Healing the world and bringing people together through music, delivering a message of harmony and mutual benefits, joy, peace are the motivation behind EGO World Music. We had the opportunity to talk to T7 (Triple 7), the creator and creative mind behind the project while he was traveling all around the world. Be brave enough to read on for intriguing and deep thoughts!

And while you are at it, listen to “Humanity” by EGO World Music. It is truly empowering (and it’s a Christmas version)!


Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! The traditional question on our site that we like to start with is How did you sleep last night?

T7: Haha, very good thanks! I usually sleep little but great!

Music Authentic: You are a world artist, who travels, creates and reaches the whole world. What is the best thing about your daily life?

T7: When I am dedicated to creating EGO World Music, meeting many people from different countries and feeling that “we are one”, that no matter how different we are, we are all looking for the same thing: happiness and love.

Music Authentic: Our planet has been divided for as long as humanity can remember. These days, especially, feel like the culmination of all difficulties and a wide mirror in which many do not like to look at themselves. What do you think are the biggest challenges we should focus on?

T7: I think that on the one hand it would be important to remember the values ​​that they have been able to instill in us, both at a family, social, religious, moral or any other level that invite unity. I think that being aware of death gives great humility and takes you down that path of empathy, taking us out of the “bad ego”.

Apart from doing that introspection, climate change is one of the greatest challenges that we must aspire to solve! Five years ago I became a vegetarian and more than two years ago I became vegan, and one of my main reasons is due to climate change where intensive livestock farming is polluting and destroying the planet, apart from all the suffering and unnecessary deaths of animals. although this is another matter.

Music Authentic: Christmas is said to be the “celebration of love.” Personally, I always ask myself, “What about the other 364 days? Is it okay to hate then?” – You have defended freedom, love and abundance in true human relationships. His latest piece of music is undoubtedly a banner of it. When did the first idea of ​​creating Humanity and the Christmas version of Humanity manifest in you?

PORTADA EG? HUMANITY CHRISTMAS (oficial)T7: For more than 10 years I have been recording in different parts of the world collecting songs, sounds, religious ceremonies, etc… in confinement due to the pandemic last year in Spain (March), I decided to “bring to earth” all ideas and recordings and wrote all the lyrics for the project.

At that time I wrote HUMANITY but it was in May in the war between Israel and Palestine when I rewrote the lyrics and composed and produced all the music.

At that time I thought of only counting on artists from those countries to send a message of peace (which is what their peoples are really looking for) but I thought, “I can make it much bigger!” and I studied the current countries in conflict and until the summer of last year I think there were about 62 countries in conflict according to the number of deaths, so I decided to speak with many singers and artists from different countries, collaborating between the recordings I made and those who collaborated. directly into the song, more than 60 artists from more than 35 countries!

Thinking of Christmas, I think HUMANITY is a song that reflects that “celebration of love” that you mention, so I decided to do that version (we recently released the trance version for tracks) but increasing the number of invited artists from different countries! in total 72 artists from 41 countries!

Music Authentic: What was the process? I mean, writing a song and releasing it is a real hassle, however, you did it at a higher level …T7: Really “working” / creating EGO World Music, it is very different from anything I have done before! Although it is true that it is also born from an emotional plane (love themes, etc) it is also born from a mental and spiritual plane, hence signing as Triple 7 (T7) for working with the 3 said planes.

The spark with EGO’s first single (“We are One”, which I encourage you to listen to and see) was due to the events of the Black Lives Matter movement and the death of George Floyd, I remember watching the news and shedding tears from my eyes , pick up the piano and compose the central part of the song “We are one, we are love, we are free … humanity!”

On the third single “HUMANITY” it was as I commented on the war conflict between Israel and Palestine… So the creation of the songs sounds somewhat painful.

Music Authentic: How can an outsider imagine the amount of work and concentration it took to create it?

COVER EG? HUMANITY (oficial)T7: Haha… good just by looking at the credits you can get an idea, but to agree with so many people from so many cultures and so many countries one can imagine something!

It should also be borne in mind that to record, for example, in Brazil, a candomblé ceremony or a mass at “Iglesia Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos” or at the “Tse Chok” Monastery in “Mcleod Ganj” (where the Dalai Lama) with 17 Buddhist monks, it is a procedure that must be done to explain the project and give you such authorization.

For this reason, EGO is not a commercial project with economic purposes, in fact everything generated by EGO World Music will be used for humanitarian and social projects through a future association that I want to call with the Spanish acronym of EGO’s values, TEDALIS , that is, Tolerance, Ethics, Diversity, Love, Freedom, Equality, Sustainability.

Music Authentic: EGO World Music. What is the reason for this name, how should we understand it?

T7: Well, the ego is always understood as something bad, in fact the ego is neutral, a bottle is neutral, used by a “madman” can be even deadly.

The same happens with the project, which to be clearer in its purpose the logo is a world in its O, (EG) in this way I base myself on one of the principles of psychology and that is that a healthy ego improves the world .

In the explanation of its logo, it is to say how the “I” includes the world, and how the world includes the “I”, recognizing the unity in diversity.

It’s like when you travel on an airplane and they tell you that you have to put on the mask until you put it on the person next to you, be it a child or an elderly person … if you are not okay with yourself, you cannot help the world , at least that’s how I see it 🙂

Music Authentic: Being international is in your character, in your art. Having songs in different languages ​​is a unique experience. You even have an Afghan version, which is impressive. What is the story and the motivation behind it?

Humanity cover in afghanT7: Every time I develop EGO World Music, I learn more about the project, I have given myself how much it can be an antidote, vaccine or “weapon” to send a message of love and peace through a universal language such as music!

When the recent conflict broke out in Afghanistan! The same thing happened to me as with the conflict between Israel and Palestine and I thought “what is happening to the world?” and i thought i would do the afghan version!

Few know that I tried to speak to some studio in Afghanistan and they told me that women are not allowed by the Taliban to enter any studio to record that it had to be a man. That made me even angrier with impotence and I said to myself “Ok, if it can’t be filmed inside Afghanistan, let it be outside!” and in Spain I contacted the association for the aid to the Afghan people and they put me in contact with Farina Abdul (who collaborates with the Spanish media to help the Afghan people) and we recorded the song in my studio.

Music Authentic: Let’s have a little fun! Would you dare to write and record a song on Mars while the first colony is being built there?

Hahaha, of course, I love space, the stars since I was a child and at the time I recorded with astrophysicists I do not rule it out again… in fact, I have spoken a couple times with people from NASA to request the use of astronaut voices, and so on, but for now It has not been possible, however, in the HUMANITY CHRISTMAS video clip at the beginning of the song, I use a sound that was recorded in space.

Music Authentic: As a producer, composer and instrumentalist: digital or analog?

T7: I’ve always been digital! but over time I have realized that the intermediate point I think is the best! I opt a lot for digital but both for me is the most optimal! although where there is an acoustic grand piano that removes any plugin.

Music Authentic: Who are your biggest supporters?

T7: My family, God, my friends and my dog ​​(for which he calls me vegan)

Music Authentic: You create great value and a positive message with EGO World Music. How difficult is it to be heard and what does it take to reach those with open hearts and minds?

T7: Well, we live in a digital age, of networks, and of information saturation. It seems that now everything has to be immediate, almost ephemeral! we are more contacted than ever and more disconnected than ever, it seems that everything “ends” by sliding a finger on a screen.

I believe, that EGO has and sets its own times to be able to reach as many people as possible! if you had a big label behind you or if you personally had a big budget it could be easier being able to invest in media, etc. but it would cease to be what it is! Although I am thinking of creating a crowdfunding, it would be a good idea to be able to reach more people and / or make future topics.

Music Authentic: What things do you think could raise your stage and influence level?

T7: I think that in many ways, for example, that some international organization made the message “theirs” and that it spread (UN, etc.)

Music Authentic: Can you tell your fellow artists the most important lessons you have learned in your career?

T7: Being authentic by making music that really fills you … always have that space.

Music Authentic: Before we go, what is your message of encouragement for your readers and fans?

T7: It’s not mine but I’m sure we all share it! “If I knew that the world would end tomorrow, I, still today, would plant a tree” – Martin Luther King

Music Authentic: Thanks for your time and keep us posted.

T7: Thank you very much! I loved the interview!


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