Amari Mar (aka Amari Marvelous) has reached another level on his artistic journey with his new album “Grand Rising”. A complete album with a fresh mindset on personal growth and the life around. It is indeed interesting to listen Amari Mar compared to his earlier years. We took the time to connect and build bridges and harmony – just as like he does it in “Grand Rising”. It’s a good read, so, be brave enough to go on!

And while you are at it, listen to Amari Mar‘s “The Chosen One”, good vibe and message:

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Let’s start with a site-traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

Amari Mar: Peace, thanks for the welcome mat. I must say I slept pretty well. Sometimes I can sleep for a few hours and wakeup as if I had full night rest. I just go by how my body feels. When it’s time to shut down…it’s time to shut down!

Music Authentic: How is life these days, can you live life as whole as you’d like?

Amari Mar: I just try to go about life normal while keeping in tune with what’s going on and shutting out the unnecessary noise. I try to keep my head on a swivel and focus on what I have to do. Sometimes we get caught up with distractions by the news,media, all the lies and propagandas,we lose ourselves and neglect our health at times. There’s alot of changes and certain choices we have to make in order to survive and adapt.

Music Authentic: This year you’ve released a completely new hip-hop/rap album, “Grand Rising”. Its tone is much more ripe, mature and clean than your earlier works. It feels like you are in a place where you need to be internally. How did you write and make “Grand Rising”?

Amari Mar: It was beautiful making Grand Rising because I was going through a time where I was evolving spiritually and focusing on my personal growth which reflected in the music I was creating for the album. I became a vegan a few years back and transitioned more to a plant based diet which eventually I started tapping more into my spirituality which led me to look at life more deeply, changing my mindset and understanding more of who I am and where I’m supposed to be.

Music Authentic: As a listener, for me it is important to understand the lyrics and you chose this path in your art. A lot of other artists just want to pass on the “vibe” and have a slurry, mumbling, unformed speech. How much power do you think the words have in the everyday life?

Amari Mar: Words are able to effect people in ways that can touch a person’ soul. Words or so powerful it can shift a mood or change a thought. Depending how we use our words, we can speak life or death into existence. I said a line in Grand Rising “The Damage’s been done/ I don’t think you can manage with one/Let alone the Power of the tongue”.The Words we use can cut through like a sharp blade and do damage or uplift someone’s spirit and heal. Words are powerful indeed.

Music Authentic: “Holy Sh!t” is calling for awareness, “Grand Rising” starts as a Rocky movie, “Chosen One” is about the importance of internal soul, “Beyond the Surface” speaks out of the wrong and  numbness, “On the Right Path” is a part of your evolution story. All are intense topics. What things hold those together, what messages you definitely want people to hear and think of when listening?

Amari Mar: When people listen to my music I want them to gain a understanding of who I am and how I think based on certain topics and subject matters I talk about and what they can relate to. Being true to myself and not compromising my art is the foundation for me to make music.

Music Authentic: The art cover, the samples, the music are representing the past in the present. It is clear, roots are important for you. On the other hand, lately people seem to live without remembering their roots, where their line is from and it feels when someone is rootless then easily becomes ruthless. How can this be untangled, what is the role of artists in this?

Amari Mar: I believe doing the knowledge and history of our ancestors and forefathers holds the key to knowing who we are as a people and able to understand the past in order to navigate through the present to move towards our future. As an artist we have a role to bring awareness to that and not be reluctant to speak on it.

Music Authentic: If you could choose three producers and three artists to work and tour with, who would be your choices?

Amari Mar: There are alot of dope producers and artists I would love to work with. But if I had to choose 3 producers it would have to be Pete Rock, Premo and Large Professor. If I had to choose 3 artist to work with, it would be Nas, Rakim, and Jay Electronica. I would loved to work with MF Doom if he was alive. May he rest in paradise.

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun! Can you imagine yourself making a music video in space, maybe while travelling to Mars as a part of the first colony?

Amari Mar: That would be wild to do a video in space while travelling to Mars. Gotta make a movie out there for real! Where is Jeff Bezos when you need him? (laughs).

Music Authentic: Would you be a superhero in everyday life? Do we really need that many “saviours” the movies, recent culture suggest who would act instead of the everyday people?

Amari Mar: Sometimes I like to think I have superpowers. But I believe we all have abilities that we can tap into if we allow ourselves to tap into them. I don’t know if I can see myself being a superhero everyday and putting that responsibility on myself to take on the world’s problem but at the same time I can’t just stand still and not do anything about it if I can help. I would have to make time for myself to re-energize before I can help and save others.

Music Authentic: Who is your hero?

Amari Mar: I wouldn’t say I have a hero per se but I do look up and admire people like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Dr Sebi, Muhammad Ali, Louis Farakhan, and people that stood and fought for something. I looked up to my father and although he passed away when he was young and I was just a child, the stories that were told to me from family and his peers makes me proud to know he was well respected and loved by many who crossed his path. He looked out for his family and love ones.

Music Authentic: If there was a way to visit your younger self, what advice would you give?

Amari Mar: The advice I would give to my younger self is don’t waste your time and energy on people who don’t reciprocate and give you back the same energy you give to others. Not everyone is deserving of your light and learn to set boundaries with people that includes family, relatives and people outside your circle. Go by people’s action and move accordingly. Surround yourself with those who vibe on the same frequency and genuinely have your back and best interest at heart. Word up.

Music Authentic: Being an active artist comes with discipline. What are the characteristics you consider the most fundamental in a path like yours?

Amari Mar: That’s an interesting question but you pretty much said it. Having discipline and being patient and observant. Knowing when to fall back and knowing when to make a move and strike when the iron is hot is key. I don’t chase the spotlight or look for validation but I every now and then I like to pop up and be open when I need to and let my music and actions speak for itself.

Music Authentic: It’s a new year soon. What plans and ideas have you laid down for yourself?

Amari Mar: Personally I just want to continue on the path of growth and manifesting leading into the new year as we head into 2022. I’m working on things outside of music and I also plan on continuing to make more music and I look forward to cooking up something special with beatmaker producer Frontier on this project which is in its early stages so far. Be on the lookout for that.

Music Authentic: As we go, what encouraging message can you say to your readers, fans?

Amari Mar: To my readers,supporters,fans continue to be inspired and be around those who are assests in your life and not liabilities and bring the best out of you. Stay strong,be positive the best way you can and remember health is wealth.

Music Authentic: Thank you for taking the time and let us know any new material you have!

Amari Mar: Yes, I will. Again thanks for having me. It was a pleasure.


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