Neela Germaine, the young and upcoming indie-pop singer-songwriter has just made a new music video and released a single – both are quite danceable ones. We took the time to talk about being a musician these days and her greatest influences – with some fun. So, brave as you are, read on!

And while you are at it, listen to “Gone” by Neela Germaine!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! We have a site-traditional question to begin with: How did you sleep last night?

Neela Germaine: Honestly, really well thank you. I was lucky to spend sometime in the sun with friends and a nice long day off today. I love sleeping!

Music Authentic: And when did you last go out?

Neela Germaine: Last night! 🙂

Music Authentic: Your single “Gone” is a danceable pop/indie-pop and your latest release “Dancing in the Rain” is also song one could listen at a party or during a night-drive. What was the inspiration behind them and what drives you these days?

Neela Germaine: I love a lot of 80s synth music and that’s really inspiring me at the moment, from Prince to Bowie. I like creating dreamy sounds to lose our self to but like keeping it up beat. I wanna dance and I want everyone to dance with me.

Music Authentic: You are a singer-songwriter, bringing fresh and clean soundscape. How hard is it to be heard nowadays when everyone seems to have a chance due to streaming companies, yet almost no one has the actual break-out or makes a decent living out of their music?

Neela Germaine: It’s much harder now than it used to be. On one hand, you have more opportunity to create music that you want and have control over your image, sound and the people you work with. But you are competing with such huge numbers of artists, all trying to be heard and much of the time it’s down to the artist to promote themselves or their social content, when most understandably would rather be making music and playing

Music Authentic: Is storytelling still relevant or everything will be swept away by algorithms and AIs?

Neela Germaine: That’s something I’ve thought about quite a bit, it’s hard to gauge. Because at the moment the audience still has some power. If the right audience, (even small) hear your music and share it / buy it or promote it you can go viral and become successful in your own right. However, its not so easy these days and social media is very much a barrage of music and artist accounts vying for attention. The better it looks the more clicks it will gain irrespective of content.

Music Authentic: This last year brought changes, lot of lows and some miracles. How did you find your solace and tranquillity in it?

Neela GermaineNeela Germaine: By focusing on the things that make me happy. Music, art and reading to name a few, I can’t not be busy and not having much to do inspired me to do as much as possible. So I would give myself little projects, or go running to clear my head

Music Authentic: Now that life is changing more into normality, do you see yourself in a performing in a club or live in a radio?

Neela Germaine: I would love to get back to performing, things are still taking their time but I would rather we performed when things were ready. I think when things really do open up, it will be an amazing experience for everyone. It would be great to do more radio, I enjoy intimate performances and interviews sometimes more than live shows. It’s less formal, and there’s usually a really nice energy.

Music Authentic: Who is the one artist you’d like to collaborate with the most?

Neela Germaine: There are so many that come to mind, I’m not sure where to start lol. Probably unusually I’d say ASAP Rocky, I’d want to do something which was a tricky / Portishead vibe. My taste is so eclectic, its very hard to chose!

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun: If you were asked by a Martian while visiting the first colony there, who Neela Germaine is, what would be your answer?

Neela Germaine: Neela is used to fighting both in an out of the ring, a former boxer – she takes this energy and puts it into her music and art with dreamy, deep sounds and vocals.

Music Authentic: Back to Earth and these days. We are living in a changing era; humanity needs to evolve into a greater level. Where do you think society needs to start the changes?

Neela Germaine: I think it starts with people taking account for themselves but also learning to forgive themselves and other people. To understand others and work together. All these things seem pretty obvious. I think for me, as much as social media is a tool for artists and others to promote. It is also used and good at radicalising people and creating divides. It’s very hard these days to know what is real on the internet whether it’s a photo or news, and whichever article or item we like there is an algorhythim to direct us to where they think we want to go. But it’s also what we use and access and view every day, so it has an effect on us and shapes how we view things and the world around us.

Music Authentic: Endurance and open-mindedness are important in this demanding field you create in. As a young artist, where do you gain your power?

Neela Germaine: I have a lot of experience, and luckily good people around me. Essentially I’ve also made a tonne of mistakes. In a strange way its making those mistakes that has given me the power to do what I want and do it how I want to do it.

Music Authentic: Who are the most important musicians these days for you?

Neela Germaine: There are so so so many, right now I’m listening to Foushee, Marvin Gaye and UB40 but I’ve always been a huge fan of Bowie and old skool hip hop De la Soul. Portishead are also a really big influence along with the Weeknd.

Music Authentic: At last, what is your encouraging message to your readers and fans?

Neela Germaine: Don’t give up, work a little toward your goal every day, you’ll get there and never let anyone dictate to you or define you as an artist.


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