Fresh voice, fresh sound, great talent and professional, several albums and music videos – in one word: Rhyme Poetik. He is about to make new projects after releasing a trilogy album this year, so we took the time to talk about him, his thoughts on music and life and his journey. So, be brave and read!

And while you are at it, listen to Rhyme Poetik‘s “Se Depender“:

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! We have a site-traditional question to start: How did you sleep last night? Did you get heatwaves or supercells and storms?

Rhyme Poetik: Thanks for having me, it’s an honour. It was rather warm so it was hard to fall asleep, had a film on TV playing until I eventually hibernated.

Music Authentic: And what did you last cook? Any special recipe to keep up with the energy coming across from your music videos? J

Rhyme Poetik: Nothing too special, had me some salmon with boiled potato’s and some salad, I’m trying to get myself back into shape.

Music Authentic: I’ve been just listening to your songs, watching your performances and two things immediately got my attention: how good flow you have and it seems effortless, and the other is the choices of themes and topics. As such a young artist, how do you put your fingers on what to do next? Do you have a great team around or you just follow your instincts?

Rhyme Poetik: I tend to follow my instincts, all depending on my mood it will dictate the vibe of the song I will be working on, as far as my flow it takes time and practice, at times I just fallow the beat wherever it takes me.

Music Authentic: The very thing you don’t necessarily use auto-tune makes everything even better and more unique. How did you figure out your own soundscape?

Rhyme Poetik: Nothing against auto tune, I actually like the sound of it when it is applied properly, I just to choose to keep my vocals as Authentic as I can.

Music Authentic: In “Homicidio Lirico” you call out the naysayers and drop the mic, yet, it’s not negative and not too explicit. For me, that’s a more artistic approach, a smart one. When did you first realize this is who you are and this is where you want to evolve to?

Rhyme Poetik: Homicidio lirico turned out to be one of the singles of the project  Versos De Elite 3,  I felt I needed to do a song sticking to the real essence of the rap and hiphop culture I grew up listening  to. I kept it simple and original.

Music Authentic: “Versos De Elite” is a 3 album series, released this year. Listening “Cada Luta” or “Inicio na Fam” makes me feel I’m back in New York City… The vibe is real and the albums are just good to hear. How did the concept of this trilogy come to fruition?

PoetikRhyme Poetik: Yes, it’s a trilogy of a body of work, initially I just done Versos De Elite as in part one, after the good feedback I decided to do parts 2 & 3. I can see why it gives you the New York feel, growing up I used to travel to NY often so I became rather influenced by that style of Rap.

Music Authentic: You sing in Portuguese. Very few artists I know who make mainstream music not in English. Personally, I find it fascinating and because it’s great production, it is enjoyable. Were you always sure this is the way?

Rhyme Poetik: To be honest, I started to rhyme in English, but then joined a rap group, they all rhymed in Portuguese but me. From there onwards I dedicated myself to rapping in Portuguese and once I saw the feedback I made me want to keep going.

Music Authentic: One of my favourite from you is “Mil e uma lagrimas”. What is the story behind of it?

Rhyme Poetik: It’s a romantic song, one of the last ones  I recorded for that particular project, every other song was strictly rap or even hard-core so I decided to break the ice and make something for the ladies.

Music Authentic: Let me ask: is there any energy and story left in you after that many new songs and albums this year?

Rhyme Poetik: That’s a good questions, often asked, After so many songs how much is there left to tell, I say everyday life and experiences even things I see and watch keeps me motivated into still making new music and on to next songs

Music Authentic: What drives you in the everyday life?

Rhyme Poetik: My family, friends, my surroundings,  my goals and objectives keeps me focused

Music Authentic: If you could travel back in time, what advice you would give to your younger self?

Rhyme Poetik: I would have told my younger self no to rush into decisions, patience is a virtue, time waits for no man and sometimes when you want the job done do it yourself

Music Authentic: It seems thousands and thousands are starting out every week. It seems, everything is given to make it big. Yet, almost no one is actually heard of, almost no one is making it big. What do you think is missing from many upcoming, aspiring artists? Or is it the system?

Rhyme Poetik: There is much talent out there, really good quality music, but at the same time I feel like we as listeners or consumers are saturated with music ,  there’s so much coming out instantly we almost don’t appreciate it for what it really is. Music is energy, it’s  feeling,  emotions even, but everyone is so focused in making it to the top at any given cost they are willing to do anything. That when music looses its soul and the system takes advantage.

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun: You like making music videos, you look good in them. Would you make one in space with Elon Musk on the way to Mars?

Rhyme Poetik: Eh eh eh. Oh yeah, why not? Elon Musk seems like a great guy, besides as I’m into cryptocurrency I’d make sure to ask him some questions and business  advice, Elon is a genius.

Music Authentic: Choose one superpower you would like to try and have for a week!

Rhyme Poetik: This is a hard one lol  maybe the power of reading people’s minds

Music Authentic: Getting back to Earth: societies are changing rapidly. It feels like all the hidden problems started to find ways to come to the surface. Which are hardest, most challenging issues you think actual changes should start with?

Rhyme Poetik: Social media is making people more aware of issues, they was always there but now the masses can have access to what’s going on… We should start with developing countries, some families and kids don’t know what they will eat for breakfast yet alone dinner. Then tackle corruption  government full of greed.

Music Authentic: Eminem, Ice Cube and Ricky Martin are calling you the same day to have a song together. Whom of them would you choose?

Rhyme Poetik: Eminem, definitely,  when it comes to wordplay, no doubt he is one of the top tier MC’s the rap scene has ever witnessed.

Music Authentic: Who are your real life heroes?

Rhyme Poetik: My grandparents because they taught my parents well, principals and morals they then passed them on to me.

Music Authentic: As we go, at least for today: what is the most important and empowering advice you can give to your readers and fans, sympathizers?

Rhyme Poetik: Everyone has a story to tell, lets not be so critical and judgemental, at the end of the day we are human being’s, we are allowed to make mistakes and we all have flaws. We are all learning and evolving and we go along, or at least trying to.

Music Authentic: Hope to see you soon and send us all your new project when they come out!

Rhyme Poetik: No doubt, I sure will… it’s your boy Rhyme Poetik signing out bang!


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