I’ve been listening to Lucas Michalski‘s instrumental rock-electric songs for a longer while, an enjoyable musical evolution one can follow. We could make some time to have a conversation about songwriting and music industry, the world now and in the future. So, read this interview below, might make your day!


And while you are at it, listen to Lucas Michalski‘s “Nemesis”, your heart will definitely beat faster!


Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Our site traditional question is: How did you sleep last night?

Lucas Michalski: Hi, thanks for having me here, it`s an absolute honour. How did I sleep last night? Well… for last 2 months my sleeping is all over the place and being regularly interrupted by our little new-born son Jacob. Welcome to the parenthood!

Music Authentic: Did you have time cook yesterday?

Lucas Michalski: When it comes to cooking, my lovely girlfriend Dorothy is an absolute master and brilliant cook so I`m trying not to touch anything in the kitchen just in case it might poison someone. In our house she mostly cooks.

Music Authentic: So, let’s jump right into the middle: you play rock, instrumental, experimental – in the 21st century, although it’s anything but “trend”. What was the beginning, why did you choose this path?

Lucas Michalski: Yes, my music might be slightly different than most of the trending songs out there. In my music which is mostly instrumental I blend two worlds of fire rock guitars with atmospheric electronic vibes full of attitude. How did I choose this path? For me it was natural process. As a guitarist I was playing in many different bands over the years, with smaller and bigger success. After years on stage playing live music, I decided to quit it all together and start doing something bit different. That`s how my solo project as well as entire LUMIC Studio were born. The initial idea was only to record some cover songs and upload them on sites like YouTube but quickly enough it developed to full project. After the first song called ‘Path’ which started it all, I instantly knew that this is the new music road for me where I can focus on my own music and create whatever I like. Having said that, using samples and electronic beats in background music was kind of new thing for me at that time, giving me loads of fresh air as an artist. ‘Path’ started it all about 3 years ago. This song is probably the most personal piece of music I wrote up to this day, bringing back so much memories and still giving me shivers on my back while listening. Long story short, I was always playing guitar, I was always a rocker and metal head so guitar oriented music was always my thing… My solo instrumental project is the thing that I love but with little twist. I understand that my music might not be everyone`s taste especially these days, but at least it`s mine, true and honest.

Music Authentic: I’m sure, after being blessed as you got to be a little while ago, life changed tremendously. What are funniest and most challenging ones in the every days?

Lucas Michalski: You mean the funniest and most challenging changes? I`ll start with challenging ones. When the solo project was born, I literally had most experience as a musician, but had to learn everything from the other side as well like mixing/mastering, producing, promoting my music and even making videos. So if you put all those aspects together it`s a lot to learn… I`m shocked that my brain hasn`t exploded yet. Although it was fun to learn all of those things and try to constantly improve them, it was challenging a lot. From one moment I had to become everything in the music industry… Not only guitarist as I use to be, but had to take care of everything.
And funniest ones? I probably could tell loads of hilarious stories from those times when I was playing live music with the bands… Frequent live shows, rock bands, young and wild blood inside, little bit of booze from time to time, afterparties after the shows… You know the rest. I`ll stop here.

Music Authentic: Do you miss live gigs?

Lucas Michalski: Of course… a lot. I miss this atmosphere, fun and energy. I`ve seen my favourite band 18 times live in 8 different countries, so attending live shows was kind of my thing for a good while. And… it all stopped all of the sudden, I do miss them a lot, hopefully 2021 will be easier on us…

Music Authentic: Muse, Radiohead, Sting, Paul McCartney play at the same time, tickets to each. Who would you go to watch?

Lucas Michalski: Sting for sure, although I`ve seen him playing live about 15 years ago… Yes I`m old… So I go for Sting, always liked his music. Amazing artist both solo and in the Police as well.

Music Authentic: Technology can bring a lot of advantages when it comes to record and experiment. Yet, it seems, nowadays the original, natural, true sounds are not fitting and hard to find since everything is overproduced. How are you with this?

Lucas MichalskiLucas Michalski: Tough question to be honest. Like I mentioned earlier apart working on my own music I also run entire studio called LUMIC Studio where I offer mixing and mastering services for clients. So I`m familiar and up to date with all the technology, plugins and fancy studio tricks using tons of overproduced sounds… but a those who`s seen my music videos like ‘So Close but Far’ or seen photos of my studio know that I always stay true with the guitar sounds. Nothing can beat classic immortal valve amp with its distinctive roar… no VST or emulation can beat the distorted valves. I`m a big fan of Orange amps, you can hear them in all my music and see them in some videos. Same as with other gear I use in the studio. I`m really into real analogue gear. For example my main EQ and compressor I use in the studio are real analogue SSL ones known from big consoles. Don`t get me wrong, plugins are great, but nothing can beat that feel, response and sound on analogue… I`m old I know. When it comes to tendency of overproducing these days, that`s plugins again for you. The access, the ease of using them, marketing, price… all factors contribute to overusing them. They are blessing and the course at the same time. Plugins are only tools, even the best tool is completely useless when you don`t know how to use it and when to use properly. Like I said, the ease of use, availability, variety of different plugins, price are very lucrative and create temptation of more and more… I want to check this plugin, also I want to try that one out as well. The outcome is overproducing things. Summing up modern technology is amazing, creates opportunities not available even 20 or 30 years ago.. but be careful. They are tools, learn how to use them and more importantly when to use them instead of trying everything at once without the purpose.

Music Authentic: Musician always have strange things happening around them, especially backstage. What was the biggest oddity?

Lucas Michalski: And again we have to go back to times when I used to play live shows and throwing shapes all over the places and running with the guitar like a maniac… Are the readers over 18??? I`m not sure if can I share biggest oddity from backstage life that happened to me. All jokes aside… nothing extreme, I wasn’t next Ozzy anyway… just good boy, going little crazy from time to time.

Music Authentic: Let’s look at the world today: it’s changing like never before and it seems there is a shift in societies, among people, to do better than earlier. What do you think the toughest social issues are?

Lucas Michalski: Few people might shake their heads while reading this but in my humble opinion one of the biggest issues are created by the internet and social media in particular. People don`t know how to talk to each other anymore. They just can`t do it anymore or minimise it to the minimum.

Music Authentic: Scientists say, we need to get better leaders who are actually willing to implement radical changes out of our comfort zones for a future at all. Are you hopeful? Don’t you think it’s too late by now?

Lucas Michalski: It`s never too late. That was proven many times in the history when we were taking radical turns when at that time it looked that it`s all over, too late. It`s never too late.

Music Authentic: Mars colony. Would it be a good choice for you the settle there?

Lucas Michalski: Can I bring my guitars with me?

Music Authentic: Sure! You might even advertise it as the only real rock concert on the planet! Keep the fun going: what superhero skills would you like to have at work and at home?

Lucas Michalski: Another tough one… Which superhero had loads of patience? I would like to become that one…

Music Authentic: Which is better: having millions of listeners or a thousand fans?

Lucas Michalski: Thousands of fans for sure.

Music Authentic: That one we agree! Who is actually a fan these days? I mean, it used to be a cool thing to follow a band around and so…

Lucas Michalski: In modern world which was taken over by the internet and social media being a fan for most people is just clicking ‘like’ button but real old school fans still exist and keeping strong. Bands are still doing merch, meet and greet, still releasing CDs with amazing booklets, still doing interviews. All that is being done for real fans not just ‘like’ button clickers.
So although for many being a fan is just clicking few things on the internet, deep down nothing has really changed as strong army of real old way followers still exist. Big juicy thanks goes to all of them.

Music Authentic: Name 3 albums without music for you wouldn’t be the same:

Lucas Michalski: Oh man… Only 3? Just music in general or the music I`m most familiar with? Ok… Music in general.
1. The Beatles ‘The White Album’
2. Queen ‘A Night at the Opera’
3. Metallica ‘The Black Album’

Music Authentic: Will musicians ever be replaced by AIs? They improve quite fast and it seems, they will soon be able to replicate a Top40 song or elevator music…

Lucas Michalski: Definitely not, music is made by humans for humas. Music is being created with emotions only humans can understand. Nothing can replace that and nothing ever will in my opinion. But never say never though…

Music Authentic: 2021 is a big hope for many. What about you, will you write new songs?

Lucas Michalski: I`ll be releasing new single ‘Liquid like Fire’ in late January. Apart from that I have 2 other singles in work-in-progress stage which will be released somewhere later this year. So yes.. There will be definitely some new music from my in 2021.

Music Authentic: Is there a big dream for you to reach with your music?

Lucas Michalski: Yes, to continue bringing emotion and enjoyment to my listeners with my music.

Music Authentic: As a goodbye -for now- how would you encourage others?

Lucas Michalski: Either it`s big fat rock guitar or flute… guys… there`s still so much good music still to be written. Who knows, maybe your idea will move thousands or millions and become new immortal music anthem known for generations? You never know unless you`ll try!

Music Authentic: Thank you for your thoughts and time!

Lucas Michalski: Thank you so much as well, take care and stay safe in those not certain times!


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