Here at Music Authentic we like discovering emerging artists. Telamonia is a young, multifaceted poet, musician, artist. With his new EP on the horizon we took the time to talk about music, life and future.

And while you are reading this interview, listen to Telamonia‘s Disco Elysium:

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! We have a site traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

Telamonia: I slept okay last night. I slept about 5 hours which is pretty normal for me.

Music Authentic: What did you have for last supper?

Telamonia: I had a pot roast. Just beef, broth, potatoes and carrots.

Music Authentic: The world around us has transformed into something unusual; many hopes to return to how it was, others would like to see it as a new beginning. What about you?

Telamonia: I would definitely like to see this as a new beginning. Hopefully it will make people appreciate the world more.

Music Authentic: Besides the world’s renewal, you yourself also have changed your artistic appearance. Is it a complete makeover?

Telamonia: Not a complete make over. More like an evolution. I’ve taken my sound and added more to it. I’m trying to create more experimental music within other genres than hip hop.

Music Authentic: I’ve listened to your experimental hip-hop songs, your freestyles, your poetic ways. Who is Telamonia now?

Telamonia: Telamonia is the real me. I’m just an almost 23 year old dude trying to figure this world out. Everything I’ve been releasing lately is about the here and now. What’s going on in my life.

Music Authentic: Some say, poetry is the extra unnecessary thing in today’s world. Are there people who want to see beyond the veil of numbness of constant consumption?

Telamonia: If you are numb from constant consumption, you’re consuming the wrong things.

Music Authentic: You are from Columbus, Ohio – world famous for the tragic events. Ones should have been avoided with more care. The whole country has been in flames socially and in the streets, divisions seem to be unbridgeable. How do you see the future of the USA, is this a path of doom or a chance for a renewal?

Telamonia: I think that there is a chance for renewal. People just have to learn to be more patient, more caring, and more thoughtful. If we’re gonna get out of the mess in this country thats what I believe we have to do.

Music Authentic: Should artists, musician stand up and raise their voices, tell their opinions, walk the streets or just be the court jesters?

Telamonia: Artists should be whoever they want to be. I don’t think anyone should tell an artist what they should do.

Music Authentic: If you could pick the most important issues to begin a change with as the new President, what would you begin with?

Telamonia: Universal Health Care. It’s insane to me that some medicines cost more than my rent for people who can’t afford health insurance.

Music Authentic: Let’s light the mood a little: will you be among the first million settlers of Elon Musk’s Mars colony?

Telamonia: Never. I couldn’t imagine not seeing grass, trees, blue skies, etc. Mars sounds horrible.

Music Authentic: What superpower would you want in everyday life?

Telamonia: I’d want to be able to teleport. I like driving but I really just can’t stand traffic so if I could teleport to places that’d be absolutely ideal.

Music Authentic: You are going on a week-long camping trip. There are 3 artists you can choose to go with you. Who would they be and why?

TelemoniaTelamonia: Tyler, the Creator, Kanye West, and Freddie Gibbs. To me these artists are the most talented artists alive today and they’re just genuinely interesting people to me. Huge inspirations to me.

Music Authentic: Let’s go back to the field of art. What do you think distinguish a genuine artist, musician from a wannabe?

Telamonia: I think what makes an artist genuine is when an artist is just themself. Just be real. Make what music you like and not just what fans or critics want.

Music Authentic: The culture has shifted into idolatry where traditional values and morals seem to be neglected. Your generation basically has the “celebritism” as a life-example. Is there any trait you see positive the older generations could learn and use?

Telamonia: The older generations could definitely learn to be more accepting of different people. A lot of older people are close-minded.

Music Authentic: What do you think of the future of music? Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, algorithms – will they replace individual visions?

Telamonia: I think we’ll see a lot of strange things with the future of music. I think we’ll see a lot of computer generated artists and organic artists. Sound always evolves and when it comes to music, it happens pretty fast.

Music Authentic: An EP is coming out soon. What can we expect?

Telamonia: You can expect some tracks about my history with alcohol abuse and feeling like shit about things I’ve done. There’s some pretty nice beat switches on the EP as well.

Music Authentic: What is your greatest dream to achieve as an artist?

Telamonia: My dream as an artist is to create as much art as I possibly can in my lifespan. And that the art speaks to people.

Music Authentic: Before we go, what encouraging words can you say to the readers and your fans?

Telamonia: My message is to tell my fans that I appreciate all of you. The next few years will be wild.

Music Authentic: Thank you. Looking forward to your new songs!


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