Today we are talking to Jevil Project, formed by an interesting and nice guitarist. He is about the release his the first EP and he has already released quite a few songs and solos, worthy to check out. Not every day we can hear instrumental metal after all!


And while you are at it, listen to Jevil Project‘s Wildlife, one of my favourite from him:

Music Authentic: Welcome to our site! How did you sleep last night?

Jevil Project: Hi! Very well, woke up early in the morning because the fav game of my cat is to wake me up at 4:00 am haha

Music Authentic: How have the sudden changes of lockdowns and limited ways of living life fully affected you?

Jevil Project: I’m a home-loving guy, it’s almost the same thing for me.

Music Authentic: I’ve seen your videos and you seem to enjoy playing guitar pretty much. Is guitar your first instrument? How did you learn it?

Jevil Project: I started playing music with an accordion and playing guitar next. I learned guitar alone first and with a teacher after this.

Music Authentic: “Instrumental metal” – as you describe your genre. That’s not something people can hear every day. How did you come up with this?

Jevil Project: I came up with this after listening an awesome band, “Animals as Leaders”. In my opinion, instrumental music can deliver more sensations than music with lyrics, so create instrumental tracks was a natural way to make music for me.

Music Authentic: You’ve been playing as I count by now half in your life. What were the real obstacles in this one and half decade?

Jevil Project: Mmm, studying and start a working life while playing music was a priority but that was never really easy. I’ve met some people obsessed by fame. Our paths separated, obviously.

Music Authentic: You are about to release an EP. Will it be your own songs or covers mostly? What is the main idea behind it?

Jevil Project: Only my own tracks. Just started to compose & I’m waiting for my 8 string (ordered past few days) to make something concret.

Music Authentic: Most probably things and life will try to return to “normal” soon enough. Do you feel at least in a few aspects humanity can learn and improve, providing a safer and cleaner environment from now on?

Jevil Project: Yeah, washing often our hands, for example, is simple but important. Not everyone do it, unfortunately. We have to learn to be more meticulous.


(the interview continues below the photos, so be brave and read on!)


Music Authentic: Speaking of: how do you see your life later, in a few years from now on?

Jevil Project: Honestly, I don’t know, carpe diem!

Music Authentic: Music requires a lot of self-discipline, humility – character traits not really seem to be present in everybody’s life. What else do you think are necessary for someone trying to become a real artist?

Jevil Project: I agree with you. Art should be a true devotion, not only a thing that help you to eat.

Music Authentic: Now let’s have a little fun idea I like playing around with: Would you rather live in the Earth in 20 years or be the part of the first Mars colony?

Jevil Project: We should try to resolve our problems here, on our planet, before colonizing another one. So I stay on earth, of course.

Music Authentic: And which superhero would you rather be?

Jevil Project: Batman is really, really cool.

Music Authentic: Have you ever dreamed of being a chart-topper, winning Grammy’s and having your songs in mainstream series or movies?

Jevil Project: A chart-topper, not really. Winning a Grammy, not really. But having my music in series or movies, yeah, of course. Make music for the cinema industry is something that I’d like to do.

Music Authentic: How do you think you can reach the self-indulgent and numb people these days?

Jevil Project: Mmm, if I can inspire people & give a good felling, that’s all I need.

Music Authentic: We all have dreams. What things would be the greatest achievements for you through your art?

Jevil Project: Make my parents & family proud of me.

Music Authentic: Who are your favourites? Which artist do you recommend to listen to from the past or the contemporary era and why?

Jevil Project: Some bands like Animals as Leaders, Scale the Summit & LITE are really cool. I recommend Jimi Hendrix from the past era, this guy was an awesome guitar player & composer.

Music Authentic: If you were to become the President, what would you start a change with to decrease the rightful social unrest?

Jevil Project: Mmm, I will make a democratic vote for introduce an universal income.

Music Authentic: Do you think artists and musicians will be replaced deemed to be obsolete due to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Jevil Project: Not really, I’m a fan of new technology & I think that can help us. Not only in music industry but in medicine, for example.

Music Authentic: Whose story had a great effect on your life?

Jevil Project: In my childhood, I was fascinated by the story of Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Music Authentic: How do you use your stage as a platform to help others?

Jevil Project: If I could inspirate people to create their own tracks, that’s would be cool.

Music Authentic: What are the hardest challenges in society these days you believe the most crucial ones?

Jevil Project: Fight poverty & LGBT rights are the crucial ones.

Music Authentic: How do you like spending your free time?

Jevil Project: I like watching series, I’m totally addicted to Netflix.

Music Authentic: And finally, what is your message to encourage others?

Jevil Project: Stay yourself & be creative!


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