Steve Jarvis is well-known about his neat, on point beats with fresh sound-designs; his latest single, Get My Life (feat. N.J.E.) has been composed and produced with them. The immaculate mixing and dedicated mastering provide a clean and enjoyable track for repeated listening.

Review of „Get My Life (feat. N.J.E.)” by Steve JarvisAn interesting variety makes the rhythm section remarkable; made of genre-traditional and a few experimentalist sounds. The chord progression establishes a more of an upbeat, chill, steamy atmosphere; one inviting the listener into a certain intimacy. The vocals are perfectly sitting in; the chorus, the lead and the rap create their own design and immersive unity. The featuring artist, N. J. E. is in a great form and Steve Jarvis capitalizes it astoundingly well. The thoughtful use of space is once again noteworthy. The whole song summons the very best of R’n’B -with a hint of early Craig David style- still remains in the realm of contemporary pop, suited both for radios and dancefloors. The unexpectedly artistic and innovative, hip-hop-noir decrescendo elevates the song to a new level and immediately suggests a placement as a soundtrack.

As a songwriter and producer, Steve Jarvis has a clear and consistently prevailing concept that shows how deeply he understands this genre and the time when he is releasing this song.

Ultimately, Get My Life (feat. N.J.E.) by Steve Jarvis has a potential to go on a Billboard list, ranking well with its undeniable quality, idea, production and unique yet familiar sound with a catchy melody.


Listen to Get My Life (feat. N.J.E.) [Radio Edit] Single by Steve Jarvis: