With an album in full swing; ”Love Elastic” – counting 3 charting singles on many US indie charts since its release in July of 2020, plus a charting duet with Stonewall Inn resident DJ and activist Chauncey Dandridge, one starts to wonder if a certain ”Hechter fever” hasn’t perhaps begun to spread…

We caught up with him as he was working on future projects:

Music Authentic: You used to be an underdog, right? What changed?

Van Hechter: I didn’t! So, I suppose, the ”climate” did! And also; this new generation of teens/young adults get me. My own generation never did. Ironically, people way older than I was also believed in me. Everything is a cycle I guess. And I’m finally on the wave instead of under it, hahahaha!

Music Authentic: What kept you going when nothing worked for you?

Van Hechter: I don’t know how to answer this question, exactly… The love of music? A certitude that one day someone would relate to my style if I persevered? One thing I can tell you is that NOTHING makes me happier than writing a song, producing it, then getting all dressed up to perform it. Happiness is a great incentive.

Music Authentic: What do you have to say to your new fans?

Van Hechter: I only exist because of you. Without you I’m nothing. I love you.

Music Authentic: Wow! Ok! And tell us about your association with DJ Chauncey Dandridge…

Van Hechter: He’s my disco brother! I love the guy! Our recent single ”The Delight” is doing really well and we have many to come. Next one is all about gay fraternity and how humans should stick together instead of dividing.

Music Authentic: ”Back in Vogue” is an anti-Tindr, anti-Grindr song, right?

Van Hechter: Yes! I mean -don’t get me wrong- I’m on the apps! And under my real name, mind you!!!! Just I hate so many things about them: people allow themselves such rudeness, it’s often so dehumanized and unromantic… I truly do believe that romance will be back in vogue one day… First sentence of the track says it; ”Do you remember a time before phones, darling? We used to cruise in person, face to face!”

Music Authentic: And you’re not in the video…

Van Hechter: No. I asked Romain Rabasa to film Canada – its Nature, the cycle of seasons. Kind of as a reminder that there’s beauty outside of our phone, outside of our own vanity as well…

Music Authentic: So you’re not as shallow as you seem, ehhh?

Van Hechter: Please, you have to have a certain amount of depth to play a character as vain and shallow as is Van…

Music Authentic: Here is a quick question to Anthony (cover co-star of Van Hechter): how do you maintain your furry coat so neatly? And aren’t you afraid of PETA?

Anthony: ”Please, they only shave the alpaca they don’t kill it! Plus they feed him delicious nutritious foods to make his wool thick and beautiful. PETA can kiss my ass! In any event, with Van wearing his mother’s minks, I go unnoticed”

Music Authentic: Van Hechterism is fireballing now. Are you building your metaverse or your universe?

Van Hechter: My universe was built a long time ago. In my head- things work differently. I live in a fairy tale. This is partly because of my unusual childhood – but also it’s in my deep nature to create worlds. I never adhered to or believed in concrete single level reality. In my mind- this experience on earth is a huge soap opera. As for my metaverse- I think it’s growing but I’m more interested in true human contact. Let me dance the night away with fans after I’ve performed and I’m the happiest man!

Music Authentic: What would have you said to the Mad Titan if you two had met? Do you think humor would have cracked him and let some steam go?

Van Hechter: How hung is the Mad Titan, do you know??

Music Authentic: There are lots of folks who take life way too seriously and get stressed over everything and everyone. What’s the right recipe for them to have a more normal way of life?

Van Hechter: I think that taking life way too seriously and getting stressed over everything and everyone IS what’s abnormal !!!!! And ironically in reverse these same people often truly don’t pay attention to others- they’re typically super self-involved. That’s the key to a certain ”happiness” in my book; paying attention to others- wondering how THEY’RE doing…

Music Authentic: Is it still “New York, Rio, Tokyo” or something new now?

Van Hechter: I think now it’s NYC, South Beach, Montreal, London and outer space if you’re rich enough! Also for a small fee you can take a trip inside my head: lots of tears, sequins, sex, solidarity, pride, hilarity, feathers and leather jackets in there…


You can find Mr. Hechter‘s album, videos and duets on all platforms but here are a few popular links to follow:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7nDaMKd1t6PMeCdpf0Uuze

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ca/album/love-elastic/1520711984

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpAPyOzs-Nc


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