It is no question, this era needs more direction and more meaning in music and art, too. Here, at Music Authentic, the in-depth interviews are always about getting to know the artist in his/her integrity and to connect to each other as humans more. dxadpoxt is a young artist who’s found a deep topic for his new EP, one we can all relate to in some ways. Beside the quality of his work, he also opens up on some personal and world issues. Read about him and at the end of the article click on to say hello to him!


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Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Let’s begin with our site traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

dxadpoxt: Haha, not great. Lot’s going on right now to keep someone up.

Music Authentic: And what was your last dinner you yourself cooked?

dxadpoxt: I made ribs in the pressure cooker for the first time. I was sceptical about what the Instapot could do, but they were fire.

Music Authentic: Where are you now in the world? How do you cope with the changed everyday life? Have you successfully created a new routine?

dxadpoxt: I think I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I walked away from music for a long time and feel blessed that I’ve come back. Music is a good outlet for managing all the crazy changes to everyday life COVID has brought. You can go deep, escape into it for a little bit. Still working on creating a routine, taking it one day at a time.

Music Authentic: You take on social issues, namely drugs, and how the youth can be better off without them. It’s a rare treat to meet someone stepping up for an actual cause and using his/her platform for it. How did this become your mission?

dxadpoxt: I don’t know if this is necessarily my mission. I want to make music with a message and this is one of many things that is important to me. I’ve been there and seen the incredibly destructive power drugs have and the consequences they can bring. It’s hard not to see it. We are all living through a very serious opioid crisis and that’s really the message here – using drugs comes with huge risks.

Music Authentic: While a part of the society is addicted to drugs other is addicted to anything else just to numb down and live in the façade of ignorant bliss. Don’t you get mad at this that in the era of such great inventions and ideas majority seems to stay in decline instead of growth?

dxadpoxt: Nah, mad isn’t the right word. It’s tough, there is so much information and billions of dollars being spent to confuse and manipulate people’s understanding of what’s really going on. People need to be diligent, pay attention and do their homework on shit, and not rely on sources of information that tell them what they want to hear. But I think we are trending in the right direction right now – though progress is slow, people are waking up and starting to ask the right questions.

Music Authentic: I’ve just watched Angels&Demons. For me it felt the right production for the right song – I did not miss any “big-budget” thing from it. How hard is it for you to see the major labels are seemingly winning in this “free” platform, too?

dxadpoxt: Great question. I think it’s an exciting time for independent artists. We have access to technology to make great content that doesn’t need to be overly polished to be meaningful. With streaming platforms and social media we can directly connect to an audience and distribute our content. The major labels definitely add a lot to music and money is an important component for them, but more and more artists are realizing they don’t need a label to create art and share it with the world. I think the future of music is independent; it’s just a matter of time.

Music Authentic: Is there any song you’ve always thought to write and put it out, yet never did for some reasons?

dxadpoxt: Honestly no. I stand behind the music I’m making and the music I want to make – I haven’t yet wanted to do something and decided against it for any reason other than timing. Timing is important.


(beware, the article continues below this fresh music video. It’s a rare treat to insert one into the middle of an interview, so, be brave, listen and read on!)

Music Authentic: Times of social and cultural enjoyments are coming. How do you see you will celebrate this year when everything seems to be in disorder?

dxadpoxt: Well, usually I travel home to be with friends and family, but this year gonna be staying put with my girl and my dog. It’s gonna be quiet, a chance to recharge and get ready for 2021. I think it’s going to be the most important year of my life.

Music Authentic: What do you think: can we trust in the future, will our happy ending come? Or are we doomed and the Nature is way off its course and harmony? It seems only the young generation makes actual efforts…

dxadpoxt: That’s a big question. I am an eternal optimist, so while I think it’s going to get worse before it get’s better I also believe we have the ability to overcome the challenges we collectively face.

Music Authentic: Usually it is a funny question: would you move to the Mars as a part of the first settlement if you had the chance?

dxadpoxt: Absolutely. I’m a massive sci-fi fan and think moving to Mars would be an incredible life experience. I’d like to be able to travel back to Earth though. No one way trip for me.

Music Authentic: Here is another one: which superhero you would choose to be on the big screen or in real-life?

dxadpoxt: Damn, not really a super hero guy tbh. I think if I had to choose a super power though it would be omnifabrication or technopathy. Something different.

Music Authentic: Singles or storytelling/concept albums? Does quantity over quality matters as streaming companies say?

dxadpoxt: It’s definitely an interesting time for artists with streaming services making singles the most effective way to grow your audience – especially for independent or up-and-coming artist. That being said, I’m more of a project guy at heart – I wanna connect songs and ideas together across an experience. So I say do both.

Music Authentic: Recently I’ve just listened to Artificial Intelligence created songs. Now the era might come when pop songs will easily be replaced by computer written ones. What about real music, real art? Do you think it’ll be over soon?

dxadpoxt: I don’t. Humans have feared a robot takeover for a long time, but they aren’t going to be replacing humans in music anytime soon. Human’s still have too much to offer with live performance and fan engagement. Who knows what the distant future might look like though.

Music Authentic: Everyone has larger and smaller dreams, hopes to reach, accomplish with their art and music. What are yours?

dxadpoxt: Honestly, I just want to make music. I want to grow as an artist, have opportunities to share my art and perform and surround myself with music. I don’t know exactly what this looks like, but I do know I’m not that far away from where I would be completely happy.

Music Authentic: Your new EP is coming out December 11. Can you say a few words about it?

dxadpoxt: Oh man, so excited to release this project. The whole concept is centred on trying to come to peace with my own mortality, a conversation with myself about life and death. I have always been fascinated and, at the same time, terrified by the great mystery of death. I’ve spent many hours studying it from the perspective of religion, philosophy, and science but somehow I still don’t feel any more certain about what waits for us on the other side. These ideas are pulled through the project showing up in each song in different ways. As a fan of the works of Camus and Sartre I’m hoping this project can contribute to existential philosophy through the lens of alternative hip-hop.

Music Authentic: I’m glad we finally could have this conversation. As a farewell, with what message would you encourage others?

dxadpoxt: We are all going to die someday, act accordingly.


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