There is an amazing and ever-evolving artist among us, one who can mesmerize the audience with her captivating voice and storytelling, artistry and personality. UTE is a remarkable person with a very unique life. There is a new documentary, “Music Makes Me Fly”,  out there about her and her path, just as well a brand new single, “Mercy”. We found the time to exchange thoughts. So, if you are brave enough to read on, you can get to know someone truly special artist.

And while you are at it, listen to latest single, “Mercy” by UTE, it’s a good one!

Music Authenctic: Welcome to Music Authentic! We have a site-traditional question as a start: How did you sleep last night?

UTE: I had a good night sleep and happily woke up this morning. ?Thank you for asking.

Music Authenctic: What is the most treasured daily routine you have?

UTE: In the morning I cuddle with my two dogs and later I do my makeup while singing out loud.

Music Authenctic: We’ve had some crazy times as humanity lately. Many experienced actual isolation and solitude maybe the first time. In your life you must have had plenty of encounters of different worldviews and practical ideas. Was it hard to surpass the void of despair during the pandemic fear or you could successfully find escape in music and art?

UTE: You are right. It sure has been hard,  because, in addition to al the crazyness, I lost my parents doing the pandemic. They didn’t die because of corona but other diseases.  We all used to live together and suddenly since August 27th I was all alone besides my dogs. I was a incredible shock to me and it took me a long time to be able return to my music and art.

Music Authenctic: Your latest single, “Mercy” expresses the gratitude towards life utilizing your unique tone. Do you think you would have sung this song if there hadn’t been lockdowns and health and loss frenzy?

UTE: Yes, most definitely, I would have sung “Mercy”. It has such beauty in the music and melody. The message is good for any time. The piano and my voice seemed to melt into each other

Music Authenctic: You are more successful, appreciated and achieved than majority of modern day musicians, artists. The dream of a 4 years of old young lady kept you on the wings of dreams to manifest them in real life. Were there times when you felt it’s just too hard and rather opt out?

UTE: There were many times I was arguing with myself. Too many rejections I have gotten in my early years. But, I usually gave myself some time and waited for the extra passion to sing to come back and it always did come back. I think it is human nature to doubt yourself from time to time. But I love it when passion prevails.

Music Authenctic: In your albums one can find revisited musicals, soundtracks and several other rock and pop songs. What are your most favourite ones?

UTE: Soft ballads and clean songs are my favorite. I like songs like „Happiness Together” or „Dream With Me”.

Music Authenctic: Your staple jazz-ish vocals has redefined great songs like “Show Must Go On” or “I’ll Stand By You”. How long did it take for you to find the most authentic way to express yourself?

UTE: It took me some years to develop my personal character, to accept myself, to like myself and then I was ready for those songs.

Music Authenctic: As someone with a university masters in music, what is your take on the “laptop-warriors” who vastly occupy the space with 60 000 songs being uploaded daily for example to Spotify? Shouldn’t artists hone their craft before they release (or copy paste) something?

UTE: Yes. I think one should take some time to try to make a cover version they own. When I cover a song I try to do it in a total different way like for example “The Show Must Go On”. I don’t think that singer should ever imitate a great singers like Freddie Mercury because you will definitely loose.

Music Authenctic: Let’s have some fun, shall we? If Elon Musk called you to visit Mars, would you perform on the long 9 months space travel?

UTE: Of course, I would love to entertain the passengers for 9 months straight. They could even make requests for their favorite songs.   ?

Music Authenctic: Superheroes look like the go to ideas where troubles visit. In this decadent and wrongly hedonistic era has any real superhero left?

UTE: I think that only in the movies we will find superhero nowadays left. You know, the ones with the caps or what not.  But, I know that there are still superheros uout there in this world.  You know, the ones that help others in a quiet way and without asking to be thanked. We still got to believe the good in people.

Music Authenctic: Back to 2021: You have a new documentary, “Music Makes Me Fly”, coming with an original soundtrack. How did it happen, who came up with the idea? Was it a challenge to open up for the camera?

UTE: „Music Makes Me Fly” is the current documentary that is on Amazon Prime Video.   My Producer and longtime colabarator Kurt Wipfli who owns Pulsar Records had the idea that it would be time to show the world more insight when it comes to my music and my daily life.  At first it is kind of weird having a camera in your face at all times and having a production team around you constantelly.  But Kurt Wipfli created such a professional work envirement with his crew, that after a very short time it all became very organic and I didn’t even know anymore that I was being filmed and recorded. We are currently working on part two called „Keeping The Spirit” which should be available on Amazon Prime Video early 2022. It will be a follow up of „Music Makes Me Fly”.  My story isn’t over yet. The challenge for me was that my parents who were in part one now are no longer with me. So my life has completely changed but the story continues.

Music Authenctic: With whom would you like to collaborate with the most, aside from Lionel Richie, of course?

UTE: Ed Sheeran would be my choice.

Music Authenctic: As you said in an interview, music for you is to give joy and leave something positive behind. Through your artistry, you are raising the voice of peace, compassion and friendship, love, self-awareness. Is the world ready for a lasting change, a shift were these values matter more than self-indulgence, ignorance and enmity?

UTE: I sure hope so and will continue to stand up for my values and try to give people a positive feeling.

Music Authenctic: You have dedicated, supportive friends around you, all praising your personality. How does it feel to go on the stage or to the field and sing in front of them?

UTE: When I lost my parents, a void opened up, so only Kurt Wipfli kept standing behind me and kept me going. Also I learned that I to be the one to stand behind myself as well.   I learned that I can rely on myself 100% and that is the most important part.

Music Authenctic: Who do you listen to these days with a fresh voice and sound?

UTE: I listen a lot to Ed Sheeran and also to different radio stations to be informed about new artists, bands and styles.  There is so much going on in music.  Old became new again, different countries are producing new great bands.

Music Authenctic: What can we see and hear from you soon?

UTE: We are planning a new Christmas single called „My Christmas Morning” for this holiday season and of course in early spring I will be releasingof „Ute- Keeping The Spirit”  with a beautiful matching all original soundtrack

Music Authenctic: Before we go, at least for now, do you have any message for your readers and fans?

UTE: Never give up your dreams. The sun will always rise again and remember the best is yet to come

Music Authenctic: Thank you for taking the time and we are looking forward to watch your documentary!

UTE: Thank you very much.  I enjoyed your questions. I had a great time. Hopfully until soon again.


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