Finn Goldy’s new single “Cry” is an artistic indie-rock approach with R’n’B style vocals shaped into an alt-post-punk experience.

The Paco Lee produced song is establishing a new era for Finn Goldy.

“Cry” merits from Finn Goldy’s mixes and plays as well as his unique vocals and storytelling. After previously releasing “Canary”, “Michael Cera” and “Pegasus”, in this song Finn Goldy thrives in the theatrical, tongue-in-cheek, lyrical playfulness and performance; the slow-mid-tempo beats house this well. The guitar sound lays into the soundscape with its light chords and riffs. The chillout pads embrace the soul and the drums offer a standard to build onto. “Cry” benefits from Finn Goldy’s performance style in the vocals and the playfulness of the delivery. The additional whistling and melodies are colorizing the song’s texture. Lyrics-wise Finn Goldy is in a formation period which most definitely will grow into a more sophisticated level. In “Cry” all the cheeky alternative post-punk can be found and the most important internal dare and freedom which let the independent expressionism come to the surface for the better.

Finn Goldy is on a clear path to discover his very own niche and style – balancing the creative punk-ish playfulness with the rock and pop standards.

Ultimately, Cry by Finn Goldy is another firm step towards to redefine himself both as a singer-songwriter and a performer. Cry suits to an afternoon listen on the go or to a late-night house-party while winding down.


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