When we are looking for something new, unexpected, fresh in music, the band Scarlett Siren & The Howlin’ Tramps is a great choice. Their stunningly refreshing live performances and immaculate musical togetherness in their songs combined with a strong vocal delivery make them an instant favourite for a night-out. As their latest EP, “The Devil in the Details”, is coming out, we took the time to talk about their art and some fun. Be brave to read on and get to know them!

And while you are at it, listen to “Black Widow” by Scarlett Siren & The Howlin’ Tramps – it’s a good one!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! We have a site-traditional question to start: How did you sleep last night?

Scarlett Siren: I slept well! I spent the day writing and rehearsing with my band, which always clears my mind, so I slept like a baby

Music Authentic: Burlesque. Life unveiled and artistically mocked, showing an intriguing, steamy yet professional performance in a modern day cabaret style with swing and rock and roll. Is this Scarlett Siren & The Howlin’ Tramps now?

Scarlett Siren: That sums it up pretty well!

Music Authentic: Our world has been fragmented, shattered and mostly divided. As a songwriter, producer and Scarlett Siren, how do you see your role these days? Is music for art or healing? Are shows such as yours providing a temporary escape from the mundane everydays?

Scarlett Siren: When the shut down happened and we couldn’t play shows I definitely went into a deep depression, so, to me, these shows are saving my life.

Scarlett Siren & The Howlin' TrampsMusic Authentic: What caught my attention and my ears is the togetherness with your band and the fine details in your music with a certain effortless eloquence. How long and thorny was the road to get here, releasing the second EP, “The Devil in the Details” (coming out 15th January, 2022)?

Scarlett Siren: We have been a band for 5 years. it definitely took a lot of trial & error, as well as hard work to get where we are. when things shut down me and the bandmates had to learn how to record and produce our music ourselves, so that was definitely a challenge we had to overcome, we loved the things we learned though and became passionate about what we were doing.

Music Authentic: In a world where “PC” is the new censorship, how can smart fun and cheekiness prevail?

Scarlett Siren: I believe you can be sensitive to other people’s problems and still have smart fun & cheekiness.

Music Authentic: What are the most memorable moments from your shows?

Scarlett Siren: My most memorable moment at a show was my first time performing burlesque while playing with the band. usually they tell you to pretend the audience is in their underwear when you have stage fright. well, I was in the opposite situation. I was on stage, and in my underwear. it felt very vulnerable.

Music Authentic: It takes courage to be emotionally open and connect to your audience. As a classic cabaret element you also add a different kind of openness. Where does this strong self-belief come from?

Scarlett Siren: Lady GaGa once said “When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time. ”
that really stuck with me. when I’m on stage it is my job to make love to the audience. and to leave them feeling like they got to know me intimately.

Music Authentic: Can you introduce the members of “The Howlin’ Tramps” and the story how you met?

Scarlett Siren & The Howlin' Tramps homeScarlett Siren: Josh Gonzales – Piano, Aaron Eels – Guitar, John Christopher – drums, Tim McCarthy -trombone, Chris Wyble – trumpet, Maggie Barry – Saxophone, Cory Howie – bass. I met Cory when I was jamming at his neighbor (Maggie’s) house. we were talking about how we needed a bassist, and He happened to hear us and came out in his back yard and said “I like your sound, I’m a bassist, wanna jam?” and that was the day the band was first born!

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun! Can you imagine performing for the first Martian colony?

Scarlett Siren: I’ve never really thought about it, but now that you bring it up, I can’t get it out of my head. that would be quite the experience.

Music Authentic: Back to Earth: with whom would you like to collaborate the most?

Scarlett Siren: I would love to collaborate with Bridge City Sinners. they are all such lovely individuals.

Music Authentic: Who are your heroes and greatest supporters?

Scarlett Siren: My bandmates are my heros. I admire them so much. and they are my greatest supporters as well.

Music Authentic: How much do you think intimacy is lost among people? Do they actually understand what that is anymore?

Scarlett Siren: I think, intimacy comes in so many forms. for example when I write a song, its my job to get intimate with the pen and paper. intimacy is not lost, you just have to understand people have different ways of expressing it.

Music Authentic: What are the plans for the near future? Will a “special” be recorded maybe?

Scarlett Siren: we are working on how we can tour with “Pink Elephant Cabaret”

Music Authentic: Can you share the one lesson you’ve learned on your way you would have been happy is someone would have told you when you started out?

Scarlett Siren: Dump any individual that isn’t supportive of your music. It’s a waste of your time, and you’ll be much happier without them.

Music Authentic: What is your message to your readers and fans?

Scarlett Siren: Do your art. express yourself unapologetically. love yourself.

Music Authentic: Thank you for your time and we look forward to your new EP, “The Devil in the Details”!


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Scarlett Siren & The Howlin' Tramps live

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