Ashly Thorn is an interesting, multi-faceted young musician who has just released his artistic view on the origin story of humanity. On this occassion we arranged the time and energies to have a deeper interview on artist growth, band, today’s strange world and some fun. So, be brave and read on!

And while you are at it, listen to “Ghost Love”, an earlier introspective solo song by Ashly Thorn:

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! We have a site-traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

Ashly Thorn: I slept not too bad thank you, except I sleep in the day time because I work at night ?

Music Authentic: When did you last cook for someone?

Ashly Thorn: Last night. I cooked my Mother homemade Mexican food.

Music Authentic: Let’s begin with your latest song, a Biblical themed piece, “After the Garden”. What was the drive behind this?

Ashly Thorn: I am so fascinated by The Bible. Whether fact or fiction. The stories in the Bible are amazing! My particular interest is a focus on Genesis and Adam and Eve. I have heard so many interpretations even the story relating to Adam and Lilith. After the Garden is a piece I came up with to what happened after they sinned? Was their remorse? Was their guilt? Everyone saw how mad God had become after what they did, did the serpent feel remorse or guilt? To this day do they feel remorse and guilt? I am curious, what happened after the Garden?

Music Authentic: You have various musical projects with different styles: Godlust, ASHESANDGOLDUST and as Ashly Thorn. What is the origin story, what made you to be such an active artist?

Ashly Thorn: ASHESANDGOLDUST was a band formed with my former band mate. I was the dust the Ashes and she was the Goldust. I really liked our collaborations together. Godlust was accidentally formed when I misspelled Goldust and since Goldust was no longer with me it made sense so I kept it, and then there is just me. I figured maybe I don’t need some hyped up name to be a performer. So I used Ashly Thorn. Now it’s like a how I am feeling sort of moment when I write. Do I want Godlust? Do I want to be me?

Music Authentic: You do have a unique, reverb-filled, more poetic soundscape in your solo project and more of a trap sound in the other ones. It’s like one side of yours is more of a private, lyricist with silent ballads and the other is filled with bangers. How do you find the time and people for all this?

Ashly Torn
Ashly Thorn

Ashly Thorn: The time is always there. Time is on my side so you can say lol. Time doesn’t go anywhere except forward. The ability to put the emotions I am feeling at the time into a musical landscape that’s when it gets tricky and so much so that I have to do it fast, once they come and sometimes it’s not a good thing because I will record it on a basic recorder and won’t record it professionally so that’s how the quality comes out. But I will later revise it, go back and make it as professional as I can. The people is just me in the group so I suppose sorting my personalities out?

Music Authentic: So, let’s lead us into your songwriting process. Lyrics or music first? Or meeting with others and you create from practicing?

Ashly Thorn: Music first and then the lyrics to fit. I actually do both at once.

Music Authentic: As a young, upcoming artist, how was the last year for you, how could you cope with the changes?

Ashly Thorn: Being a person drawn to the dark you’d think I would be able to come up with more songs but it was the opposite for me. I sort of became a hermit and did nothing.

Music Authentic: There is a lot of sadness and frustration in your country. It seems everything has been falling apart for quite some time in the society. What do you think the hardest challenges are?

Ashly Thorn: Staying sane is the hardest and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that. Staying sane and not rushing into anything again going back to the concept of time. Time never changes we must accept that and go with the flow, take it easy, relax, meditate, sort ourselves and our beings out.

Music Authentic: Have you ever felt that the numbing down and dumbing down stops people to actually listen and hear each other?

Ashly Thorn: I do. I think people we’d never expect to listen to us are actually listening to us. This pandemic has made everyone aware of our place on this sensitive Planet. Everyone is listening.

Music Authentic: Where do you charge yourself, how do you get the fresh energy these days?

Ashly Thorn: I go to a room and turn off the lights and let in as much fresh air as possible and I turn off my mind and I will be in there from minutes to days just recharging.

Music Authentic: If you had the chance with whom you’d like to work with?

Ashly Thorn: There are so many people I admire in this industry so many people I grew up listening to and mimicking and growing from and learning from it’s hard to say one. I try to add my inspirations in different interviews. Lately I have been listening to a lot of Placebo. The lyrics are fitting perfect with me in this day and time.

Music Authentic: Who are your heroes as in music and as in life?

Ashly Thorn: My heroes. My Mother she is amazing! An Aries and true to her sign. So strong and doesn’t take crap from anyone. I admire her strength. She’s also very kind and caring and listens to people when they speak. She understands people and I see that. She would have made an amazing psychiatrist or therapist. She watches TLC a lot! My 600 Lb Life, The Little Couple, 90 Day Fiance, Breaking Amish, she absolutely loves My Big Fat Fabulous Life!

Music Authentic: Here is a fun question: Would you give a concert at the new Mars colony?

Ashly Thorn: Absolutely! I hope all Lifeforms will be there!

Music Authentic: If there was a superpower you could obtain by tomorrow, which one would you choose and why?

Ashly Thorn: I’d choose telekinesis. Mostly because I am lazy and it would make getting food from the refrigerator a lot easier.

Music Authentic: What is ahead of you, what will your followers can expect from you later this year?

Ashly Thorn: That’s a good question. I’d like to know myself (smiles). I am not completely in charge of my future but whoever is will have to surprise all of us!

Music Authentic: Who are you listening to these days?

Ashly Thorn: Placebo, The Cure, Tori Amos, Depeche Mode, Billie Eilish, Heavy Metal, Classical, Lots of classic Country, Hank Williams Senior, EDM, I listen to everything.

Music Authentic: Where will you be in a few years as an artist? Movies, Grammies?

Ashly Thorn: Speaking to the Universe I will be in everyone’s household bringing them back to their purpose in life (I hope). The little worm that was created to remind everyone why they are here on Planet Earth.

Music Authentic: If someone just starting out what seeks your advice, what would you say?

Ashly Thorn: Do you, be you, however far out you think that is just do it, we need differences in the world we need it, we absolutely need different aspects of things different points of views we need new we need change we need it as human beings in order to evolve.

Music Authentic: Thank you for taking the time and waiting for your new songs! I had fun!

Ashly Thorn: Thank you Music Authentic.


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Ashly Torn
Ashly Thorn

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