Queen Kayy is a talented, emerging, multi-faceted artist, musician who’s just release a brand new music video and more to come. We took the time to talk about her inspiration, direction, music and life. Read, share and say hello to her!

And while you are at it, listen to “Ooey Gooey” by Queen Kayy, it’s a good production!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Let’s begin with our site-traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

Queen Kayy: I slept great, thank you for asking.

Music Authentic: After just watching “Ooey Gooey”, I must ask when and what did you last cook?

Queen Kayy: The last thing I cooked was Jerk Rasta Pasta, with baked salmon and broccoli. That was about 3 weeks ago. Lately I’ve been eating a lot of take out.

Music Authentic: Your brand new song and music video, “Ooey Gooey” is a high-concept, well-produced version of fun, self-consciousness and a positive acceptance – all in a relationship song. How did you come up with the idea?

Queen Kayy: Well Ooey Gooey came from a song I did called “All This Ass”. There’s a line in there where I say, “ Gucci, Louis , pu**y just got gooey”. So that’s how Ooey Gooey came about. But the video aspect, was a team effort. We all put our heads together and created magic.

Music Authentic: It seems you enjoyed your time on the set. Was it easy to build a team like that?

Queen Kayy: I wouldn’t say it was easy, because it is extremely hard to find genuine people that wants to see everybody win without any negativity going on. But how our foundation was built, that came easy.

Music Authentic: Confidence and self-awareness are definite traits of yours. If some asks you now, who “Queen Kayy” is today, what will you say?

Queen Kayy: I’ll say Queen Kayy is iconic. She’s a mother, cosmetologist, entrepreneur, an artist, a dancer, an actress, all in one. And she’s just getting started.

Music Authentic: Actress, femcee, entrepreneur, rapper, cosmetologist – just like a renaissance person in the 21st century. When was it when you realized, you are different and will never fit into the standards but will create something new no matter what?

Queen Kayy: I kind of always knew I was different my entire life, but it wasn’t until 2016 when I stopped working for other people and started working for myself. Every job I got, I never lasted long because I always found a higher paying job, but I was never satisfied. That’s when I realized I was on a different path, than the average person. I always wanted more out of life, and I just wouldn’t let myself settle. Still to this day, I am the exact same way.

Music Authentic: Who were your childhood idols you looked up and who are now?

Ooey GooeyQueen Kayy: My childhood idol was my Dad. My dad was incarcerated a month before a was born (1995), until 2017. Out of those 22 years my dad serve in jail, I’ve never seen or hear that man have a bad day. I talked to my dad almost everyday since a little girl, and he was always happy. My dad was sentenced life in prison, but I’d always tell him he was coming home, and God made that happen for him. He inspired me to never give up no matter if it takes 22 years. Now, I’d say I look up to my team which is basically my family. They always go the extra mile to make sure I have everything I need. That just motivates me to be a better version of me.

Music Authentic: If you had a chance to sing a duet, who would you choose?

Queen Kayy: I would definitely choose my girl Summer Walker.

Music Authentic: The music industry, the movie industry and basically everything seems to be overcrowded and it looks every one there are new faces, yet, barely anyone gets to the next level or even further. What do you think is absolutely necessary to establish yourself and stand out?

Queen Kayy: Be consistent! Consistency will get you far in this industry. Every opportunity you get, big or small, take it. Most importantly, be you. No one else can do you better than you.

Music Authentic: Personally, I like believing that music and art are parts of the human existence and they have a definite role to make this life a better one for all of us. Yet, these days especially, it looks there is a shift in values and although millions are getting it right, ignorance, self-indulgence and obnoxious numbness prevail. As someone who is present in several levels of culture, where do you think the path of change will lead: substantial changes or slipping back to the old ways?

Queen Kayy: It always gets worse before it gets better. Right now, like you said, it’s only so many people that’s getting it right. Once we get 90% of the music industry on the same page, then I feel like we’ll be on the path to success.

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun! Since space-flights are becoming more like an ordinary thing, would you be up to make a music video in space or at the first colony on Mars?

Queen Kayy: I think making a music video in space would be pretty dope. I’ll definitely be interested in doing a video in space versus Mars.

Music Authentic: Movies mostly about superheroes, as if people would expect some magic to happen as a solution for the problems. If you had one chance to choose one superpower for a week, which one you would pick?

Queen Kayy: I don’t know what it’s called, but the superpower to read people’s thoughts. I think that’ll be interesting and cool to do.

Music Authentic: Back to music and creative talent: what can we see from you later this year?

Queen Kayy: A lot more visuals and music coming soon. I’m currently working on a project for you guys, so be on the look out for Queen Kayy.

Music Authentic: Before we go, what message would you like to encourage your readers and fans with?

Queen Kayy: Always believe in yourself, and never give up.



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