“Vol.1 Midnight Music” is the latest chill-hop, dance-hop, jazz-hop album by SC4Real (dropped 24 December, 2021).

“Vol.1 Midnight Music” comes in two versions: a radio edit full album and the explicit album with artistically even more liberated lyrics. They are available in every major platform, yet, it is highly recommended to listen to it in Hi-Fi resolution – like on Tidal or Apple Music – for the best experience.

This multilayered artist oriented album introduces SC4Real even more after his previous “Hypermode” album. Seeing the credits, it is a joy to see how a singer-songwriter can really own his created world and has a well-utilized ability to take us, listeners with him. “Vol.1 Midnight Music” is definitely a step up for SC4Real, one can show a path for world recognition and modern day stardom.

The 16 tracks vary from chill-hop to dance-hop and some slightly fusion-esque experimental ear-treats. Each is filled with SC4Real’s trademark rapping and the unique soundscape he invented for this album.

Let’s discover the songs and their different characteristics.

Track 1, The Warmup 2: is the prelude referring back to “Hypermode” the previous album and that’s intro song. The piano and pad leads us to the new musical era of SC4Real.

Track 2, Let’s Ride: this song is so smoothly emerging from the previous “The Warmup 2” that we just feel we’ve arrived into the party by SC4Real. The track is a great invitation to the realm of “Vol.1 Midnight Music”; perfect for a house-party and a drive.

Track 3, Light It Up: it is a full-fledged concert hit with double vocal rapping and a very personal story to tell. The playfulness in SC4Real performance really elevates this song into great live-hit status.

Track 4, Feelin’ It: is the song in which SC4Real shows his freestyle skills and his greatly intonated rap personalities over a trap beat and chill harmonies.

Track 5, A Good Time: is once again a concert gig song suitable to clubs and larger venues. As a songwriter, SC4Real showcases his rhythm and sound-innovating skills. A hit-like chorus calls for a music video.

Track 6, Final Fantasy: this song is a big rush with double rap vocals and 8-bit reminding sounds over the fast beats, making this large venue concert hit complete.


By now SC4Real completely reassures every listeners that “Vol.1 Midnight Music” is truly a worthwhile and various, fresh album. And the best is yet to come, continuing with


Track 7, Primetime: a classic styled hip-hop song with futuristic drumbeats and pads. This is a piece having any listeners dance in broad daylight in the streets or at home, too. It feels as SC4Real put together an arena set-list.

Track 8, Get Down: is a more traditional rap-song with great chill synths. Absolutely a tempo changer, serving as a bridge in between the complete rush and the upcoming hit song.

Track 9, On It: one of the best and most sophisticated track by SC4Real, one that also came out as a chill out, downtempo single, standing out with its aesthetic soundscape, relatable verses, well-timed breaks and smooth variations of rhythmic and arrhythmic lines. SC4Real thrives in the music, immersing himself; he completely owns the stage.

Track 10, The Crew Freestyle: this is a combination of a more traditional rap era and the lately popular chillhop trend. The song’s strength is SC4Real’s personality and the soundscape.

Track 11, Sun Up: is a fusion-esque experiment, merging with well embedded jazz piano and organ sounds. This positive song brings out the trademark rap style and sound of SC4Real.

Track 12, Circles: is once again a more personal story told with interesting arpeggios and the earlier introduced jazz-like sounds. Though the lyrics are about a loop in life, the organ, keyboards keep the song easy to listen to.

Track 13, Press On: the chilldown and fusion combination is working with a playful ‘80s rhythm idea in the beats; probably one of the most interesting songs in the album where SC4Real is joyously and effortlessly surfing in the lyrics.

Track 14, Show & Prove: this is a jazz-hop song where SC4Real thrives and flies, his effortless performance and songwriting, mixing ideas just in the right place making this track one of his best written until today. This piece is a must in every upcoming concert.

Track 15, My Zone: as the album gets to its end, this song is a winding down in which SC4Real talks more about his feelings and we seem to get to know him a little bit more. The jazz-hop fusion-esque is still on, letting this song be a good choice for a late night house party.

Track 16, What It Is: sounds like an encore song with what SC4Real doesn’t say goodbye rather redefines himself as an accomplished songwriter and hip-hop artist. The second half of the song promises a more music oriented future in the next album.


Ultimately, “Vol.1 Midnight Music” is consciously made and well-designed album with great storytelling and ranging soundscapes from chillhop to traditional hip-hop, from downtempo to jazz and jazz-hop. SC4Real shows his gifts and wits in his vivid and varying performances.

“Vol.1 Midnight Music” is an album can be favored by anyone and several songs are perfect possible future live and radio hits. SC4Real has a great chance to become an innovative trailblazer and important performer-songwriter in the era of contemporary music.


Listen to “Vol.1 Midnight Music” by SC4Real on his:

Tidal: https://tidal.com/album/207338813

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6W0EPM8n96iUCGuKthcGYN?si=AChtjsLjQfitU-OBKJkCJg

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/vol-1-midnight-music/1598117790

Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/rick-cool/album/vol1-midnight-music

YouTube: https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_m19H82qKwo-tR7s0o_JNhQ9KFsH6sr74w&feature=share


Find SC4Real here:

YouTube: https://music.youtube.com/channel/UCz6RWsbz5oir2bhtwoiO4aQ?feature=share

Tidal: https://tidal.com/artist/22281079

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