Kosmick Peace’s latest single “Hollow” is a modern hard-rock with progressive elements.

Kosmick Peace, known for their extensive rock and blues practice, freshly released “Hollow”. The song is a definite step-up in songwriting and in production as well. The radio edit is a subtle delivery of contemporary rock with the inclusion of progressive guitar and vocals.

The intro starts with eerie space chimes, rough bass and immediately melts into an alternative space-rock verse as homage of early ‘70s.

The guitar sounds are well-designed, not rushing but elevating the tension of the chord progression. The drums are elegantly positioned and the strong kicks and accurate toms add to the darker tone. The especially amazing vocal soundscape recalls early Ozzy Osbourne in the chorus.

“Hollow” also takes us to the memory lane of David Bowie’s space-era.

Kosmick Peace moved away from their noisy garage rock mix can be heard on their earlier “Love is True” or “For the Loss” with a much clearer sound on “Hollow”. Also, the aforementioned vocals most probably the best direction for the band after “Persistent” that felt more of a singer-songwriter approach, especially compared to “Hollow” which is definitely a trademark song with new signature sounds and the chance of being an arena hit and a radio favorite. It is an intriguing idea to think of the sound and variety of an extended live-version.

Ultimately, Hollow by Kosmick Peace puts the band to the map as new with its undeniable quality, idea, production and unique yet familiar sound for progressive and space rock lovers.


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Kosmick Peace - Hollow