Uniqueness’ new short movie and single “Omnipotent Resolution” is an artistic, experimental dream-pop sound with psychedelic flares and a multi-layered, meta-story of the journey of the soul to achieve higher love.

“Omnipotent Resolution” merits from Uniqueness’ creative film-making and the mix of direct and more sublimal visual messages and a well-mixed and produced accompanying song embedded in. The dream-psych-pop music has a catchy melody and balanced vocals where the performers show their compassion towards each other and life.

The short video is a combination of real-life scenes and otherworldly, more spiritual plains as an artistic showcase of the soul of love, desire and unity. The chosen editing style and applied effects are to make the short movie a timeless piece, a little bit on the border of a lost-footage and alternative-reality. Luckily, the flow easily takes the viewers through all the different segments in which there are always some conspicuous and sublimal clues to keep the attention until the culmination of the key message in the end scene.

We must also note the fortunate use of the themes of love, freedom and beauty throughout “Omnipotent Resolution” – a good combination and rare treat these days.

Omnipotent Resolution is on a trailblazer journey to combine musical, lyrical and visual messages into one-of-a-kind emotional mementos to free the hearts and minds of their viewers and listeners. Their dream-pop style – with psychedelic flavors – gives enough wide space for this.

Ultimately, „Uniqueness” by Omnipotent Resolution is different and courageous experimental short movie to accompany the namesake song and create an alternative reality as an ideal where humans can long to and immerse themselves in. „Uniqueness” suits to any self-aware practice and conjugal time as well as to a late-night house-party while winding down.


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