Liz Davinci is a free spirited, down to earth artist. A classically trained pianist and singer who happened to change her world, literally. Not so many of us are brace enought to do that. And with her newly found freedom and calm she has just been keeping experimenting with her artistic musical expressions. We have had some good talks and lately a longer one. So, if you are here, you have a chance to get to know a real genuine and kind person with a story!


And while you are at it, liste to Liz Davinci’s Said I Wanna single here:

Music Authentic: I’m glad to talk to you longer, so let’s begin with the “site-traditional” question: How did you sleep last night?

Liz Davinci: I slept really well last night, thank you.

Music Authentic: Right now, looking around where the world is heading to, moving to Munich is still a good decision? I would never change California for it, personally… 😉

Liz Davinci: I am very happy in Munich. The one hard thing about being here since Covid is that I haven’t been able to see my family in California. I feel better in Europe than in America and at one point someone suggested that it had to do with the social system. I don’t know whether that is why, but it could be true that the fact that there is more of a social net in Europe seeps into the attitude of the people. America can be very cutthroat.

Music Authentic: Has Europe with its completely different culture and habits changed you?

Liz Davinci: Yes, though I am coming to the point where I have lived nearly as many years in Europe as in America. I celebrate the lesser importance of the automobile here in Europe nearly every day. I also like the smaller scale of life here. It has been enlightening to be able to dive so deeply into multiple European cultures and languages and especially to have had to overcome the initial struggle to do so (i.e. – it really wasn’t easy!!).

Music Authentic: How hard is it with the everyday? Artists are insecure by nature and they are one the most heavily affected by the new – and hopefully just temporary – way of life…

Liz Davinci: I made a decision at the beginning of this pandemic that I was not going to allow fear to control my thoughts and moods, which is anyway a good way to live. But once Corona hit, I felt the fear surfacing, so I had to do something. I find that meditating and trying to keep physically healthy – sleeping enough, working out a lot and eating well – keep the fear away.

Music Authentic: I like asking this questions some might find useful: Where do you usually gain strength during these changing and challenging times?

Liz Davinci: I try to keep perspective and remember that everything will be okay. If I die tomorrow due to Covid, everything will be okay because it just will. It is just a situation. I won’t know any difference – I will be dead. My family will recover. If someone I love dies tomorrow in a car crash, everything will be okay. I will feel very sad for awhile, but I will adjust. We cannot avoid death. Challenges other than death are easier to comprehend and cope with. I try to meditate to keep perspective.

Music Authentic: Where do you see yourself in a few years from now on?

Liz Davinci: I don’t foresee big changes in the next few years but if they arrive, I will tackle them. Therefore, I see myself in Munich, experimenting with some kind of art project – maybe a short film.

Music Authentic: You are classically trained pianist. Something not so many people and wannabe artists would comprehend what it takes and what it gives. Is it a blessing or an obstacle when you create contemporary songs?

Liz Davinci: It’s true that I have, second to sleeping, probably spent most of my time sitting at pianos. I feel completely one with the piano, which is the positive side to creating because no technical barriers exist for me when I am composing. The down side is that I don’t always want to have the sound world of the piano in my music, as it is very particular. Thanks to exploration, I am now breaking out of this issue.

Music Authentic: Is it hard to sell yourself and be your on merchant as an indie?

Liz Davinci: I just try to be myself, which is easy. I don’t really try to “sell” anything because I am not financially dependent on music. I want to create quality art and I want to attract people who desire depth in art and music.

Music Authentic: Here is one more “site-traditional” question: Would you rather live in the Earth in 20 years or be the part of the first Mars colony?

Liz Davinci: I like trying out new things, so I would head to Mars.


(the interview continues below the photos, so brace yourself for more!)

Music Authentic: Some of your songs backs on unusual chorus parts and chords not typically heard in TOP 40 lists. Have you ever dreamed of being a chart-topper?

Liz Davinci: Compared with the experimental music stemming from classical music that I enjoy and have also composed, what I write now is extremely traditional. But you are 100% right that it is unusual in comparison with Top 40 songs. I would love to top charts but would never, ever try to compose differently to do so.

Music Authentic: What’s your take on the debate lately whether to create singles frequently over a concept album?

Liz Davinci: In speaking for myself, I am all for both methods, when used intelligently. I started with an album because it felt necessary as a self-exploration and desire to take on a big project. Thereafter I did a series of small projects (EPs and singles) to have loads of marketing opportunities. Now I feel the pull to a bigger project again. I know why I create music – I feel that certain music is so important that I need to carry the torch so that it lives on. The music I find important is contained in my music. I am the messenger. This is not about getting 200 likes on my selfie. People can do whatever they want, but a danger I see in constantly releasing singles is that the short-term attention can sneak in and become the goal – and then the entire act becomes less about the music.

Music Authentic: Now, let’s have some fun: If you had a chance to play a superhero character in a movie or a series, whom would you choose?

Liz Davinci: I love “The Matrix”, so I would enjoy playing Neo or Trinity.

Music Authentic: Traditions are rapidly changing. Do you think it is a good thing?

Liz Davinci: I think we flourish best when we are encouraged by others and encouraging to others. There is much individualistic (egotistical) thought nowadays. I think we need to realize how important a collective is, and that we can actually thrive better when we embrace this, rather than living defensively and individualistically.

Music Authentic: “Said I Wanna” or “Cover Me”?

Liz Davinci: “Said I Wanna”

Music Authentic: What things would be the greatest achievements for you through your art?

Liz Davinci: The greatest achievement of any piece of art, large or small, is when I am able to realize what I had in mind. At the moment, I am able to do that in my songs and videos and I want to continue doing it, but not remain static – rather always take on bigger or different challenges.

Music Authentic: Which artist do you recommend to listen to from the past or the contemporary era and why?

Liz Davinci: I love so much music but I want to give a compact answer. The composers I love the most are able, in my opinion, to almost literally speak through their music. Especially with Beethoven, Wagner, Varese and Mingus, when speaking of classical and instrumental music, I find this to be the case. If I had to narrow it down immensely with pop music, I would pick Tori Amos, The Beatles and The Doors. Recently I have been listening to Lana del Rey and have found her to be extremely inspiring.

Music Authentic: Would you ever consider taking up the job of the President? What would you start the change with?

Liz Davinci: Funny that you ask – I was just discussing this idea the other day. And, yes, I would definitely take on that job, if the opportunity presented itself. In connection with my earlier statement about social benefits, I would try to make America provide more of a social net to its people, as well as make health care mandatory and more regulated.

Music Authentic: Nowadays computers, algorithms are replacing most of the extra miles. Machine Learning and actual Artificial Intelligence are at our doors. Do you think artists and musicians will be replaced deemed to be obsolete?

Liz Davinci: I believe that AI is or will be capable of composing and performing amazing music. But experiencing live music with humans playing and expressing themselves would be difficult to replace. Say the AI “musicians” are that amazing and moving and we all file into the concert hall to hear the magical machines. I just can’t believe that the experience would be able to replace watching humans, even if sonically it is equally or more impressive.

Music Authentic: Whose story had a great effect on your life?

Liz Davinci: Every single person who has experienced war, whether as a soldier, doctor, traitor or civilian.

Music Authentic: Have you ever used your stage as a platform to help out others?

Liz Davinci: If there is ever an opportunity to help people, I do it. I haven’t ever made a lot of money with music, but if I did, I would certainly donate money. Otherwise – in my songs and writings I do often consciously include messages of things I believe in that I think are helpful, such as ways of thinking.

Music Authentic: What do you think the hardest challenges are in society these days?

Liz Davinci: It seems like a lot of people are depressed and given the “average” Western situation, I can see why. I think a challenge worth undertaking is to create a balanced life for oneself. I describe this as spending not too much time at work but not too little, engaging in lots of physical movement and mental challenges, and spending quality (over quantity) time with family and friends.

Music Authentic: What are your favourite pastime activities?

Liz Davinci: Besides music I love working out and dancing. I feel that to stimulate my mind, I can best stimulate myself physically.

Music Authentic: With what message you would encourage others as a farewell this time?

Liz Davinci: Be true to yourself and you will be content.


note: featured photo is by Harma Everts


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