“The Flower Blooms” is brand new experimental debut by ALLAN THE FLOWER.

“The Flower Blooms” comes with poetic lyrics and contemporary takes on the world around with a mix of genres and true experimentalism. The artistic freedom thrives in the whole album, which is energetic and one of a kind.

Let’s see the 9 tracks one by one and discover this interesting musical personality.

Track 1, Meddle: is an alt-pop hit with hyper-pop pop-punk flares and poetic lyrics. The give it all vocals are over the top yet fit to the mood and concept of this album opener. The guitar sound is on spot the synths are fitting the genre. It’s a big ear treat for the fans.

Track 2, The Call Of The Princess: is a storytelling, conceptual experimental take on an imaginary love-story. It takes courage to put a way out song like this onto an singer-songwriter album, yet, somehow it seems to be working. The broken rhythm in the beat helps the audience to keep up with.

ALLAN THE FLOWERTrack 3, All Colours Blue: is a hardcore pop-punk take on the everyday events seen around and through the broadcasts. ALLAN THE FLOWER speaks about the events by taking the stand for love not just as a spectator in the lyrics. The unusual rhythm and the synths help the song to recall the early ‘80s and its experimentalism. The song is whole and the trademark vocals find a good fit in the mix.

Track 4, Something: is a contemporary alt-pop with a poetic lyrics like and more restful vocals. Still very experimental and stripped down it has a strong presence as the singer was looking into a mirror and taking us to his journey with him.

Track 5, The Love You Fake: is an alternative post-pop storytelling about falling out. The vocals are less high octane than in the previous songs and this strengthens the track. Still the unique soundscape is clearly recognizable. The lyrical fragility makes the song more relatable.

Track 6, Anyways: is a pop-punk and one of the strongest songs in the album. The lyrics are full on spot and the guitar sound, the drum sequence with the arpeggios create a definite atmosphere which make this song shouting for a live rendition and for a repeat at home.

Track 7, The Call Of The Princess (Reprise): is the continuation of the previous storytelling this time with more hyper-pop in the beats and the mix. The vocal concept is an interesting, counterpointing idea.

Track 8, Answers At The Raging Of Night: is an EP length, multi-chaptered full on experimental achievement in the mixed genres of pop, post-punk, hyper-pop, electronica and hardcore dance with rave elements. Without the doubt this song is the most interesting and most unusual in the album. It literally asks for a lot of actual attention from the listener to be fully understood and appreciated. The lyrics are probably the key to this track. ALLAN THE FLOWER’s trademark vocal sound is ruling all over and comes with a certain variety and playfulness. The courage itself makes it worthy to listen plus the song provides a unique perspective in contemporary musicality.

Track 9, Then Power Hit So Hard: is the song with the most poetic lyrics and a tense beat. To wind down ALLAN THE FLOWER chose to up his game and give something unexpected in this alt-pop take. Indeed a a good and smart choice the finish the album with.

Ultimately, “The Flower Blooms” is a completely fresh take on contemporary music bringing elements beyond genres and experimenting with artistic freedom and poetic lyrics.

ALLAN THE FLOWER is a singer-songwriter to pay attention to, someone trying to reinvent music as it is and sharing his soul in the process.


ALLAN THE FLOWER‘s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allantheflower/

ALLAN THE FLOWER‘s Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5tKYdgO8eQHUyMEPfPyARd