Our hope is with the youth, the active and willing ones who are constantly educating and improving themselves yet still able to enjoy life so they know and feel what they want to preserve and make it better. Meet Luseana, the singer-songwriter on the rise. Her art and personality are living proofs that our hope in the future is quite alive. In this in-depth interview we’ve talked about life, music, hopes and future.


Here is a song, a music video to start with, take your time and gift your soul with this!


Music Authentic: How did you sleep last night?

Luseana: I love that! Not too great unfortunately so feeling it a bit today. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Music Authentic: Well, I wish you so! And by the way, what did you last actually cook?

Luseana: Fajitas! Was absolutely delicious and I could eat another dozen.

Music Authentic: I hear you! How do you cope with the changed everyday life?

Luseana: I do a lot of promo and it’s given me time to concentrate on Luseana rather than being out doing covers gigs and rehearsing for that (previously that was my source of income). In the UK another lockdown has just been announced so I plan to grow my audience further, chat with my listeners a lot, make content and keep providing them the value they deserve. I might also do some recording as well.

Music Authentic: That sound’s great. Now, fortunately, more and more young adults are finding a meaning in activism, in the hope of altering the course of history and creating a more liveable and sustainable future. What is your take on the youth in the 21 st century, will they be able to make things better against all the odds?

Luseana: I think so. Really, things have to get better… I can’t believe that it would just get worse and worse. We need massive changes on so many levels, luckily we have been seeing changes this year with the BLM movement and also through eco-activism. I remember my mum saying something to me a year ago about why the younger generation are so different to the older generation and she said it’s because of WW2 and having to live through that, to which I replied ‘we will have to fight a war too, with climate change’.

Music Authentic: That is something very wise to say and feels quite true. I know, for many, music is an outlet to grow and survive the day, others it is fun and enjoyment. What is your drive in it?

Luseana: Ultimately, self expression and creating something absolutely unique. It’s been so long now, I couldn’t imagine doing something else with my days. It has basically consumed me.

Music Authentic: What is your songwriting process? Do you dwell it in and pour it out when everything is in the right place or you rewrite all the time?

Luseana: I’m normally just jamming on piano or another instrument when I find a melody that I really like, or sometimes a vocal line just pops into my head. Then I start recording it on voice memos and come up with chords as I go, making up a vocal line and just using ‘dummy lyrics’. After that, I will write lyrics and then way after, I will start arranging it, normally when I have started recording a demo. But I let it sit for ages and get processed by my brain in the background.

Music Authentic: Is there any instrument you have always wanted to be good at but still learning?

Luseana: All my instruments really! I wouldn’t say I’m really good at any of the instruments I play. Singing and writing are my strengths and the instruments are more functional so that I can write with them and play them when recording.

Music Authentic: What about entertainment? Do you still get to go to anywhere to upcharge yourself?

Luseana: We’ve just had another lockdown announced but normally, meeting up with friends, going out for dinner and drinks and that sort of thing.


This is still the very same interview. Instead of commercials, here are a few stills from Luseana’s life. You might like them. And yes, she is still sharing her great and unique thoughts below them.

Music Authentic: At least you can have a nice tea-zoom meeting with proper etiquette! 🙂 The future is for your generation and the ones after. However, the state of the Nature is really not the best-looking to say the least. Do you feel anger and resentment towards the “fat cats” and self-indulgent masses?

Luseana: Oh, yes. Absolutely. I think it’s astonishingly bad how far this has gotten and I can’t fathom the lack of care that so many people have for the environment. However, a lot of people don’t have the luxury of being able to be environmentally-friendly, so things need to be made easier for them – the answer to this is structural changes.

Music Authentic: Societies really are in the verge of collapse, inequalities are setting people farther and farther apart in many places. What would you do first if you were to become the Prime Minister to start a meaningful change?

Luseana: It’s a tricky question as I have no politics experience so I’m not sure how to give an intelligent answer. I would try my best to put in structural changes to combat the destruction of the Earth.

Music Authentic: Indeed, our only planet is being destroyed as we speaking. Now, let’s have some fun: if you had the chance, would you move to the Mars as a part of the first settlement?

Luseana: Nahh, I’m good with Earth!

Music Authentic: Here is another one: which superhero you would choose to be on the big screen or in real-life?

Luseana: I’m not very fluent in this topic unfortunately, one that helps stop climate change if such a superhero exists!

Music Authentic: Probably Captain Planet, come to be alive by the unity of active young ones! Turning back to music: these day streaming companies want musicians to produce singles rather frequently instead of artistic albums. Do you think quantity over quality matters as they say?

Luseana: I don’t personally agree with it, however that’s the new rules now so for us to succeed, we probably need to go along with it.

Music Authentic: Do you think artists and musicians will be replaced deemed to be obsolete due to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Luseana: Perhaps, however a machine can only be so creative since it is always following calculations and algorithms and the same patterns, so you couldn’t get the same level of ingenuity.

Music Authentic: What is your dream with your music? Some Top 40 hits? Maybe a movie placement? What things would be the greatest achievements for you through your art?

Luseana: For me, the main goal is being able to make a living doing this only. And to be able to do that forever, or at least for as long as I want to. Other dreams I have are to play Glasto, get some sync deals, go on tours (plenty of ’em). Would love to play the USA, and it looks like I have quite a few listeners over in NYC which is AWESOME (shout out if that includes you).

Music Authentic: Thank you for being with us today. As a farewell, what is your message to encourage others?

Luseana: Thank you Music Authentic for having me – and thank you for putting me on the Songs and Stories playlist! You have been extremely helpful. I want to say to anyone out there if you listen to my music or follow my stuff then hello and I am so so so grateful, honestly you mean the world to me. Come and say hi over on Twitter or Insta or YouTube. If you’re not a listener, well thank you for reading my interview and hope I wasn’t too terribly dul! My message of encouragement is don’t let all this stuff grind you down, change your mindset, it’s the most powerful tool in your possession.


Usually we don’t have another YouTube video with the artist, however, here is a vivid exception. Let your soul dance with it! And thank you Luseana for writing it!


Say Hello to Luseana on Twitter: https://twitter.com/luseana_music

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