We met Twin Turbo B, the emerging hip-hop artist from Brooklyn who has freshly released a brand new single and music video. He shared his thoughts on music, life and gave some advices for upcoming artists, too. It’s a worthy read!

And while you are at it, listen to “How do You Do That” by Twin Turbo B it’s a good one:

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! When did you last go out? Was it when you recorded your new music video “How you do that?”

Twin Turbo B: No, I actually just came back from Miami for a video shoot for another artist I’m affiliated with! But yes, that was one of the last time I pop out after “how you do that”

Music Authentic: How much has Brooklyn changed since you grew up? The music scene is definitely different…

Twin Turbo B: Brooklyn always been a head of everything, I could say from fashion to music we just made drill more popular in our own way. Even my sound is different on this first song it ain’t really drill it’s a vibe.

Music Authentic: This last one and a half years hit pretty hard a lot of people. Do you think music and art can give an escape for them?

Twin Turbo B: Yeah, you’re right! it also proves whose real and fake.

Music Authentic: Who are in your team? How did you find the right associates for your new song?

Twin Turbo BTwin Turbo B: My team goes from here in the US to Trinidad and Haiti Restricted is everywhere because this label is international. I find my inspiration in the studio mostly, and whatever’s that’s around me or what I’ve noticed happened in my life. For example, I went to a baby shower one time, and I happened to know the DJ that was there playing, and on God all night, he was shouting me out to the point I felt uncomfortable as if it was my baby shower, to the point my “friend” whom baby shower it was at that time got upset which I could see in his face but never mentioned anything to me so “long story long” yes! I said, long, lmao, that’s how “how you do that” comes about on the hook. I said, “how you do that there you walk in here, and it got lit like that” DJ, that’s my shit right there!! Shout my niggas we in here… because honestly, it was boring before I got in that bitch then we all turned up respectfully that’s how it comes about I just think of things that happened in my life.

Music Authentic: What does it mean to be an upcoming artist now in the USA? What does it take?

Twin Turbo B: It takes patience but you definitely need a plan and a strong solid team.

Music Authentic: If you travelled back in time to the beginning of your early musical days, what advice would you give to yourself you’ve learned on the way?

Twin Turbo B: Make sure everything is on paper, because people isn’t who you think they are.

Music Authentic: What do you think about the fact, 96% of new artists are never making it, only their social bubbles listen to them, and maybe this is greatly because of social media and streaming platforms?

Twin Turbo B: No, it’s because they’re not loyal to the craft, they chasing fame more than the actual stamp in the game.

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun: where would you party more, with Jeff Bezos around the Earth or with Elon Musk at the first colony on Mars?

Twin Turbo B: I’ll just wait for Elon Musk to forward back from the first colony of Mars and still don’t go after lol I like to stay in my lane another way to put is “get in line”

Music Authentic: Do you have real life heroes?

Twin Turbo B: I think, I used too, lol because I believe wrestling was real but aye it was really fun to watch.

Music Authentic: If you had a chance to select any artist to have collaboration with, whom would you choose?

Twin Turbo B: I don’t think I have any artist in mind right now it’s no disrespect! It’s just always a surprise with these artists and I’d rather wait but of course shoutout to my team Toppy Boss, Kush Flo.

Music Authentic: What can we see from you after this new single? Another one or maybe an EP?

Twin Turbo B: I’m glad you asked actually, I already have my second song recorded and ready to go but I still need some more work on this one. “How You Do That” I’m in no rush at all promoting this one

Music Authentic: At last, do you have an inspirational message to your readers, sympathizers, fans?

Twin Turbo B: Invest in yourself you won’t regret it, I tell you this is my first song in a while and it feels great just promoting myself, I used to be managing a few artist back then and they are ungrateful. So basically I learned how not to be in the rap game.

Music Authentic: Thank you for time, we are looking forward to hear what comes from you next!

Twin Turbo B: Thank you for having me here at Music Authentic, it’s your boy Twin Turbo B AKA TTB for short please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @twin.turbo.b


Say Hello and listen to Twin Turbo B on his

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/6ItNwBecQaO8k4tMItK4Wl?si=e2bd310176a540ef

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/twin-turbo-b/1562466603

Instagram: https://instagram.com/twin.turbo.b



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