavour, the Swedish upcoming hip-hop/rap musician is exactly like them. He also keeps it real, knowing, dreams won’t fall off the sky to become reality, hard work and honest self-growth always preceed that (if you have doubts, check the career of Prince or Bon Jovi or if you don’t know anything before the Jurassic era, well, check Eminem…). T-Flavour is a judicious person whose thoughts are more than interesting and worthy to read – maybe to learn something from them.


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Music Authentic: As almost always, let’s begin with the question: How did you sleep last night?

T-Flavour: Quite well, even though it was only a few hours. To be honest lately I don’t sleep much. Too much on my mind, and every time I close my eyes, I just start thinking of all the things in the world that I need to do. But other than that, I sleep like a baby.

Music Authentic: Where do you usually gain strength during these changing and challenging times?

T-Flavour: I think the biggest motivation for me in those moments is by looking at the old me. I always feel much better by looking at the old me from a year ago, when I knew much less about music and haven’t achieved any of the things I have now. At those moments I just try to remind myself that I’ve come such a long way, and that at this point I just can’t afford to give up or turn around. It also helps a lot when I receive messages or DMs from people that like my music. Every time I get one of those I’m lowkey reminded that what I’m doing is right, and that I am on the right path.

Music Authentic: You are early in your career and things are rapidly evolving or declining in our lives. How do you think your life will be in a few years from now on?

T-Flavour: To be honest I am really not sure. I just got a Bachelor Degree in Analytical Finance, but I really don’t see myself doing any of that. Music is my biggest passion, and when I see people enjoy listening to my stuff, it really makes my day. I really hope in 5 years time I would be an established artist, making my living of the music and traveling the world with shows, spreading happiness and positivity.

Music Authentic: I like asking this question because it can tell a lot from the person: Do you consider yourself an artist or a musician?

T-Flavour: I want to believe that I am an artist. I don’t want my influence or passion to be locked by music, even though music is my main source of inspiration and art. I want to contribute to the culture in many ways. I am a big fan of high fashion, and would definitely consider developing more in this sphere. I have a dream of establishing a production label one day, and giving a chance to talented individuals from different spheres of art to show themselves to the world. In fact, I believe that all spheres of art to a certain extent are interconnected nowadays, especially if you are thriving to create. So yes, I consider myself an artist.

Music Authentic: Long ago it was enough to make great music and have that one or two people who did the rest of the “circus”. What have been your experiences so far?

T-Flavour: I feel like in the modern world it’s not enough to just be a musician or an artist. If you don’t have a team or a label, or a certain financing backing you, you really need to do everything yourself. For instance in my case I’m the artist, the song writer, the manager, the producer, the promoter and so on and so on and so on. I’m not saying this to flex or anything, it’s just the modern reality and the requirements that one needs to follow if they wanna succeed.

Music Authentic: Let’s sail to sunnier coasts. The world now seems to close and stop us from travelling, yet some companies are actively planning a bit longer, interplanetary trips. What about you, would you rather live in the Earth in 20 years or be the part of the first Mars colony?

T-Flavour: My answer is probably going to be boring but I would rather live on the Earth in 20 years. In fact, if it was for me, I would happily explore the Earth of 1899. I think it’s a beautiful time. The world is developed, but still has the romanticism of the past. I would wanna explore the old streets of London of that time, travel to New Orleans, and feel the atmosphere of Paris. I would wanna talk to people, and explore their mindset, as well see what these people believed in, and what they expected from the future.


(the interview continues below after the photos – with even more interesting answers)

Music Authentic: We mentioned earlier how challenging it can be to wear that many hats just to be an artist, a musician in this era. Have you ever felt promoting your music become almost like a door-to-door selling?

T-Flavour: Definitely. It has been so from day one to be honest. Throughout the past year of me making music I’ve been a student, and could barely afford my living expenses. This meant that I had little to no budget left for music. This meant that the only way for me to show myself to the world was by knocking on the door of every listener and asking them to listen to my stuff. I believe it was quite annoying for both me and the people I reached out too, but it was the only way, and it actually worked. I’m thankful for the patience I had and I have, and I really hope it would all be worth it one day.

Music Authentic: There is an ongoing, fierce debate and controversion between industry player and active musicians, artists. Some of them argues concept albums are over, others insist storytelling is still important. Having singles frequently or taking a listener for a longer and deeper journey – which one is closer to you?

T-Flavour: I will try to answer this question by drawing parallels with my debut album Wayward Son. The album tells the story of my struggles and worries that I’ve experienced in my last 3 years that I’ve been in college. From the endless dorm parties, clubbing, alcohol and more, to the heartbreak, complete lack of support and belief in me from the people I love, and to the loss of the person that meant the world to me. All of these events eventually led to me being left completely alone on this road. The first part of the album consists of club bangers, and songs here separately don’t make much sense, however, the second part of the album is more lyrical and honest. In the second part of the album I tell about the events that changed my life, and how fast the happiness turned into sadness. I believe that the album should serve a purpose, and have a theme, otherwise it might as well be called a mixtape. However, the songs should also be strong independently, and present a complete work on their own.

Music Authentic: In each era there are different heroes from whom we can learn or have them to escape reality for a while. If you had a chance to play a superhero character whom would you choose?

T-Flavour: Wolverine. One of my favorite movie characters ever. From killing the love of his life, to sacrificing himself for someone he cared about. The guy is a legend.

Music Authentic: Well, we can say, he never had an actual family and when he had, well, that was anything but normal. And if we think of “Logan”, he tries to apply values we can resonate with yet he dies in the process of achieving them. It is like a portrayal of recent society and norm changes. As a young adult, what characteristics do you think should be kept today, the old traditions or something new?

T-Flavour: To be honest I am kinda in the middle here. There are some things, such as family or relationships that I would prefer keeping traditional. I guess I am boring, but I just can’t see myself changing in these aspects. However when it comes to other things, and these things are not related to people I love or care about, then I’m all in, and I’ll be like “fuck traditional, let’s do it the new way”. I am really open and headless when it comes to me, or things that can happen to me, but very responsible when it comes to people I care about.

Music Authentic: Are you striving or thriving these days?

T-Flavour: Probably both, but mostly first. My work day starts at 10 AM and ends at 2 AM the next day when I go to sleep. I believe that this is the only way to succeed in such an oversaturated market where thousands of songs come out every day. And in fact, this seems to be giving results, and I hope that one day all of this work will actually start giving results in geometric progression which would lead to me getting more exposure from relatively less promoting. I’m thankful for the success I’ve experienced so far, I just kinda wish things were working out faster and maybe a little bit easier, but then again, if it was easy everyone would do it.

Music Authentic: Everybody dreams about going big and living the daydreams in real life. How about you, what things would be the greatest achievements for you through your art?

T-Flavour: If I see that my music would make people smile; if I see that my music will make people wanna live and continue fighting. I hope my career can serve as an inspiration to someone, meaning that you should fight no matter how many people are doubting you. Ever since I started nobody took my music seriously, saying i’ve got no talent in it, and i’d better quit so I don’t waste nobody’s time. I used to hear it everyday, from all of my friends and family members. Now, as my numbers are growing, I don’t don’t hear it as often. I just want to give hope to people that are in the same position. I wanna show them that you should fuck what the world says and that it’s all in your hands. You don’t need no “talent” or blessings of others to start or achieve something. You are the only one who should blindly believe in your success, and if you put enough effort and belief, it all will work out.

Music Authentic: Which artist do you recommend to listen to from the past or the contemporary era and why?

T-Flavour: This is probably going to be an unexpecting answer from someone who makes upbeat Rap, but I would suggest to have a closer look at Zayn, and in particular his album Icarus Falls. One of my favorite artists, and one of my favorite albums. I love how pop in this album is combined with slight rap, and throughout the whole project there is this psychedelic vibe that relaxes you and leaves you alone with your thoughts. Definitely an album that I would recommend.

Music Authentic: We, as artists, musicians, have an extra role in shaping and shifting the societies we live in, a responsibility we feel elected leaders keep failing to do so. If you were the Prime Minister/President, what would be the most crucial to begin a change with?

T-Flavour: I love how the governments work in Western/ Northern Europe. Free healthcare, schooling, college and a bunch of other aids that are provided to citizens for free make me love the work these governments do. I would also try to eliminate corruption. I think it’s one of the biggest problems in a lot of countries in the 21st century, and it is something that definitely pulls a lot of potentially good economies down into poverty.

Music Authentic: What are you working on these days?

T-Flavour: At the moment I’m working on the number of singles, with a song “In a Middle of a Hut” coming very soon. This song is about how I am spending the summer. As I graduated in June, I moved out of my dorm and started renting a hut in the woods 100km from Stockholm. I love this song, and I am convinced it might potentially be my breakthrough project!

Music Authentic: We like having idols, we like looking up to heroes. Whose story had a great effect on your life?

T-Flavour: Post Malone. Biggest influence of mine in music. The guy broke stereotypes left and right. Started from making very low quality songs, but grew and developed as an artist. Was labeled a one hit wonder after the release of “White Iverson”, but again proved everyone wrong. Nowadays he just makes hits and hits. A legend, and definitely the biggest inspiration and influence.

Music Authentic: Have you ever used your stage as a platform to help out others?

T-Flavour: I believe so. From time to time I try to raise the awareness of my followers on different issues. I believe that this is what my whole career is, and will be about. This whole fame thing is a blessing, that I will try to use to help people that need help the most. That’s why I’ve started music, and that’s why I will try my best to achieve great things in it. I want to assure that I would actually help people, invest in smart individuals from unfortunate places, finance and try to start financial campaigns for people that need money for surgeries, and more. In general, try to give people a chance in life. It’s all about giving in the end. If the fame is a blessing that I’ll get, then I’ll try to pass this blessing on to as many people as I can

Music Authentic: What do you think the hardest challenges are in society these days?

T-Flavour: Hypocrisy is probably one of the worst. People are going to post shit or talk about things, but wouldn’t take any actions or do anything. We are living in the times of trends, and everyone seems to be jumping from a trend to a trend, without actually contributing to anything. Nobody does things because they wanna do it, they do these things because society tells them, or because they are scared to go against society. I just wanna tell these people, that bro be yourself. Fuck what the people say, if you are not yourself, then you are no one, and i think this is much worse than not being accepted by the society.

Music Authentic: As an indie artist, doing several jobs at the same time it might be interesting to ask, but how do you spend your pastime?

T-Flavour: To be honest I don’t have much free time, but when I do, I love watching football (soccer) and history videos. I am a big fan of football and Manchester City Football Club in particular, and I really hope I can attend the Champions League final one day. At the same time I love history videos, and in general learning about history and historical events. As I mentioned before, I would really wanna explore the 19th-20th century, talk to people of that time and experience their ways of living.

Music Authentic: At last but not least, how would you encourage others?

T-Flavour: Fuck what the people say. They will hate. They will hate cause you are putting in the work and they are sitting on their ass all day. They will hate cause you have something to live for, and they don’t. They will hate cause you are different. Fuck it all. Believe in what you do, even if you are the only one who believes in it. But be honest with yourself. Don’t think that you are better than others or that you are a super mega star coz you have 10 followers. Think rationally. But most importantly, never, never give up or fall for the opinions of people that hate or complain. Accept fair criticism, but always have your opinion on yourself. Don’t let the others decide your fate for you.


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