Our world does have lots of treasures and solutions to discover and maintain – and there are indeed good people who can tap into the deep connection and resonate with the truth, wisdom, becoming inspirational individuals in actions this way. Griffey, the young artist, musician, entrepreneur is one of them. It is truly a joy to see a different approach and sincere understanding about life and how it can be lived in a more fulfilling way. We took some time for a talk and dive into another layer of the world, come and read with us, if you are brave enough! 😉

As a start, here is an ongoing series, “Kyoto Japan House Renovation”, with great views and solutions and thoughts on the top of them, by Griffey:

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! We have a site-traditional question to begin with: How did you sleep last night? Did you drink some soothing Geisha Tea?

Griffey: Hahaha, I slept great, I had some CBD Candy and a glass of water so I was completely relaxed and rejouvinated upon awaking this morning.

Music Authentic: Have you moved in to that Japanese flipped home? Actually, what was the original idea that led you to start even an app for helping others to find houses like yours?

Griffey: We moved into our house 4 days after seeing it the first time, we love living in a space that is rapidly changing and improving, just like us. The original concept for Akiya App is that this is an untouched market and brilliant idea because the Japanese home buying is so antiquated. Once people realize how easy our system is and that its free there will be no competition besides copy cats, and honestly we are fine with someone to copy because at the end of the day, the problem is the 13 million abandoned Japanese homes and young couples getting trapped in the city with 30 year mortgages. We are here to empower the Japanese working men and women and those who have a nice house which they wish to sell.

Music Authentic: As a CEO of different companies, how do you find the time to still be the fiddler, violinist, instrumentalist and artist? Is it related to the fact that you have a supporting spouse?

Griffey: My wife, Yurika, is wonderful and we support each other in making positive healthy decisions. We are just one company, Geisha Tea, with many interest, wether it be art, music, self development, home renovation, lectures, and more. But of course, it is all about the team with whom we collaborate as well; We work with hundreds of friends and associates and we are not interested in doing anything by ourself.

Music Authentic: MYCO is a company to heal and recreate life from an impossible situation, using the Nature as a resource. How do you think one can learn to tap into real solutions in the noise of this loudly hedonistic, ignorance-infused obnoxity of self-importance all around?

Griffey: I have a very optimistic view of people and the world. I am aware that all science and theology teaches us that we have infinite potential within us waiting to be expressed. I hold optimism as a main tennent.

Music Authentic: You’ve just launched the “Kyoto Japan House Renovation” series on YouTube. In this you show both the work and some cultural introduction. As someone born in the West, what fascinates you the most over there?

Griffey: Everything seems to be a better system than the west, whether it be the respect for nature and other human beings as well as the culture of grace and harmony. There are a few stumbling blocks but Japan has the 3rd best economy and is the safest place for women in the world for a reason, come and see why.

Music Authentic: And I guess there’ll probably be more new episodes coming out soon, won’t they?

Griffey: Yes, of course my friend. We just completed a new episode to be released in a few weeks which speak of the afore mentioned infinite power within.

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun! Elon Musk calls you today and asks to be in the team of the first Martian settlement. Would you say yes?

Griffey: I would say “I am here to help and will be collaborating with you on solutions from our home on Gaia.”

Music Authentic: Back to Earth: Nowadays culture is filled with superheroes; it’s like people had given up on their own skills and capacities and would always be in the need of some external saving. How long do you think it will take to change for the better?

Griffey: We must each of us individually and collectively go within and harness our infinite power to create the world we wish to see, this could be in an instant if we so choose. This is the choice my friends and I make with each rise of the sun.

Music Authentic: What do you see the hardest challenges in today’s societies? Are there any quick and working solutions, too?

Griffey: I see the greatest problem as lack of awareness. They say “The biggest room on earth is The room for self improvement“

Music Authentic: If you could meet your younger self, what advice would you give to yourself? Do you think you’d take it in?

Griffey: I would say, stop masturbating and smoke less weed. But hey, those could be the two actions that got me here, who knows? I sure have learned much about the retention and focus of sexual energy and Marajuana and other drugs are a gateway to our infinite potential, though respect should be practiced.

Music Authentic: Joy, abundance, appreciation, respect, mutuality and love – all are parts of your everyday life. How do you find solace when you are sailing on troubled waters?

Griffey: I focus only upon the reality I choose to create. Abracadabra is a jewish word which means, “As I Speak, So I Create“ and that is how I live. Tying music back in here, the physical world is vibration, same as music. So this is why Jesus spoke that it is not what goes into a man that defile him but what comes out. Or something like that.

Music Authentic: What is in your sleeves for the soon coming New Year? Creating small communities? Finding ones in need to lift them up? Launching a slow food and natural healing franchise? Maybe singing in the rain and playing violin on the rooftop?

Griffey: Wow, you nailed it, I’m impressed and glad to hear you get that impression, it means we are on the right path.

Music Authentic: Our time is up, at least for now. Is there any encouragingmessage to your readers, sympathizers, fans?

Griffey: Create a Vision of your dream life and go directly for it with all of your focus.

Music Authentic: Thank you for taking the time and keep us update with your endevours!

Griffey: Thank You so muchfor having me!


Say Hello and listen and watch Griffey on his:

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