Humanity still has some hope. Humanity still has some ways to take. Humanity still has rejuvenating artistic experiments to see and hear. Humanity still has EYEBALL to discover.


And while you are on to read, here is a blood refreshing EYEBALL-rock experience:

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! We have a site traditional question to begin with: How did you sleep last night?

EYEBALL: Very well thanks, but I did wake up really early and couldn’t fall asleep again, hate when that happens.

Music Authentic: And what did you have for breakfast?

EYEBALL: Oatmeal with bananas, same thing I’ve had for breakfast every day for many years now, and of course about a pot of super strong coffee.

Music Authentic: OK, so, let’s jump right into it: why “Eyeball”?

EYEBALL: Why that particular name? I was trying to come up with something that was memorable and had a kind of psychedelic vibe about it, not sure why eyeballs are psychedelic, maybe because that is how the mind peers out into the world and they’re always in trippy artwork for some reason, after I suggested that name it stuck. The downside is it doesn’t make a google search very easy to find us without digging a little deeper.

Music Authentic: Until March you had regular gigs, some are shown in your YouTube channel. How do you feel, this psychedelic vibe you’ve created will be in more demand after people will be let to be freer and concerts return?

EYEBALL: Hard to say, but I think it will be the same for any genre really, there will always be bands and people that want to see them, so I don’t think the psych scene will be any different. We can’t wait to get back out there, we had some good momentum going before COVID put the breaks on everything.

EyeballMusic Authentic: What was the most interesting or surprising thing you experienced in an “Eyeball” concert?

EYEBALL: I guess just the variety of shows we end up on. Sometimes we get paired up with metal bands or jangly alternative bands, but a lot of times we share bills with performance artist, electronic and experimental musicians, even acts like belly dancers, we love playing shows where each act is radically different from the next.

Music Authentic: You are experimenting in your visuals, too. Who is behind that?

EYEBALL: We try to find people who understand that we want our videos to be really trippy and not to hold back using effects, to really push that stuff to limits that go beyond what typically gets used in music videos. I think we only have one sort of normal video and that was intentional so the performance is the focus, but all the others are full on tripped out.

Music Authentic: Reading your website, it is obvious you have a certain style, concept. How does it fit into the era when concept albums are deemed to be obsolete by streaming companies saying quantity over quality matters more?

EYEBALL: We don’t really keep up with the trends, they seem to change year to year and none of us are fans of short attention span fast-food music. Social media has made everything a click away and videos are getting shorter and shorter, we still believe there is an audience who will watch a 10min video and we’re from that way of thinking anyway, we have some ambient intros that are longer than the average pop song!

Music Authentic: Are you afraid of AIs writing music and replacing actual artists?

EYEBALL: Plenty of room for them as well, I think it is obvious which wrote what, so let them have at it, if you like that kind of thing go for it. I don’t think it will replace the real thing completely; there will always be computers used for one thing or another in entertainment so one must embrace that as well.

Music Authentic: If we look around, the world is in disharmony and in an imbalanced state. Nature is agonising, societies have been mistreated once again by the establishments, and despite all the great efforts and inventions, hundreds of millions are starving and live in extreme poverty. It seems there is a war for the soul of humanity. Can artists, musicians be modern day prophets and actual leaders to recreate this whole shared existence into a better one?

EYEBALL: I think the world has always been fucked up and people have tried to fix it since the beginning, there are just more people now so more problems on a larger scale and we hear about it all more now because information is so instant. It would be nice to fix it all, but if anyone really knew how it would be fixed already.

Music Authentic: OK, let’s move onto something lighter: which superhero would you rather be in life or in the silver screen?

EYEBALL: I’m not really into superheroes, as far as powers I’d like invisibility, I’m sure one of them must have that power, don’t know, whichever one does I’ll be that one.

Music Authentic: And what about Mars? Would you be the part of the first settlement?

EYEBALL: Not really, seems very boring and dangerous, none of those first people will ever come back. It would be like living in a cage in a wasteland. I recently read the novel that the movie “The Martian” was based on, very good, but didn’t make me want to have that experience, I highly recommend that book.

Music Authentic: What new songs are you working on?

EYEBALL: We have two completed songs that we haven’t played live yet, “God of Madness” and “Lifeform”. We seem to be headed in a very dark direction with our writing lately, have no idea why. Can’t wait to see where this is heading…

Music Authentic: Do you think the message of your music will be able to penetrate through the walls of ignorance and numbness shielding the hearts and souls of many?

EYEBALL: Probably not, would be nice, but we’re an underground band so our audience is limited, but the people that we attract are more of the thinking arty types anyway, so sometimes they teach us a thing or two as well.

Music Authentic: Every artist has dreams and hopes to achieve. What are yours?

EYEBALL: It would be great to have more time and money to explore all our ideas. We’ve done a lot for a band on a shoestring budget, but we’ve also had some really cool ideas fall to the wayside because either they are not feasible or we need outside help to make them a reality. It would be a dream to be able to churn out all the ideas we come up with.

Music Authentic: As we say goodbye, how would you encourage others?

EYEBALL: Anyone who creates is a friend of ours, please explore your creative side and don’t compare it to anything but your own vision. Art for art’s sake is good for the soul, never wonder if it’s going to be popular, just be able to know at the end of the day you created something cool. Oh yeah, and listen to EYEBALL…


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