Meet Sharmila, the popsinger, just about to release her “DNA Damage” album. After going through the unexplainable, she continues writing new songs. Let’s read about her and her thoughts more.

And while you are about at it, listen to the single “DNA Damage” by Sharmila:

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Let’s begin with our site-traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

Sharmila: I slept okay.

Music Authentic: And when did you last cook for others?

Sharmila: Months ago.

Music Authentic: A lot of things have changed in our world, some say now it’s time to laugh and enjoy life again, others are still succumbed into fear and grief. What is an artist’s, a musician’s role these days?

Tanisha (Sharmila)Sharmila: I can´t say that musicians all have a certain role these days, I think it differs per artist or musician as we are all individuals with also a personal life, with our own life history and view on things if we talk about it or not. You never really know what´s going on in someone´s life. Everyone is dealing with situations differently. So I can only speak for myself. As a musician and woman artist I have to deal with my own grief as I recently lost my 25 year old daughter Tanisha. We´ve been sick from drinking unsafe tapwater in Holland and she died on april 3rd. She was my only child, my entire family and to be a mom was the most important thing to me. An artist role these days for me means that I express myself through music and the lyrics and songs I write, through movement and dance. With my songs I just want to bring something positive in society, the music industry and to bring some peace and joy in people´s lifes.

Music Authentic: You have an upcoming new album “DNA Damage”. In what ways is it different from your previous one with danceable pop on it?

Sharmila: On the album will be all the new songs I wrote in 2018 and 2019. It has a new sound and the album represents me more as the artist I am today. To reveal a bit I have a song about a planet and a song about racism. It´s popmusic but the music style can change, it depends on the song I wrote.

Music Authentic: How do you write the songs? Do you travel to get inspired or rather stay indoors and listen to the inner world more?

Sharmila: Lyrics often pop up in my mind along with a melody, that could be anywhere. To write the song I often stay indoors and listen to the inner world more.

Music Authentic: When you feel “writer’s block” how do you overcome?

Sharmila: I´m not forcing anything, the right song or lyrics will come at the right time or when the time is right.

Music Authentic: You live in one of the most advanced western society where everything seems to be perfect and neat. Yet, if we really look around, we can see the cracks. What are most challenging issues in your country? If you were the Prime Minister, what would you start the changes with?

Sharmila: Really? I am shocked and surprised to find out that that´s what people think. I think Holland has a long road to go in the acceptance and tolerance of colored women, single moms and women artists. If people only knew what they did to my daughter and me for 5 years, they could make a movie about it. All refugees would run into the opposite direction and maybe artists would think twice before performing in Holland. If I were Prime Minister I would support single mothers and racism is a no no.

Music Authentic: Let’s move back to music. You love boybands and a few have already returned. Do you think it’s wise to come back after leaving the spotlight?

Sharmila: In my childhood I listened to many artists like Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul and boybands like NKOTB and later NSync, because I always loved artists who did sing and dance. Yes I think it could be a wise thing, but not for all. O-Town yes, otherwise I wouldn´t have opened for them.

Music Authentic: If you had a chance to sing a duet, who would you choose, Justin Timberlake, Shawn Mendez, Robbie Williams or Harry Styles?

Sharmila: I would choose O-Town, but from the singers you mention Justin Timberlake.

Music Authentic: What about some fun? Would you travel for a gig to Mars at the first colony?

Sharmila: Maybe another planet, not sure. I would like to know how it´s up there, but I would choose a livestream.

Music Authentic: And if you could, what superpower would you choose?

Sharmila: To travel in time. The universal laws probably wouldn´t allow it, but i would warn my younger me to get out from Holland.

Music Authentic: Here is a harder question: is music still relevant, are artists still in the role model position? Or everything is being swept away by algorithms and AIs?

Sharmila: I think they still can be.

Music Authentic: Do you plan to give more concerts this year?

Sharmila: After my 2nd album release I would like to perform again if it´s possible.

Music Authentic: At last, what message would you like to encourage your readers and fans with?

Sharmila: Thanks for reading the interview and listening to my music. Hope to see you soon when I´m performing somewhere and stay tuned for DNA Damage and the new songs I wrote about my daughter Tanisha.

Music Authentic: Thank you for taking the time and we look forward to hear your upcoming “DNA Damage album”!

Sharmila: Thank you too for the interview.


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