The Manuel is fresh sound in the hip-hop and rap scene. We had him for an interview after Collateral Damage was release, so, read and listen, good artist and music here!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! We always like getting to know young and upcoming artists. You have a lot of materials at hand to release; it is an exciting and hopeful thing. Did it let you sleep last night?

The Manuel: Yeah I slept like a baby. I’m a big sleeper not much can make me not sleep.

Music Authentic: Watching your music video “Collateral Damage” it seems you like hanging out. The last one and a half years made it virtually impossible it. How did you cope with the lockdowns and restrictions?

The Manuel: It didn’t really effect me much. I’m a homebody as is, with that being said I do love hanging out. The lockdown kind of gave me the opportunity to really embrace my homebody personality but at the same time it does get boring being inside all of the time. I need the sun, the interaction, even if I’m not talking to a person it’s still funny seeing someone do something goofy in NYC, because of lockdown we didn’t get those everyday experiences we normally did.

Music Authentic: And what about these days? In some parts of the world life was let to be lived, in other parts the “panic-o-meter” is still pumped up. Do you see people are ready to be happy, joyous and open to art, music, concerts and togetherness?

The Manuel: I do think people are open to getting back to normal. Whether it be people who didn’t want to lockdown in the first place or people who wanted to wait until vaccines rolled out, everyone wants to return to normalcy. I do gradually see it happening more and more with places like my city fully opening back up. People just want to have fun again.

Music Authentic: Your song “She Knows” is one of your most melodic tune. How do you select your team for a song and music video?

The Manuel: My team is the people I work with day in and out. We may switch up a camera man every now and then but for the most part we keep things in house. When you’ve established a good team that works well together there really isn’t much of a point in changing things up. As they say if it aint broke don’t fix it.

Music Authentic: Is there any major artist you would like to work with?

The Manuel: J-Cole, Masego even though he isn’t really mainstream he’s a dope artist and musician. Gunna and Don Tolliver as well, I love their melodies.

Music Authentic: You use auto-tune; it has become a mainstream effect. Still, it’s not the real vocals. This is the era of filters and digital veils. It’s distancing and squeezing reality. What makes a song authentic, what gives an artist integrity?

The Manuel: A song is authentic as long as a person is creating it. Auto-tune and effects can be found in anything. Guitarist use distortion, reverb, and wah pedals to give their sounds something unique and different, I feel like it’s no different with our voices and music. What gives an artist integrity is when they make music true to self, when they start pandering to certain crowds in order to gain popularity is when I think the music becomes tainted.

Music Authentic: You have the popular “100 Thieves” and “Stupid Games, Stupid Prizes”. Which one is your personal favourite?

The Manuel: Stupid Games Stupid Prizes was fun to make but 100 Thieves has to be my favorite because it’s just me. It’s also when I started to experiment with my voice a little bit more.

Music Authentic: There is a full new album coming out the end of this year. How do you get inspired to write and get into the flow?

The Manuel: I take personal experiences and how i’m feeling at the moment. Vacations or meditation is other ways I find inspiration to write but for the most part i could create a song depending on the mood I’m in. I play guitar as well and I always felt like when I was happy, sad or angry I could play my emotions away through the strings. It’s no different with making songs.

Music Authentic: These days it seems it’s easy to make music and put it out, yet, 96% of new music is mostly unheard. Indie way or label way? Which one is working for you?

The Manuel: Independent is the way to go, more control over your art and brand; also it’s more profitable when thinking of your end goal and where you want to be.

Music Authentic: Should artists be afraid of AIs replacing mainstream music as we know today?

The Manuel: AI’s ? Lol I do think a form of robotic music will eventually come about but it’s kind of no different than what Daft Punk was doing. As long as there’s a human behind it I’m here for it.

Music Authentic: Lots of changes are around, lots of wrongs are surfacing. If you had the chance to be the President what would you start to help people with, what is the most pressing issue in society?

The Manuel: I feel like there’s a bunch of pressing issues in society. For instance; racial divisions, not being able to trust our elected officials and news companies. I feel like what would need to be done as president is to make sure everyone is doing their job correctly because to me that’s the biggest disconnection between society and the government.

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun: would you rather have a gig in the new Moon base (built by China) or for the first Mars colony (established by Elon Musk)?

The Manuel: I would rather preform on the first colony in Mars built by Elon. How are people suppose to dance at my concerts if its on the moon?

Music Authentic: Getting back to Earth:  who is your number one supporter, fan?

The Manuel: I think besides my manager my biggest supporter would be my girlfriend. From a manager standpoint you have to really be invested and believe in the dream of your client in order to do your job effectively; and my girlfriend just supports everything I do, she has to be mentioned.

Music Authentic: There was this “Rhythm and Flow” hip-hop/rap talent show on Netflix. Have you ever thought yourself to go to that direction?

The Manuel: Not really, I’m not what you call a barsy rapper. I can be, but that’s not where I make the best music. I’ll leave that to people who have better punchlines than me.

Music Authentic: What advices can you give to an aspiring artist, musician who starts out now?

The Manuel: Believe in yourself and what you want to accomplish. Never give up no matter who doesn’t support you, I don’t care if it’s your mother, as long as you believe in yourself that’s all that matters.

Music Authentic: Thank you. We are really looking forward to hear your new songs and watch the new music videos!


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