It is indeed a great pleasue to welcome Soul Sparkles, the Icelandic-Phoenician artist at our site. Her fantastic and imaginative paintings with multilayered textures and thoughts give us the freedom to dream and fly right into that emotion or land of wonder she created. I find it captivating how she is able to transform this traditional art into contemporary interesting. Here you can read quite interesting thoughts in our in-depth interview with her.


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Music Authentic: As it has started to become a tradition at the interviews, let me ask you this first: How did you sleep last night? Many artists can only create during the nights… what about you?

Soul Sparkles: That’s kind to ask, last night was a rest in wonderfully fantastic peace, but some nights are just not for sleeping but yes definitely for creating! I create at any point in time though no best time just a time. I truly appreciate that so many different views can be had & spark the spirit of mind to shine through an all of a sudden, moments it’s so exciting!

Music Authentic: How do you get into to zone? Do you have any rituals such as listening to music or meditating before?

Soul Sparkles: I try to stay in a constant state of peace at least in my spirit since there is always plenty going on all around us, good, bad and indifferent, I find I’m always in the zone to create, though I have been known to step out of it for a bit to join what some call reality, lol sometimes a bit of music Bossa Nova, Classical, etc.. but I mostly like to keep my mind silent to see & hear my mind sing dance to it’s own tunes to allot my mind feeling free to come forth as the gold that is.

Music Authentic: It is an interesting era we live in: we have vast amount of opportunities to show our art yet it seems our voice is unheard in this „Information Armageddon”. How do you cope with all this, have you ever felt it’s more about being a merchant than a genuine artist?

Soul Sparkles: Well, no, I don’t think so. I think that art is done because you want to do it not because you’re gonna make money off of it, at the same time it is nice to have someone want to have your creativity a part of their life so I think we need to let go and play the role of both because a genuine artist is definitely a doing the merchant thing to some degree, lol, if they are not just passing it all out for free which is cool too but I don’t believe it makes one less of an artist or merchant to be more of one then the other at a time, a glorious treasure is not to easily ignored nor is it a voice that can be denied. I find it a blessing to be able to use my love & passion as something to allow me to branch out & do more as an artist, I look at it like love & support, I’m receiving some & giving some. We may all at a time or other become more merchants of our passions then would be liked when it’s deemed necessary, whenever that time may be.

Music Authentic: Who are your favourite influences in and out of painting? Is there any contemporary most of us might never heard of?

Soul Sparkles: To be completely transparent I am an artist but I am not someone who knows much about the art world, I love art I just don’t always know who is doing it, if I like something I buy it, that’s just how I am I love creation so much with my heart I have everything in that to create, when I look around I see hear feel & that’s all I need to be inspired, my spirit jams at the thought of waking up in the morning to greet life once again, what a blessing it is to breathe.

Music Authentic: It might sound a generic question but I’m really interested in what made you to choose this particular art form? When did it all begin?

Soul Sparkles: It’s a wonderful question, I believe Aravat, Father of Creation preciously planted a wonderful seed before time in my soul & then ever since it’s been watered by love. Now life’s journeys as some of mine are guttingly sad, some remarkably beautiful. A life of being surrounded by false love, feeling lonely, treated awful & manipulated but the blessing in it all is my soul always saw the brilliant light of true love, in my Ama & Afi aka my grandparents are my earth true angels. I learned to express myself being around them & through writing stories & art painting, cooking, drawing, sculpting, gardening, dancing in the rain & sun rays loving my rainbow of heavenly promise glowing all around me such a priceless promise made in love by love to love! I will never give up on love & it all truly began when I realized that, finally knowing I was loved & free to be unashamed to be accepting of it. My best friend & Creator Yashiya, changed & still magnificently changes my life with the wisdoms He sends me & a great one is simple, love & believe in yourself so I did it took a looooong time but I believe in myself incredibly now & no one can take that, but I truly think that’s the hardest part really. Now I’m so stoked on life it’s crazy!

Music Authentic: What tools and techniques do you prefer using?

Soul Sparkles: Everything paint or draw a fun one is I use fruits to make colors sometimes, which is very awesome, eat some, and paint with some! I use so many ways I mean art is just that yeah, what can I use to be creative! I love watercolors, oil’s, crayons, yummy smelling markers, acrylic, but sometimes a pencil is a fantastic beginning to my passion pieces. I’d say my main tool is, I pray! Seriously I do before all my creations; I want to learn more about me too art is a fantastic avenue for that to shine through.

Music Authentic: What is your take on digital art? Do you think it will ever equal with a real handiwork?

Soul Sparkles: Yes & no! There’s a major difference yet the beauty can at times be uniquely on the same level, when I say this I say it as, everyone needs a express space, some need a digital expressive outlet unable to express through another way, while some can put paint to canvas or parchment. I find myself being thankful for both expressions & for others being able to be experienced through their expressions. It takes a lot to be a true dedicated artist to press beyond the phases of to stay steady on when there’s a deluge of rising waters but, art is time tested, I believe we stand on it & live in it everyday, art is creations fun & the one of the Creators uniqueness earth is a breathtaking masterpiece, art brings it all to life. Harsh truth there is so much sacrifice & major efforts that must be made being anybody but of artist are not exempt & it can make one & ones passions feel obsolete at times but it’s not, someone is loving your you, work somewhere whatever it is, I think if we focus on being at our best it will not matter. I do use digital upload printing to allow more access to my work, I don’t tend to paint the same piece exactly nor would I want too, I still have originals & they will make their way to there homes when times comes but until then the digital is kind is a neat way to share it, as well I must say there is something quite special about touching a handcrafted art piece I will always cherish that experience in my & other original works!

Music Authentic: Machine Learning is all around and soon the actual Artificial Intelligence will come, too. Aren’t you afraid artists will be obsolete?

Soul Sparkles: It is yes, everywhere, but well, when it comes to machines, inventions & inventing, ai, what’s it really all for…. I’m not in the slightest concerned though ever, anything man creates man can destroy. There is even a time when they were making their idols and their gods or their idols of their gods and they would say to bring sacrifice and food to the idols and the food will be gone in the morning and so everyone believes that these gods ate their sacrifice or excepted their sacrifice, funny thing is that never happened it was the priests or the people in charge of the spiritual forum that would go in after the late hours and eat the food take the sacrifices the gold the wine all that kind of stuff to make the people believe in order to have power and control, when men make some thing I am always leery of why, for what, if it is not to help heal, bring goodness, joy, love and growing in someone’s life, for the positive, it probably shouldn’t be invented, again this is my opinion, lol, so I think it’s more of a let’s use ai to help people without limbs or unable to speak, see hear, older people who need easier ways to get around things like that are cool but human emotion touch spiritual connections are irreplaceable for everlasting, love, human emotion an ai can never give it will always be artificial I don’t personally see how could anything artificial could make a true artist obsolete, truly I’m more concerned about my soul health & wealth.

Music Authentic: For many, arts and crafts are a let out these days, times when uncertainty and gloominess are sharply felt. You do something beyond than many. What do you think distinguish an artist from a hobbyist?

Soul Sparkles: A soul, a seed, divine intervention, passions for passions sake, true unconditional love, honestly because my love can be very conditional when it comes to art it’s not about that whether I ever sell a painting or not I will always do and be creative so I think having that kind of a drive makes a huge difference and as far as a hobby I think you can go in and out of those you could have one hobby one day and then decide on another the next, but, being an creator, creative, an artist it isn’t like that, it is a true part of you, it is you, there’s no getting around it you must make room for your wonderful artistic mind puzzle pieces or you’re a sick heart of faith in a treasure deferred. I will never make for a good human, to be without your uniqueness is to be without life it’s such a major part of you that without it there’s an emptiness, I personally believe, that kind of empty can only be filled by that sacred uniqueness designed for you specifically and that uniqueness can only be given to you by Aravat, the Father of Creation , considering He did the creating of it! Lol.

Music Authentic: Your „Imagines Imagination” vaguely reminds me to the movie „What dreams may come” and at the same time the European middle-age portrayals of heaven and angels. Do you often turn to transcendent topics?

Soul Sparkles: That is so very cool for you to say that thank you so much my friend, I’m humbled. Yes and I find myself in continual prayer when getting ready to go into my art realm simply because I need to, to understand more about myself as well as understanding things around me for me one of the ways I do that it’s through my art so absolutely I’m fantastically fascinated by the heavens & angels the spiritual realm, I am very into history but I’m very picky about the history that is handed to me, I’m not a masses kind of being more of a if everyone is going one way You can more then likely catch me on the flip, I am more interested in the things that are not being handed to me but are being hidden from me, I believe in seeking out truth I truly care to understand, this allows my mind to be so open to a degree that is unfathomable and yet it is so tangible, beautifully set in my mind and my soul. My art has life & spirit breathed into it, I want it to bring forth a joy & comfort when received in a place that it takes more than paint & brushes to do that, it’s a deep desire to see changes for humanity my art speaks of freedom even when it’s created in a moment of emotional harshness or captivity, life is wild but monumental & a blessing, I must transcend to a safe spiritual realm to portray all these things. I do love this piece though so much, my art, they all are my seashells & treasure trinkets!

Music Authentic: One of my favourite multi-genre artist is David Bowie. In this era the question is more relevant than almost 50 years ago when he started his Ziggy Stardust era, would you live in the Mars as the part of the first colony or rather stay on Earth?

Soul Sparkles: Awesome! That’s so cool! I must say, I do not know much at all about David Bowie but I can say for me personally I’d prefer to start my own colony right here under the firmament on this beautiful earth plain with so much to discover, such magnificent wonders to see I can just imagine what could be done here with my mind being allotted to run free, I guess a fun fact is that’s exactly what I’m doing right now, I’m starting on my soul colony first lol. Really that’s what we all can be doing right now that’s what’s so awesome about life, our dreams and our ideas we can live in them, what’s the fun of imagining if what you imagine can never be, at least for me, the things that I imagine are beautiful, wonderfully incredible and full of love for everyone, I definitely don’t just want it to be something I imagine but something that is tangible alive and thriving. Be it I have very little understanding of that era that’s my best answer! Lol

Music Authentic: Artists are very sensitive and sensual beings. I’m sure you have overcome more than a few oddities in life. What would you say to your readers to encourage them in the upcoming time ahead of us?

Soul Sparkles: Live in abundance of love I chose no religion but a personal experience with Creator & Divine being, named Yashiya, so I’d say check into that cause WOW am I stoked on life. Don’t dare give fear a chance to camp in your beautiful garden. That dammit sometimes life does feel like a box of crushed cookies, like your drowning, hungry for love & affections, support & its like nobody cares, sweet dear darling incredible soul I say this, you may feel like the most lonely miserable person on earth but believe me when I tell you, you are not the only one feeling the way you feel, as much as that doesn’t help it also does, hang on to it for a second & remember you can & will be alright, time is a friend even when it doesn’t seem like it. The beautiful thing about us is we all know emotion in some form or another therefore we can find compassion for one another but we must start with having some compassion for ourselves what I would say to encourage anyone as I believe you’re designed specially uniquely that you are divinities treasure, you are the artwork on this earth and what a beautiful precious gift you are, say a prayer to Yashiya and then go on your adventures big or small, don’t despise small beginnings, it takes time my love, go be whatever it is that seed that was planted in your cherished heart and soul, let love water you, let wisdom & her goodness guide you into heavenly transcendence where words of fools find no place to call home. You be strong, brave, gentle, humble & for me most importantly, never forget you were created to be & you are loved Yashiya bless you all my loves! Last but not least thank you so much for this tropically beautiful conversational journey, wonderful experience!


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