Luna Keller is a young, actively rising singer-songwriter, conveying the bright light in the world through her songs about love, friendship, family, nature. We had a fortunate time to talk to her and get to know more someone who is bringing hope and calmness while singing. I wish there was a campfire we gathered around and could invite her to join and sing. Read about her thoughts and get to know her heart and soul via her songs. And at the end, say hello to her!

And while you are at it, listen and watch Luna Keller‘s latest: “Prophecy”, it will soothe your soul and ease your mind!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! There is this site traditional question to begin with: How did you sleep last night?

Luna Keller: Quite well, although I found it hard to get up because my cat was cuddling with me. But I’m not complaining, I love her and especially in winter it’s great to have a cat to cuddle with.

Music Authentic: Cats indeed great and understanding companions. All the videos and photos show you in a free and open air environment, with all the sunshine and freedom most have only been dreaming of this year. Is it really that shiny all the time for you?

Luna Keller: I do live in a beautiful place and I’m really lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people that I get to share my life with. I’m really grateful for that. But of course it isn’t always shiny for me, I don’t think it is for anyone. It’s been a year full of highs and lows. And I would lie if I said that the Pandemic didn’t affect me emotionally, I’m not always happy. But that’s ok, that’s an important lesson I learned this year: it’s ok not to be ok.

Music Authentic: That’s really wise to say. You are in such a young age, yet, have been writing songs for years. What launched you in this path?

Luna Keller: My parents definitely played a big roll in that, my mum has been singing in choirs since she was little and my dad has played in bands since he was a teenager. So I grew up surrounded by music and with full support to explore my own creativity. I discovered poetry as a way to express myself when I was 12 (it was awful poetry, but loved it) and with 14 I discovered that I could write songs. It really changed a lot for me, suddenly music became this amazing way to understand myself, cope with the world and connect with other people. And my parents where immediately there to support me and help me turn my passion into recorded music.

Music Authentic: Is there a specific songwriting process for you? How did for example the “Mad Hatter” come to alive?

Luna Keller: I read this quote by a songwriter a while ago, I don’t remember who it was but he said something along the lines of „My head is like a radio and when I hear something I don’t know I write a song“. That really resonated with me, most of my songs just appear in the form of a melody or lyrics in my head and all I have to do is shape it and write it down. Sometimes I also purposely sit down with an idea and write about it. That was the case with the „Alice is in Love with the Mad Hatter“ project, I wanted to write using different messages from Alice in Wonderland and applying them to our world. „We Are all Mad Here“, inspired by the colorful tea party the Mad hatter holds, turns into a hymn to celebrate diversity. „Alice is in Love with the Mad Hatter“ celebrates our inner child, escaping the rules like Alice did to be herself and love the world around her freely.

Music Authentic: Let’s move onto social and world issues. Some say artists, musicians only need to provide escapism and feel good experiences. Others believe that this is the right time to stand up and say no to the establishments and show an example – especially the youth. What is your take on this?

Luna Keller: I think both things are valid. It’s important to speak up and use our platform and music to point out injustices. But it’s also important not to get to consumed by that, and to allow yourself to live and enjoy life. Sometimes we need a song that expresses our hurt and frustration to cry to, sometimes we need a happy song to accompany us through the day. As artists we can provide both. I’ve written many protest songs, many sad songs, some happy songs… they are all part of the human experience. It’s all about balance – don’t get too caught up in the bad, don’t ignore it and force yourself to be happy all the time.


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Music Authentic: Ignorance and numbness mainly in the first world countries feel like an actual pandemic, infecting minds and hearts, dampening the souls. And there are these false solutions with constant infotainments and mindless series, drinking, drugs – anything but not Nature and real connections. Do you think people will learn how great they can be without all these distractions?

Luna Keller: I truly hope so. I often feel like we are all controlled by images on a flickering screen, so easily distracted and so quick to believe. I wrote this song that I hope to release new year called „While the World Goes Down We Dance“, and it’s exactly about that. We’re so connected to the world that we get detached from „our world“ if that makes sense. We only care about the suffering and the destruction when the media tells us to. A missing child in Europe gets weeks of international headlines, 100 children that drawn in the Mediterranean get a footnote. It makes me sad. And then I find myself tangled up in that virtual world and worrying so much it really gets to me. Like many others I end up looking at some empty content and feeling really numb. Ok that was depressing, sorry… but I do think that we can learn. I’ve pulled myself out of that hole by talking to my friend that moved away on the phone until 3 am about random things, roasting marshmallows over a candle with my friends, discussing the world with openminded people that have different opinions than me, going to a no phone date with my boyfriend, connecting and writing with other artists… The world can be pretty amazing too. An amazing friend of mine (and super talented artist), Robb Murphy wrote a song called „Choose Your world“. And I do believe we can do that. So yes I think people can learn how great they can be without the screen. But will they? I don’t know, I hope so.

Music Authentic: “Prophecy”, “Let me go now” and “A ray of light” – all are super hits with authenticity. You are really thriving, aren’t you?

Luna Keller: I think I am, yes. I caught myself thinking that I shouldn’t say that, because it might sound weird. But I am really proud of my journey so far. And grateful, because I got an amazing starting point. My dad has a home studio so I had all the gear to start, one of his best friends happens to be a great producer that we get to work with… Ever since I decided to pursue the thing I love I just kept meeting wonderful people to work and grow with. And now, after two EPs, I’m releasing the singles of my debut album „Prophecies and Silver Linigs“. All the songs you named will be on the project. I’ve only chosen really personal songs for it, they all come from my heart and I feel so lucky that I get to share them with the world.

Music Authentic: You bring your family in for some live recordings, that’s a wonderful thing. What is their favourite song from you?

Luna Keller: Yes, they are amazing! My mum’s favorites are „A Ray of Light“, „Prophecy“ and „Don’t Kill The Butterfly“ (that one will be out next year). My dad’s favorite is “I Try”.

Music Authentic: Here is a little fun: would you move to the Mars as a part of the first settlement if you had the chance?

Luna Keller: I don’t think so. In order to do what I love I need to stay on Earth. Writing history and being the first person to be there would be cool. But I’ve learned that we need to pick the opportunities that make us happy over the ones that are impressive. I would have said yes a couple of years ago though.

Music Authentic: OK, then which superhero would choose to play on the big screen or in real-life?

Luna Keller: Oh this is a hard one… I am a huge Marvel and DC fan. Probably Doctor Strange, I want his cape.

Music Authentic: Would love to see it! You know, there are so many changes are happening in music: AIs started to write music, streaming companies pushes quantity over artistic quality. Do you think real artists will ever be replaced by algorithms?

Luna Keller: I don’t think so. I think we might have to compete with them at some point, but there will always be a demand for human and emotional connection.

Music Authentic: I’d like to ask you about Nature. Your generation and the upcoming ones will inherit a mess to say at least. How do you think a substantial change should start? Would you take the lead if asked?

Luna Keller: Well, the change should start right now and with each one of us. It needs to be a combination of what the governments can do (laws to protect natural spaces, forbid plastic and other harmful materials, make a circular economy possible…) and the things we can do individually (eating less meat, using a reusable water bottles…). These are little things that mean a lot. Somethings that I do that anyone reading might want to try: I always have chopsticks and a foldable cup in my handbag to avoid single use products, I use locally produced solid shampoo to reduce plastic, I bring my own bags to the supermarket, I don’t eat meat (but that’s not for everyone), I get involved in movements like Fridays for Future (also not for everyone)… It’s not about being radical and feeling bad about every impact you make, it’s about slowly implementing changes that don’t cost you much (often even safe money) and that if we all do them, really help. Would I take the lead if asked? – only if I thought I could really change something.

Music Authentic: Before we finish, what are your dreams and hopes to achieve with music and art?

Luna Keller: I want to make a living from songwriting, playing live, traveling and connecting with people. I also hope that I can help people through my songs just as other artists songs have helped me. I don’t need fame, I just want to keep building that community around my music. I’m lucky to already have wonderful people that enjoy my music and support me – I just want to keep making the best music possible for them.

Music Authentic: I feel fortunate and happy we could talk at last – at least this way. As we go: how would you encourage others?

Luna Keller: Try things, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of failing. Most of the time you just need to start doing something to reach your goals in that area. Want to write a song? Just do it. Maybe it won’t be great but you’ve started, and the next one will be better. Reach out to people, learn from them, support them and allow them to support you. You’ll be surprised how many doors open when you’re active, kind and keep a positive attitude.


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