Victory Vizhanska is an aspiring, professional, hardworking, diligent and extremely talented singer will soon become a household name for many – and in the meantime she also loves shopping and eating ice-cream and Harley Quinn plus constantly works on to improve herself to star in a Netflix series as well as to go on a world tour with her music band. It’s a lot of things for such a young lady, you say? Well, read on for the rest and you might even get to know Freddie Mercury more! Interesting enough? So, read on!


And while you are at it, listen to one of Victoria’s great cover!


Music Authentic: How did you sleep last night?

Victory Vizhanska: Thank you, I slept well, I dreamed that I entered the Academy, a university I want to enter here in Kyiv.

Music Authentic: It is a widely accepted understanding that the language of music is English. You sing a lot, you have a fantastic Queen-covers catalogue (I mean it), how do you feel about it?

Victory Vizhanska: I sing almost exclusively in English. For me, this is one the most lovely and melodic languages. Though I was born in Ukraine, from childhood I felt that I should sing and speak only in English. Queen is my favourite rock band. Sometimes when I sing Freddie’s songs, it seems to me that he is near, and I sing not with my voice, but with my soul. Freddie and I are very similar internally.

Music Authentic: Do you consider yourself an artist or a musician?

Victory Vizhanska: It’s hard to say … first I’m an artist, actress, and then a musician

Music Authentic: You have been singing and acting for a long time still you are incredibly young. What made you go on this path and maybe more interestingly, what made you stay on this road? I guess you had to sacrifice a lot from your free time activities…

Victory Vizhanska: Yes, I’m 15 now. What motivated me to start singing? I think this desire was born with me. As a child, I did not control when and where I sang, and no one taught me. Well, then at the age of 8 my Mom took me to a music school, there I studied for 1 year only, and I had to quit for financial reasons. But I didn’t stop singing. At school I asked to let me perform on stage. I used a tape recorder and taught myself with it. For me the stage is like a fresh air. To stay on the way, to follow this path to the very top, memorizing a huge number of covers – this is my style now because, you know, I have been learning from the best artists, to be exact, from those artists whose songs I sing! I learn the manner of performance, learn to think like Freddie and other best stars when I perform their songs.
In fact, I did not sacrifice anything, my Mom taught me to live in pleasure. And the pleasure is singing and the stage!

Music Authentic: Are you striving or thriving these days?

Victory Vizhanska: Today I am still striving and sometimes surviving :).

Music Authentic: You are very enthusiastic about Freddie Mercury and his art. What do you think made him that special besides his vocal talent? Do you feel the movie “The Bohemian Rhapsody” did right by him?

Victory Vizhanska: I watched “The Bohemian Rhapsody” 8 times. I think Freddie would have watched it the same number of times too. It seems to me that we think the same way. What made him special? He did not strive to be someone else. He was himself, and he received pleasure from life, and did not think that others would think of him. On stage he did what he wanted. Therefore he was so loved by millions.

Music Authentic: What do you think of storytelling in music, is it still relevant?

Victory Vizhanska: I think that everyone has their own stories and people are interested in knowing about others – this way they take a break from their own problems.

Music Authentic: What are the songs you have always wanted to sing yet haven’t been able to do yet?

Victory Vizhanska: I want to sing all of Freddie’s songs, absolutely everything. I also want to sing songs from the 80s. I just love them.

Music Authentic: How do you think about the changes in so called “traditions”? Many oppose, others want to break free from thing felt forced onto them.
I think that all people are individual and special and deserve to be happy – do only the way they like it, not caring what others think of them. I am for open relationships. Also, I support a child-free choice.


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Music Authentic: How do you see, will you stand right where Ariane Grande or Miley Cyrus are (I intentionally leave out Billie Eilish here)? Or you would pursue more of a Montserrat Caballier career?

Victory Vizhanska: I am sure that by the age of 18 I will be a famous artist in Europe. My dreams and goals are great! And my career will begin with filming a Netflix series, most likely I will have the role of a ‘bad girl’ 🙂 and they will hear me singing there! It seems ridiculous and unattainable now, but as my life shows, miracles exist! And I believe in it.

Music Authentic: Have you ever used your stage as a platform to help out others?

Victory Vizhanska: Yes, for example, I’ve participated in a concert in the orphanage for kids with disabilities.

Music Authentic: You have a special relationship with your manager, who is your mother. In what ways has it influenced your relationship?

Victory Vizhanska: My Mom is the main person in my life! She’s incredible! We think the same way, she understands me and supports me in everything! We are always together. Despite everything, my Mom always believed in my talent, and even when there was no money, my Mom reassured me and said that the whole world would hear my vocal talent! Mom sewed clothes and this money went to vocal competitions. She made me all the concert costumes. Mom comes up with some images for my videos and covers. All the videos on my channel were filmed by my mother on my phone. Well, my Mom is my guardian angel, I’m not afraid of anything with her. All I have now is only because my Mom never gave up and believed in my talent, even when I sometimes lost faith and didn’t want anything, she said, “The world has not yet learned about you, so get up and let’s act!” And again we go to another location and record another cover!

Music Authentic: Here is a fun question, an actual reality for your generation: Would you rather live in the Earth in 20 years or be the part of the first Mars colony?

Victory Vizhanska: Of course on Earth, namely in New York, it is so wonderful there!

Music Authentic: Which artist do you recommend to listen to from the past or the contemporary era and why?

Victory Vizhanska: Freddie Mercury is my idol and teacher! I recommend him because he knew how to convey his music to millions, he sang with his heart and soul. And he always stayed himself.

Music Authentic: Any important project you are working on these days? What makes it precious for you?

Victory Vizhanska: At the moment I’m recording covers and producing videos for them. I’m working on a cover of a song from the series Smash, I like the behavior and style of the main character, I want to convey the emotions of those days.

Music Authentic: Whose story had a great effect on your life?

Victory Vizhanska: Freddie Mercury, of course. For me, this is an example to follow, an example of how you need to be able to be happy, how to make yourself! Having learned about Freddie’s life, I realized what I wanted from life! I want to sing, I want pleasure and recognition – and all thanks to my talent!

Music Authentic: In your opinion, what are the hardest challenges in society these days?

Victory Vizhanska: Lack of tolerance.

Music Authentic: Do you have any particular pastime activity?

Victory Vizhanska: Singing! 🙂

Music Authentic: As an artist with what message would you encourage others?

Victory Vizhanska: No matter how difficult life is, believe in a miracle and let only positive thoughts into the Universe! And set goals – all goals are achievable, I believe in that!


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