We all long to have peace in our mind, a place to go to from the world time to time, a feeling to resonate with. With the latest album of the Mike Shannon led “Big Bus Dream” there is a chance to do so. We took the time to talk about it and music, life as it comes, so be brave and read along!

And while you are at it, listen to “Giant In My Mind” by Big Bus Dream, it sounds good:


Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Let’s begin with our site-traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

Big Bus Dream: Pretty well for a change, considering I tore my MCL

Music Authentic: And when did you have last time to cook?

Big Bus Dream: If we had dinner together and I cooked, you would not ask this question.

Music Authentic: “Giant In My Mind” is a self-reflective soul journey, starter of your same named new album. Did the last one and half year of changes, struggles took a part in the creation?

Big Bus Dream: It did because it allowed the quiet time. Most of the issues within the record were already present for some time. Quiet and seclusion can be therapeutic – just ask any monk.

Music Authentic: How is life these days in Charlotte, North Carolina? How could you maintain your own sanity throughout everything hit everyone around? Was it the songs?

Big Bus Dream: It was the songs and the recording process.

Music Authentic: My personal favourites from your new album are “It’s Over” and “Can’t Find The Tears”, they are really late night concert songs. “Growing Old With Me…” and “Struggling With Drug Addiction…”, your previous songs, are also very deep and profound. Where is this sadness coming from?

Big Bus Dream: Sadness, with a tinge of hope has always been present. The other characteristic throughout the music has been empathy for the underdog.

Music Authentic: Let’s talk about song-writing. You’ve made your own path, found your own voice. It was a long journey. When did you know that you want to go to this direction and how long did it take to hone your sound?

Big Bus Dream: Probably from the age of ten. The funny thing (well at least for me) is I had the sound briefly early on (80s) but lost it due to others: players, producers. I got it back somewhat on the Jester’s of Xmas Town record (2008) but mostly on this last record.

Music Authentic: Were there any setbacks on the way, have you ever felt to give up and move on?

Big Bus Dream: There was a difficult learning curve on this last record. Mostly because I Produced it and played more instruments. Also, the Pandemic was a hurdle. I worked with folks internationally who went on lockdown multiple times. I never felt like giving up on this record. I have felt it other times. But self-doubt is virtually always present.

Music Authentic: You definitely have a unique tone, very different from the nowadays popular genres even in the indie scene. Is it hard to get to be heard and known? Was it easier back then, before all this streaming madness?

Giant In My Mind - Big Bus DreamBig Bus Dream: Having a unique tone and style makes it difficult to be heard. Having a unique voice (I don’t mean vocal) is what music should be about. It is what music used to be early on. All you need to do is look at all the unique artists that broke out of FM radio. Look at the sound of the artists that have stood the test of time. It is not what music is today. This is disheartening.

Music Authentic: If Elton John called you, would you be up for a duet with him?

Big Bus Dream: I would. Actually, retracking Growing Old With Me as a duet would be a good pick.

Music Authentic: Who were your childhood idols and who are you listening to these days?

Big Bus Dream: I loved Lennon’s approach to writing and the innovation of ELO. Lately I have been revisiting Talking Heads, Squeeze and ELO.

Music Authentic: Here is a fun question: now with this entire new space race around, would you say yes for a gig on Mars for the new colony?

Big Bus Dream: Not if they yell for Free Bird and Brown Eyed Girl

Music Authentic: One more then: What is the superpower of the everyday people? Is there any?

Big Bus Dream: Your mother and your dog. Of course, this would need to be a good mother; some do suck at it. I would also add brothers and sisters

Music Authentic: Turning back to a bit more serious part: what are the largest challenges newcomer artists face mostly?

Big Bus Dream: There really isn’t any music business anymore. People are used to getting music for free. Digital pays s–t. Today records are 2nd to live shows. Touring is very expensive. The music business was never magical like music. The difference is years ago people expected to pay for it. Thanks Napster.

Music Authentic: If you could go back to your younger self, what would you say?

Big Bus Dream: Don’t runaway (as Dave Clark 5 sang: over and over and over again). Of course, easier said than done. There were reasons but I burned a lot of years. I have played catch up most of my life.

Music Authentic: At last, can you say some inspirational words to your readers, sympathizers, fans?

Big Bus Dream: Always strive to ride the Big Bus… never stop dreaming.

Music Authentic: Good luck with the album and send us the new materials when the time comes!


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