Doug Cash, the versatile singer-songwriter has always blessed with a creative mind and with his diligence wrote several albums and singles. Now, he release three new music videos in three genres at New Year’s Day. We had the opportunity to talk to him. Be brave and read about him and his thoughts!

And while you are at it, listen to Doug Cash‘s “You Wept For Yourself”, it’s a good one:

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Our site-traditional question to begin with is: How did you sleep last night? How did it feel to release three brand new music videos on New Year’s Day?

Doug Cash: Hello to your fabulous audience and happy New Year! I was very excited to bring in the new year with 3 new videos. Especially in 3 different genres. “So high in love” is a recording that goes back to 1986 from my Early Years album. Very retro 80s MTV pop. Radio ready baby. “You wept for yourself” is more of a singer songwriter display of lyrical depth and solo acoustic musicianship. A Dark and solemn video yet somewhat majestic. And finally ” Noise Factor ” is a dance electronic fright fest by my alter ego Dizzy Miles. The video shows my life time love of anime. That goes all the way back to Speed Racer.

Doug CashMusic Authentic: “So High in Love”, “You Wept for Yourself”, “Noise Factor” – which was the most challenging to make?

Doug Cash: If you’re talking about the videos, well that’s up to my video admin, Alfie in Argentina. He can crank out one of those puppies inside of 48 hrs. He’s the Steph Curry of video production. He has a gift.

Music Authentic: You’ve been out there for quite some time. How much do you think you’ve changed as a songwriter and musician since the evergreen “High Low”?

Doug Cash: High Low represents my Elvis Costello period from back in the 80s. I was listening to a lot of Kate Bush, Eurythmics, Siouxsie, Costello, General Public, Jaco Pastorious. I’ve matured as a bi product of my life experiences. If you don’t live and learn you’ll fall prey to arrested development. I’ve matured and changed. So of course my music my has matured and developed. Between marriages, kids, lovers, triumphs and regrets. As far as my musicianship goes, I’ve learned dozens and dozens of cover tunes for live performances. I’ve also branched out into writing in multiple genres including house, dance, electronica, hip hop, rap, metal, and punk. I’ve always been a bit of an oddball when it came to my musical tastes. As a teenager my record collection included Earth Wind & Fire, Kiss, Joni Mitchell, Parliament, Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Eleventh House. Like Jaco said, you gotta keep your ears open.

Music Authentic: Music, songwriting is equally about self-discovery, acceptance, recognition and personal evolution. How can one stay true and authentic and not giving in to the industrial trend shifts?

Doug Cash: When it comes to my music I’ve never been a follower. I’ve always had my own voice.Took a minute to find it, but luckily I did with a song entitled:
You Ought To See You . When I wrote that at 17 it kind of scared me. Passionate tune. I’ve yet to record it.

Music Authentic: Every great artist had tremendous work for years before reaching to the top. Have you ever felt to give up or take a break and do something else?

Doug CashDoug Cash: For some, art is a hobby or an escape. When I heard my Father’s record collection as a child it attacked my nervous system. Made me sweat, accelerated my heart rate, breathless to the point of passing out. I thought there was something wrong with me. When I was 9 yrs old, I saw Sly & The Family Stone. Changed the direction of life. I said that’s what I’m going to do. My music is a passion, an obsession.I’m beyond compelled.

Music Authentic: You are also a producer and have a label. How do you see the upcoming musicians, bands are more impatient these days or there are who still walk the extra miles and give themselves time to mature?

Doug Cash: I own the label, the publishing, the masters. Trifecta. I tell young cats it’s not about getting signed to major as an employee. It’s about owning your music and becoming a partner to the major.

Music Authentic: The melancholic chords in “You Wept for Yourself” suggest a return to your Beatles roots. “So High in Love” is an upbeat ode to the ‘80s pop-rock. “Noise Factor” on the other hand stands quite separately with a an AMV as visuals. Which artistic approach is the “real” Doug Cash?

Doug Cash: Me with an acoustic guitar is about as raw and real as it gets for me and it’s still my number one love. I spent 10 yrs on the farmers market circuit with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a mic. I love my electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards. I dig my psychedelic, avant garde, funk, fusion influences that I get from Kate Bush, George Clinton and Weather Report. But John Lennon or Joni Mitchell solo acoustic is a hot knife and I’m the butter.

Music Authentic: Which stories are the most personal you’ve ever recorded?

Doug Cash: Personal stories run through the majority of my songs. Break ups, love affairs, great romances, marriages, loneliness, joy, exuberance, sex, laughter. It’s all there.

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun: would you rather take your guitar and sing in the soon-to-build Moon base or have a residency in the firs Mars colony charter?

Doug Cash: I wouldn’t want to piss off the aliens on the moon so I’ll keep my black ass right here on Earth, thank you. I would love to play the red rock amphitheater in Colorado. That would be a blast!

Music Authentic: Back to Earth, as some practical advice for aspiring singers: how do you keep your vocal chords in a good shape after all these years?

Doug Cash: I quit drinking, cigarettes, and pot over 10 years ago. I’ve lost most of my top end but I have far more range and control than I did 20 yrs ago.

Doug CashMusic Authentic: Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Lady Gaga. With whom of them would you like to collaborate the most?

Doug Cash: In my life time, pound for pound the greatest singer songwriter musician I’ve ever heard is Stevie Wonder.

Music Authentic: What is ahead of you in 2022? A tour? New songs? A compilation album?

Doug Cash: My main focus is the licensing of my catalog for commercials, television shows, Netflix, Hulu, Paramount, Starz, Sony/ATV, Warner Chappell. Plus the publishing for a small number of my songs (not masters) are for sale. It’s all music business 7 days a week.

Music Authentic: Before we go, what is your encouraging message to your fans and sympathizers?

Doug Cash: I’ll be releasing a new video every month for the rest of the year. And who knows, maybe I’ll get back into the studio and release my next album: Holiday for Dreamers. If you dig my dance / electronic side project: Dizzy Miles, be sure to check out my hip hop comedy project: Def & Row. Oh yeah, it’s for 18 and over. Sorry kids.

Music Authentic: Thank you for your time! Have a fruitious, joyful 2022 and don’t forget to send your upcoming materials!

Doug Cash: Thanks for the vine. Have a safe and prosperous New Year.

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