Rambeezly is a rising rapper, hip-hop artist who has been making good and even better songs. Rambeezly, the proud Harlem born-and-raised took the time to talk to us and share his passion and determination in music.

And while you are reading it, listen to Rambeezly‘s new song, “Momma’s Dreams”:

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! We have a site traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

Rambeezly: Sleep last night? – that one woaaah…

Music Authentic: OK, so, when did you last have time to cook something healthy?

Rambeezly: I Cook here & there & it’s always at least something healthy.

Music Authentic: I take your word for it… 🙂 Tell me, how is your life these days with all the uncertainties around?

Rambeezly: My life is cool, just wish my mom was here with me.

Music Authentic: Sorry for your loss… A lot of people are full of anger, frustration and in the blame-game. Do you have a secret way to communicate with the ones who only like listening to their own voices and opinions?

Rambeezly: I mean, I just be myself. Man, truly, if you know me I show genuine love – respect goes a long way.

Music Authentic: These days, establishments, governments are pointing to social media and any unusual ways as reason the life as it is now, with all the divisions and inequalities. At other places the voice of the people are being tucked back to the bottle with over-controlling the internet. Do you see any light and change coming anytime soon?

Rambeezly: I mean, it ain’t nobody’s fault . It’s people out here that nobody knows of with powerful voices, too. You gotta work everyday even on your off day: no changes. I believe they’re going to probably make it more difficult to be a voice.

Music Authentic: Well, I hear you… might not be the easiest in the near future… Despite all, you create, and that’s a positive thing. Yet, the cover art of your EP “Misunderstood” look like a dystopian future and the album cover of “Death Before Dishonor” like a bitter present. How did you come up with the concept of this album and what was your songwriting method?

Rambeezly: Say what you mean, mean what you say   – my life is real, no movie.

Music Authentic: How did you select your crew for the songs?

Rambeezly: Those my brothers. Besides that I knew it would be a dope idea.

Music Authentic: “Call on ME” feels really personal as well as “MISS ME”. What’s the story behind them?

Rambeezly: Yeah, I’ve been in love with a girl who love girls   … I was just talking my shyt to the ladies & “Miss me”? It’s like a step towards a bright future for the ladies. Most of my music is for everybody. Bro listen too, but yeah, the ladies got it, they love my music.

Music Authentic: Do you think artists, musicians should do what streaming companies want for themselves, namely having singles only, very frequently releasing, instead of telling a full story with an album and have the creative freedom and time?

Rambeezly: No because, you ain’t in a contract you can do what you want to do with your music.

Music Authentic: 2021 is cancelled for live shows, unless you live in New Zeeland. When the time comes, will you go on tour with your album?

Rambeezly: Yeah, I’ve heard & hell yeah my god, why wouldn’t I? That’s a goal!

Music Authentic: Alicia Keys, Brian May and Ringo Starr are sitting in the pub at different tables. Which table would you choose to greet and meet?

Rambeezly: Alicia Keys s/o to her.

Music Authentic: It seems Top40 songs are easily can be written my AIs. Do you think they will ultimately take over? If yes, where do you see yourself in it and what prospects do you see in the future?

Rambeezly: I’m gonna go gold at least 6 times! Trust and believe that shyt triple platinum!

Music Authentic: That’s the spirit! Who were the greatest influences on your music?

Rambeezly: Life experiences, my mom, my sisters, my brothers, my environment.

Music Authentic: Is there an encouraging message you wish to say to the readers and your followers?

Rambeezly: I want to say keep going no matter what it is   if it’s for you, it will be! Never stop doing you or give up on yourself! Life will teach you a lot of valuable lessons.

Music Authentic: Thank you for taking the time. All the healthiest and most prosperous!


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