“More to Life” is the latest single and brainchild of No1zShadow & WordzNVizion, (dropping 31 December, 2021).

The bass boosted trap rap sound is merged with cohesive and double rap vocals, where the lyrics dig at chasing things of the heart.

This high-quality production is partly smeared with early Linkin Park.

Having multiple and different background artists collaborating the producer No1zShadow & WordzNVizion actually brought the very best out from each niches.

More To Life - teamAustin Gilbert, the young country singer, following the sound and style of his „Bonnie & Clyde”(also with ’WordzNVizion’ team) is singing his heart out in his dry yet vivid, southern style. The once small band kid who sang with Elvis Monroe and in First Generation grows into his very own sound and the perfect choice for the chorus.

Rap Master Ricky, who came just after releasing „Moment 4 Life” (recently remixed by No1zShadow) with the 80s reminiscent style rap. Rap Master Ricky is a great and rare addition these days. His cheerful character, one he also uses for the social responsibility songs like „Do That Safety”, also with WordzNVizion brings some delight to the listeners.

Jarell, who is rapping in Spanish, referencing to everlasting connections which dissolve when reality comes, stylishly recalls a recent public betrayal. Jarell speaks about how this experience still can be utilized as extra strength in one’s personal journey – all with a refreshing and strong emphasizes in rapping.

Peenut The Unsung, from South Florida, the upcoming rapper and beatmaker (who had an interesting chess-reference filled song with No1zShadow earlier) owns his rapping, never getting lost no matter how fast he is filling the bars.

JosephStillAsleep, the Master of Carrots, a very young age producer and music-maker with a growing catalogue, uses his style to contribute to this international and multigenerational assemble. Not even the sky is the limit for the potential he has with creating music.

No1zShadow, the Memphis rooted artist, producer, songwriter, frequent collaborator has a meaningful imprint in the song both with his stylish and hard hip-hop style and high quality production work. Listening to his catalogue, he has a great chance to conquer the international stardom in the upcoming years.

And of course, we must talk about Wordz N Vizion, the multimedia production team, established to support telling real stories, entertainment with education and when necessary enhancing the quality of creative experiences. Their unique approach to transcend sub-niches and generational gaps plus language barriers as well is beyond remarkable and most probably the leading way for the future of how to think of contemporary musicmaking.

“More to Life” is the song in which the audience can relate and find their personal narrative and that praises the songwriting. The strong presence of the performers in the individually different yet completely fitting pieces is working well. The well-mixed beats, loops and pads also add to the positive experience. “More to Life” stands out with its choice of artists and the creative space given to them.

Once again, this collaboration and production might be a great way for reinventing and rejuvenating music and genres.

Ultimately, “More to Life” is perfect for expressing inner emotions while driving, at house parties and even certain club scenes. No1zShadow & Wordz N Vizion chose the right path to tell the story of “More To Life”.


Find the song and the artists here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/no1zshadow/more-to-life-feat-austin-gilbert-rap-master-ricky-jarell-peenut-the-unsung–josephstillasleep