It is always good to meet a positive person, an artist who utilizes his skills, time and energy to create something different, something new. Our guest today, Badgeyy is a great example. We took the time to talk about life as it has changed, music as it can be these days – including his brand new album – and also had some fun. Read his thoughts, listen to his music. You will surely have a positive day after that!

And while you are at it, listen to Badgeyy‘s brand new song “Admit One/Welcome”:

Music Authentic: Welcome to our site! Let us begin with a site-traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

Badgeyy: I slept great, actually! Slowly developing a sleep schedule. So far so good!

Music Authentic: And what did you last cook? I hope it was something healthy!

Badgeyy: I prepared some zucchini, jasmine rice, and a smoked bacon wrapped pork loin. Absolutely delicious.

Music Authentic: By now there have been a lot of changes all around the world. What about you?

Badgeyy: When all of this started happening, it was a little difficult to adjust. But with anything in my life, I developed a new routine and made it work.

Music Authentic: Just listened to “Reminiscing” and must say, really enjoyed it, it’s a good production and concept. Your latest single “nick0tine is dead” is a different approach. How did you come to the point to come out with this artistic change?

Badgeyy: When I first started making music it was to vent out my past in a bitter, disdain way. Over the last couple of months I realized I was no longer that person. So I switched up my name to “Badgeyy” and my main focus now is to push positivity and the bright side of things.

Music Authentic: Your genre as you describe is “emo trap” – for me it seems to blend some rock with rap and “space music”. Am I far?

Badgeyy: You’re pretty spot on! Basically my style is I take pop punk type beats (real instruments and hip hop bass) and I rap on them.

Music Authentic: Your song “Elvis Depressely” really sounds like a concert song, it’s playful, light harmonies and has a rocking tempo. Have you had the chance to play it live?

Badgeyy: My goal was to start playing live in 2020, but with Covid happening I had to put everything on hold as far as live music goes. I recently started speaking to owners of bars and trying to set some shows up though!

Music Authentic: The LP “Badgeyy’s World” will be dropping 5th May, your first full length album. What was the concept and how did you choose your producer(s), teammates? Where did the inspiration come from?

Badgeyy 1Badgeyy: The concept behind this album is all about positivity. Upbeat styled, meaningful lyrics and an amazing attitude! The producers on this album were hand picked by me because they all bring a different idea to the table for my style.

Music Authentic: All this streaming frenzy became a number madness, it feels the human touch and real connections have been lost among artists and fans; quite similarly to social media where people mostly shout at each other instead of actually listening and paying attention. What does it take to be heard and known in 2021?

Badgeyy: Patience, persistence, positivity. I try to tell new artists that its a long journey when youre an independent artist. But it all pays off because you did it all on your own.

Music Authentic: What is the message you would like your sympathizers understand the most through your music?

Badgeyy: That no one is ever really alone. My music touches on subjects that everyone can relate to. Thats the biggest thing that separates me from everyone else in this genre. I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, I don’t really party. I have a past and a story to tell. Odds are someone else out there has read the same story.

Music Authentic: How do you see life on Earth in a few years from now on? Surveillance, lack of democracy, plight and hunger, numbness and ignorance will spread even more or there is a hope and people to act for it?

Badgeyy: There is definitely hope. My main reason saying that is because my generation will eventually one day run this world and everything will be seen differently.

Music Authentic: Here is some fun: would you join the first Mars colony and live there if that meant you would be the one and only musician in that planet?

Badgeyy: Absolutely! I think it would be fun!

Music Authentic: People tend to long for superheroes. If you had a chance to choose which one would you rather be?

Badgeyy: I would definitely be batman! The dark knight!

Music Authentic: Paul McCartney is 78 and just came out a fantastic new album. How long do you plan to stick to music?

Badgeyy: I plan on doing music forever! Maybe not professionally, but music is my therapy and most definitely helps me when things get tough.

Music Authentic: We all have dreams. What things would be the greatest achievements for you through your art?Badgeyy 2

Badgeyy: One huge dream is to sell out a stadium. But I also have little milestones that I try to work at. If one person were to message me and say “Hey your music has helped me through some tough (or good) times I just want to say thank you” then I have done my job as an artist. I would also like to be known for the dedication and hard work that I have put into this.

Music Authentic: Who are your favourites? Which artist do you recommend to listen to from the past or the contemporary era and why?

Badgeyy: A couple of my favorites are lil peep, spaceman zack, Smrtdeath, nothing nowhere, a day to remember, blink 182, machine gun Kelly, and Brennan savage!

Music Authentic: There has been a social unrest against the establishment all around the world, and let’s be honest, for rightful reasons. Let’s play with the thought: If you were offered would you take the chance and become the President? What would you start the change with?

Badgeyy: I would definitely attempt to be the president! I would be for the people the whole way. I would start by working on how divided this country has come. There is no denying that this country has 100% been split down the middle and thats not how it should be at all! Like I said before my generation will one day be in charge and the views everyone has in this world will be much much different.

Music Authentic: Do you think artists and musicians will be replaced deemed to be obsolete due to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Badgeyy: I think that artists and musicians already are being replaced when it comes to instrumentals. You can play guitar with your keys on your laptop now. As far as the actual artist though, I don’t think we can be replaced.

Music Authentic: Whose story had a great effect on your life?

Badgeyy: Kurt Cobain’s story was wild and always look into his life from time to time. Lil Peep’s short lived story was amazing and just as tragic. I have read a lot of books that band members have written just to see what that “rockstar” life is like.

Music Authentic: How do you use your stage as a platform to help others?

Badgeyy: I try to push positivity any way possible. I love giving feedback on others peoples music! I love seeing other artists make things come to life. It’s a great feeling to see everyone chasing their dreams.

Music Authentic: What are the hardest challenges in society these days you believe the most crucial ones?

Badgeyy: The biggest challenge I see is acceptance. I also think that another challenge is no one is really allowed to have an opinion anymore. If you don’t like something and someone else does then you’re wrong and they’re right. I have lost friends over the years due to me sticking to my opinion and because they disagreed we disconnected.

Music Authentic: How do you like spending your free time?

Badgeyy: Free time? Whats that? Haha. My schedule is quite busy. From music, to having my son, to school, to work. If I have any free time, you can usually find me just watching Netflix or writing lyrics.

Music Authentic: And finally, what is your message to encourage others?

Badgeyy: Do. Not. Give. Up. If you keep pushing and don’t stop, you will 100% achieve those dreams and goals. Take it from me, I never thought I would have people actually looking to see new music from me. Just keep going, stay busy, stay active, and focus.

Music Authentic: Thank you for taking the time. I for one will definitely listen to your album and I highly recommend it to everyone, too.


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