Every year there is a new Christmas special single from the unique UTE; this time it’s “Christmas Morning”. We’ve listened to her song a few times before we had our interview. Whenever there is a need of reality check or finding some positive energy, UTE is the one to talk to or read about. Good thoughts of a good person are in the interview below. Be brave to read on!

And while you are at it, listen to “Christmas Morning” by UTE, it does have the holiday spirit!

Music Authentic: Welcome back to Music Authentic! Are you excited for the coming Christmas Eve’?

UTE: Unfortunatelly, Iost both of my parents last year, naturally it puts a little damper on the whole season. But I love the spirit of Christmas very much.

Music Authentic: My condolescence… You have just released “Christmas Morning”, your latest single – a melodic chime with heart-warming lyrics. The pace is much closer to the sanctity of this period of the year than the commercial frenzy all around. How deeply do you live in Christmas?

UTE: I am a Christmas season person and it is my favorite time of the year. I like it more on the quiet and calm side. Not anything loud and overwhelming, just peaceful in my heart and soul.

Music Authentic: This new song sounds like a special gift to all who feel left behind and without the right love. When did you first feel to write this piece?

UTE: After the loss of my parents 2020 and in April of 2021 also my dog. During that time, I was searching for my inner peace again. It took me a long time to find my positive attitude again that I was longing for. The song “Christmas Morning” was written by Grammy Award winning producer and song writer Kurt Wipfli and the song was the right song at the right time for me. We work a lot to develop new sounds and styles for me together. It helps that outside of the music world that we are kindred spirits and close friends. Kurt has this incredibly ability to tune into my feelings so well it is almost like being twins. He likes to push me to new ideas and never gives up on me when I was going through sad times.

Music Authentic: Who were in your music team?

UTE: Like I mentioned before, I am very happy and privileged to work with Kurt Wipfli as my producer and songwriter on a lot of my new music. and songs.  He is the one that puts the right team together when it comes to studio sessions and musicians.  Ans then there’s me of course.  ?

Music Authentic: I’ve listened to your song a couple of times and you are genuinely joyous in it. A lot of people can’t seem to be able to be capable of seeing the wonders all around. Yet, you can. What is your secret?

UTE: Seeing is believing. I trained myself that at the end of dark days or times there is always something being grateful for. It is easy, when you just consider waking up is a blessing. I give my best every day, keep smiling even when it rains and pours and look around how many beautiful things there are.if you use your eyes and listen more with your heart!

Music Authentic: Aside of gratitude what might not be understood by many in the right way, what other thoughts, ideas, actions could benefit the numbed, worn out and burned out half of humanity all around?

UTE: Doing something good for other people everyday without expecting anything back is very helpful. Helping your neighbors, stay polite, watch if someone needs help. Bam ? you feel better immediately.

Music Authentic: You have already given a great gift to the people as an early Christmas gift with this song, “Christmas Morning”. What is more important: giving or getting? How can one truly accept when it is given?

UTE: Giving is beautiful! It fills my heart and soul with joy! Accepting gifts is not so easy me. I prefer to give the presents. I always have the feeling to give something back immediately otherwise. Our greatest gift is being born. Besides I will always prefer be a giver. My parents have taught me that

Music Authentic: Can you recall a memorable Christmas Morning when you felt everything was as it was meant to be?

UTE: Every Christmas Morning is memorable for me.  It’s just such a beautiful time. Even just sitting with my dogs quietly, maybe some Christmas Music and lights and take some big quiet breaths.

Music Authentic: If the celebration of love is so special and well-known, why do you think humans tend to neglect this attitude and the need of this positive energy and care in the other 364 days?

UTE: It is easier to find negative things then looking for the good. Everything starts with your attitude. I think it is more important to change your negative thinking and focus on the good things in life and around you.

Music Authentic: Whose Christmas songs do you like listening to the most?

UTE: Kenny G, Michael Buble, Nat King Cole, The Carpenters, Cliff Richard, Alexander McNeal, Wham,…..and of course my own Christmas songs.  ?

Music Authentic: “Driving Home for Christmas”, “Santa Knocking at My Door”, “Christmas Morning”… do you have a plan for the next one to come?

UTE: Absolutely.  We are getting into the final stage of the production for the next instalment of my documentary series called “Keeping The Spirit” in 2022.  It is also the title of the new upcoming single in early 2022.

Music Authentic: What makes you truly happy?

UTE: Singing and my dogs is all I need to be happy.

Music Authentic: What is your secret Christmas recipe you can share with your readers and fans here?

UTE: Feel with your heart and slow down a little, especially during these times. Also, if you keep an open mind and are not trying to expect anything, beautiful surprises may come your way.

Music Authentic: And who are on your playlist these days?

UTE: For the next couple weeks, I will cover myself in as much Christmas and holiday songs and music I can manage to take in.

Music Authentic: If you had the three wishes what would you ask?

UTE: One of the hardest answerers ever because there is so much and yet we all ready have a lot to be thankful for. First, to stay younger, like maybe 30 years old but with all the knowledge and wisdom of an older more seasoned human being. Second, that my dogs would be with me as long as I live. And third, and I know it sounds cliché but, happy and healthy people all over the world.

Music Authentic: And now, we are wishing you and to your beloved ones health and joy in the Christmas time!

UTE: Thank you very much.  Happy Holidays to you and your and all your readers.  And thank you for this wonderful interview.  I truly enjoy your questions.


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