Few people vibes calmness and tranquility these days as much as Bryan Robinson. Not only through his social media presence it can be felt but through his special music, too. When I started to listen to his songs I only wished there were more of them as of right now. We have just had some time to talk about music, songs, future, social issues and some fun. Now, take your time and get to know Bryan Robinson and his music.


And while you are at it, listen to Bryan Robinson here:

Music Authentic: Nice to talk to you, Bryan, a bit longer today than on Twitter! Let’s start with the “site-traditional” question: How did you sleep last night?

Bryan Robinson: I slept really well, although my cat Frank jumped on me for a fuss at 6am, as usual…

Music Authentic: Did you have a traditional British breakfast or something what is more delicious the masses?

Bryan Robinson: I had porridge, made with water and a pinch of salt (the traditional Scottish way!), followed by Irish soda bread with seasalt butter and my mum’s homemade English marmalade.

Music Authentic: How hard is it with the everyday? Artists are insecure by nature and they are one the most heavily affected by the new – and hopefully just temporary – way of life…

Bryan Robinson: I feel very blessed with respect to this. I have a small, but decent home studio, so I’m able to record. Also, I have done a few ‘live’ streams from my living room. I run constantly, which seems to help keep me sane too. I often write music, lyrics and have creative ideas while running on the trails.

Music Authentic: Do you think it will be even more challenging to stay as an authentic, sincere artist, musician as the world is still just closing on, seemingly endlessly?

Bryan Robinson: Yes, I think that this is challenging for artists. For me personally, each and every time I pick up a guitar and play and sing, I feel rooted and connected with myself and my surroundings. This is my anchor, which keeps me from getting drawn into something musically that I may not fully believe in. My music keeps me grounded, so it’s important that I am doing what is sincere and ultimately, makes me happy.

Music Authentic: The whole world is changing rapidly, societies collapse, the UK finally sees what unwillingness and arrogance combined with neglect and ignorance can result. Do you think the clashes will come back?

Bryan Robinson: I do think that clashes may probably happen in the future. If there is injustice and inequality, it should be challenged, preferably in a healthy, safe way. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, due to less wealthy and privileged people not always having a platform to speak from. It’s undeniable that recent clashes in the UK have changed the way things are viewed here, mainly for the better. Hopefully contributing towards creating a fairer system.

Music Authentic: Your songs are very peaceful and uplifting with bright vocals and uplifting chords. Are you influenced by the events around you, in your country?

Bryan Robinson: Yes. I believe it was Victor Hugo that said – ‘Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.’ I see and feel, music says what my words cannot express alone. It’s such an outlet.

Music Authentic: Do you take notes and record fragments for your music and lyrics or wait until they become whole in you and then pour them out?

Bryan Robinson: Generally, I wait until the idea is whole before I pour it out completely…

Music Authentic: Some of your songs have an undeniable country vibe. Have you travelled a lot in the USA?

Bryan Robinson: Yes, well spotted, I have travelled a lot in the USA. I love going there so much. I have been to California, Arizona, Utah, Florida, New York and many other states. Such fond memories. Also, my big sister Stephanie and her husband Lawrence moved to Chicago over 15 years ago. They loved it so much they never came back! They currently live in South Carolina. They are so happy living there, for the same reasons I always love visiting.

Music Authentic: “Comfortable Silence” or “What Makes You Act So Mean”?

Bryan Robinson: Has to be Comfortable Silence, this song means a lot to me. It describes that magical moment when you have complete contentment, even when sitting in total silence, with a partner or friend. The pressure to speak is gone…beautiful, quietness. What Makes you act so mean? A simple lyric – there is no need to rain on my parade just because you’re not happy…

Music Authentic: What do you think the role is of an artist or musicians in these years in people’s life?

Bryan Robinson: To take people to another place, if even for a moment, that gives them peace or pleasure. Or even to inspire others to believe that they can make a difference. All people have the capability to do amazing things for themselves and each other.

Music Authentic: I tend to ask these question to help the ones depleted: Where do you usually gain strength during these changing and challenging times?

Bryan Robinson: I have taught music to disadvantaged youngsters and in a mental health unit for many years. I always try to inspire these people to believe in themselves. Many blossom when introduced to music. I do not have half of the challenges these people do in life…I wake up and feel blessed as well as grateful every day because I’m inspired by this. As a result, I enjoy every day and view each as a gift…unwrap it and dive in.


(the interview continues below the photos – be brave and read on!)

Music Authentic: Where do you see yourself in a few years from now on?

Bryan Robinson: Still loving to write, play and record music, but with thousands more people hopefully, enjoying waht I do on many continents.

Music Authentic: If you had a chance to choose with whom would you tour?

Bryan Robinson: Lady Gaga. Hopefully, she would find time to give me some piano lessons on down time…Versatile, talented and edgy, a fascinating artist.

Music Authentic: Is it hard to sell yourself and be your on merchant as an indie?

Bryan Robinson: Not for me personally. I love to write, play and record and share. It’s far easier to do now because of the Internet. Years ago, it was probably much harder and slower to get exposure.

Music Authentic: Here is a little fun but it’s getting more real day by day: Would you rather live in the Earth in 20 years or be the part of the first Mars colony?

Bryan Robinson: Definitely Mars. I love all things about space and science fiction. It would be mind blowing…’To boldly go where no man has gone before.’

Music Authentic: Lately there is a debate whether to create singles frequently over a concept album. In which side are you on?

Bryan Robinson: Both (sorry, if that seems indecisive). If you’re more like Pink Floyd make albums, if your more Taylor Swift, make singles. They’re both valid… I’m probably more singles based.

Music Authentic: Another question for a smile: If you had a chance to play a superhero character in a movie or a series, whom would you choose?

Bryan Robinson: Definitely ‘Bicycle Repair Man’, the Michael Palin character in Monty Python.

Music Authentic: What things would be the greatest achievements for you through your art?

Bryan Robinson: To make real connections with listeners. Better to be ‘understood’ by a few, than ‘appreciated’ by many.

Music Authentic: Which artist do you recommend to listen to from the past or the contemporary era and why?

Bryan Robinson: Miles Davis. He always walked his own path, never getting sidetracked by other people’s views or opinions. Such a long, successful, diverse career too.

Music Authentic: In many movies lately the UK is split and divided – with incompetent or overreaching governments. Do you feel these are more of predictions or warnings?

Bryan Robinson: I believe that it’s a warning. To a degree, governments have acknowledged that we are a divided, broken society and have made small steps in addressing some things. They still have a long way to go though…

Music Authentic: The golden era of British pop, rock and innovative alternative is over. The ones remained are dinosaurs mostly living in the USA or being heard less. Are you satisfied with the “talents” brought up by the money-making industry?

Bryan Robinson: Not really, pop culture probably has too many ‘made’ stars, although they do have their place. Recent events may have gone some way to levelling the playing field though, so we may, hopefully see more natural talent coming through now.

Music Authentic: Nowadays computers, algorithms are taking over everyone and everything – music is not an exception either. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are at our doors. Do you think artists and musicians will be replaced deemed to be obsolete?

Bryan Robinson: No. Jimi Hendrix’s guitar is often out of tune (especially ‘live’). If it was all cleaned up, it would lose something…We’ll always need a human to push the ‘wrong’ button or similar, to be innovative and creative.

Music Authentic: You’ve surprised me with this, made me more calm now in my artistic skin…;) You are a well-read and educated person. Whose story had a great effect on your life?

Bryan Robinson: Stephen Hawking.

Music Authentic: Have you ever used your stage as a platform to help out others?

Bryan Robinson: Yes, I often do charity gigs. I’ve played at 2 socially distanced gigs for health workers recently. What a privilege it is for musicians to be able to do this…

Music Authentic: What are the hardest challenges in society these days?

Bryan Robinson: Forgiveness. With so much anger in society it’s become difficult for people to let go and move on…Forgiveness us hard sometimes, but so neccessary to move on and love.

Music Authentic: Times of usual enjoyments are seemingly forever over. How do you like spending your spare time?

Bryan Robinson: I’m a trail runner. I run 8 miles plus most days. It enables me to think, switch off and be creative.

Music Authentic: These are hard times, let’s lift up others with your encouraging message to encourage:

Bryan Robinson: Repeat after me, ten thousand times – ‘Oh yes I can’…x 10,000


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