E The Elite has been around for quite some time. If you check his music videos, you may recall, sometimes he is a vampire hunter, sometimes a dragon slayer and always with excellence and a unique tone and style. His latest single and music video, “Basically” is a different journey, a bit lighter and has the necessary irony and smile. We took the time to talk about this release and life, music, what it takes to be an artist these days and his journey. Artist or fan, you should read this, good thoughts in!

And while you are at it, here is “Basically” for you:

Music Authentic: Welcome to our site, after watching your latest music video, “Basically”, I think we set the mood. So, there is this heatwave all around, making it hard to do anything… When did you have last time to cook?

E the Elite: I cooked 3 days ago. I pan-seared a nice NY Strip. For sides, I sautéed spinach and red onions and minced garlic along with some loaded sweet potato fries. I made a light three cheese sauce with a vegetable oil base to coat the fries. I used crumbled turkey bacon and sour cream and chives to top it.

Music Authentic: How is your life these days? If that’s what is looks in your brand new music video “Basically” then it must be cool!

E the Elite: I think my life is pretty cool. But it’s all I know, you know? Life is full of ebbs and flows! I try not to complain because life can be and has been worse. Overall, I feel good! I’m in good company and I’ve been working out daily and eating good so it’s been affecting me pretty positively.

Music Authentic: Ok, so you’ve been a dragon slayer in “How You Figure”, a vampire hunter outcast in “Bite Back”, now surfing in the plastic beach in “Basically”. How did the idea come from and how did you select your team?

E the Elite: My team consists of friends, people I’ve known for years with certain skills and dedicated workers I’ve met online. Some of my videos feature aspects of my personality. Sometimes they are very extreme and sometimes they’re pretty chill. They are expressed as alternate versions of myself from different dimensions and they have different names. Honestly, it depends on the song. Sometimes it’s just me having fun.

Music Authentic: Fun is extremely important, the good fun, when we celebrate life, especially after this more than a year-long crazy around. How did you cope with the events of shut downs and information Armageddon?

E the Elite: Being stuck in the house for all the time I was in the house was really depressing. It definitely had a toll on me and it was difficult for me to reacclimate to social interaction. I’m still trying to readjust, to be honest. I started focusing on honing my life skills. I was more consistent with cooking and working out. I knew it was going to be important to not let time get the better of me and I didn’t want to be stagnant even if the world was.

Music Authentic: Do you think the style you are creating in can help people to escape from everyday hardships or they are more about empowering for a change with a louder voice?

E the Elite: I would like to think I do both. I’m an entertainer and I like to create worlds for people to immerse themselves in and escape if necessary. If I’m going to make a change by way of politics that’s something I would rather leave out of the music. I might prefer to make those changes another way. Maybe through philanthropy and fundraising for those in need. I want people to motivated by my music. I like making music that makes people think about important matters around the world and within their own homes. I like making music that makes you feel extreme emotion or make you want to dance. It all depends on how I feel.

Music Authentic: You started out as a teenager, you were 16. How do you see, things in music and distribution, breakouts got easier or harder ever since?

E the Elite: Music is more about personality outside of music than the personality within music now. It’s mad personal. At the very least it’s the first impression. Breaking out is easier than ever now provided you have the resources and money to allocate to promotion and ads. However, because anyone can do it, anyone will and it saturates the market. Some people get in and out like they’re day trading. But when you stick around for your fans, they’ll feel that and it speaks volumes as an entertainer.

Music Authentic: Autotune has been misused and overused by most of the musicians. You have your own voice and style. How long did it take for you to develop it?

E the Elite: It’s hard to say. I’m always trying out new ways to innovate my sound. So I would say I’m still developing. I don’t ever want to stay stagnant but I want people to identify the hard work. Auto tune is cool if you don’t rely on it to save your song. Depending on the song I may use auto tune throughout or little none at all. Sometimes only in specific parts. People like the autotune nowadays but I like a natural sound sometimes too because the emotions are relayed a bit differently.

Music Authentic: Is there any big advice you would give to your younger self if you could travel back in time?

E the Elite: Yea. I would probably tell me to invest more time and focus into myself. I think I’m doing good but I could always be better. With the gift of hindsight, I believe that I would’ve thrived more if I put myself before others earlier. I spent a lot of time helping other people elevate and I didn’t focus enough on making myself financially or spiritually stable.

Music Authentic: What about the folks who are just starting out now? There is the notion “they” don’t want to work for it just get it without making. How do you see this, are there still Rocky Balboas, real underdogs with a drive?

E the Elite: There will always be underdogs with a genuine drive to succeed in the industry. I can’t hate on a person for not wanting to work but you can’t expect the world to bend to your will either. If you get put in a position where people expect you be ready to put in the work and you don’t live up to that, you can burn bridges. You have to be real with yourself about what you want.

Music Authentic: Who are your actual, real-life heroes and examples?

E the Elite: Will Smith is one of my real life heroes. Definitely. He’s extremely inspirational and I’ve looked up to him since I was tiny. He’s extremely intelligent, well spoken and I greatly appreciate his craft in all areas. As a mentor and as a parent I have a lot of respect for him. I don’t have many but he’s up there. I have to mention Chadwick Boseman, too. I really wish he were still here.

Music Authentic: If you had one thing you could change in the society you live in what would be that?

E the Elite: I want there to be a some more chill social clubs with cool vibes. Nothing too loud. People aged like 21-32 could come through and just interact, make friends and share common interests. Just talk and listen over some refreshments and open space. That would be a really cool community building environment.

Music Authentic: Imagine Jeff Bezos invites you for the 10 minutes rocket ride to space and Elon Musk for the 9 months long travel to Mars to perform there. Which offer would you go with?

E the Elite: Yikes! Neither to be honest. Too many unknown factors. I need the safety guarantee that they cannot provide me. I’ve seen those test flights.

Music Authentic: With whom would you like to collaborate the most?

E the Elite: Probably Kevin Gates. Dude is a wizard storyteller. But if I wanted a hype song I’d definitely want to work with Uzi.

Music Authentic: The music industry has been taking advantage on everyone for decades. On the other hand, being and indie is a struggle, too. Is creating your own label the solution?

E the Elite: Creating your own label can be a solution only if you’re more equipped to running a label than being managed by one. It greatly depends on your skill set. If you would rather schedule artists, book their shows, provide them with transportation, and take a cut, that’s fine. If you’d rather have someone do that for you and the other artists on your label, so be it. Either way you have to work, the roles are just different.

Music Authentic: Do you think songs by the ever-improving AIs will replace mainstream music made today?

E the Elite: The tech nowadays is interesting for sure! They’ve got AI that can play entire bodies of music on instruments. It’s mind blowing. But I doubt it. Artists are trendsetters and we’re constantly creating new slang and that in turn changes the language. The pronunciation also varies from region. There are far too many nuances for AI to comprehend considering that they only know what they are programmed to know. And if the programmer is unfamiliar with the craft then the AI will be too. They still have human error because they are made by humans.

Music Authentic: What is the most important advice you can give to an emerging, young artist?

E the Elite: Here’s a few off the top:

  • Don’t forget where your strengths lie. Don’t forget where your weaknesses lie. Knowing both is important.
  • If you can’t do something, find someone who can and pay them to do it and respect them for it. The respect should go both ways.
  • If you really like a song or artwork you made, and you’re hesitant to drop it solely because you’re worried people won’t like it, put it out anyway. No one will invest in you if you don’t invest in you.
  • Lastly, stick to your guns and stand on decisions you made from calculated logic. Sometimes you’re right and sometimes only you’ll know it.

Music Authentic: Thank you for being with us, and we are absolutely looking forward to see and hear new materials from you!


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