“The Death of Sovereignty” is one of the ultimate contemporary rock albums in 2022, one that every music lovers ought to listen, by Danny End the Dictators.

“The Death of Sovereignty” comes as the second LP after “Relentless” by Danny End the Dictators, a 46 minutes long record. It taps into the roots of psychedelic rock, punk and progressive rock, spiced with a certain kind of playfulness. This concept album is a go to for the fans of The Who, The Clash, Pink Floyd and Blur. The songs are mostly radio friendly and with non-explicit lyrics. In “The Death of Sovereignty” the band visits the topics of the human condition and talks about the world we live in. The songs are well-written, the mixes and mastering are on spot, giving space for the energetic storytelling; all suited for a house party, a drive and especially for live concerts.

The 11 tracks are filled with Danny End the Dictators’ trademark vocals and the unique rock soundscape they are known for. The lyrical journey is as important as the stylish variety in the songs.

Let’s see track by track how this emerging indie rock band has evolved, how they are gaining momentum and how layered their musicality has become.

Track 1, Crawling: is a strong hit of the album and probably one of the best pieces for the masses from Danny End the Dictators. The band is very well aware how the album has to start with the most engaging banger and “Crawling” is definitely the one to be played in each and every radio stations and start the concerts with. The strong chorus-like verses combined with the trademark vocal and guitar sound elevate the song into a band hymn. Also, it introduces what the rest of the album has to offer.

Track 2, One in a Million: is a punk-rock song with cheeky vocals and a flare of early Blur. It is a well-crafted piece which shouts for a live rendition.

Track 3, Invisible Man: is a traditional slower, breathe out number in the album. It is a psychedelic sound with progressive rock elements. The ode to The Who and the pinch of King Crimson feels good to the ears and soul. The performance, the delivery makes Invisible Man a standout piece and the strongest song of the album. The lyrics are one of the best in the album and the flow is just simply amazing. Listening to the whole portfolio of Danny End the Dictators, this is the bands very best song until today.

Track 4, River of Rife: is a speedy contemporary rock performance, absolutely a concert song. The band’s unique soundscape makes it a good fit.

Track 5, I Key: is a heavy hard-rock piece with some blues vibe recalling the ‘70s.

Track 6, The Mask: is once again a slower candle burning rock ballad. If there is a prom dance song from the album this is the one, although the lyrics have a deeper meaning. This is also a perfect choice to end the A-side of the LP.

Track 7, Recidivism: is the song which visits the ‘80s and has a strong Pink Floyd vibe both in the guitar sounds and the vocal arrangement. The lyrics sound personal and relatable. This is how a B-side should begin: strong and re-defining.

Track 8, Lying Hole: is a heavy, more classic rock piece, a slow burning with a storytelling could be from the classic era of brit rock. The soul-tearing guitar and heavy drumming are reinforcing the chanting storytelling. Lying Hole is an example how a slow hard rock song should sound like even if it is an anti-love song.

Track 9, Oh My Gun: is a punk-rock rush combining the rawness of early ‘80s and the beat of the ‘90s – just as it was fresh out from the Trainspotting soundtrack. There are tight drumming and genre typical vocals in this short song.

Track 10, Danny Donuts: starts as long needed release in the likes of Frank Zappa. It is a little fun in theme and rocking style.

Track 11, True Wealth: is the farewell song of the album and simply one the best. A well-chosen tempo meets a tight drumming and disciplined, tense vocals in the verses. The lyrics are well-crafted and perfectly fitting to remind the listeners what Danny End the Dictators stand for. Utilizing the “less is more” approach makes True Wealth a good high note and leaving the audience wanting more.


Ultimately, “The Death of Sovereignty” is a well-constructed, entertainment oriented indie rock album with psychedelic rock, progressive rock, punk rock elements, important lyrics and a trademark sound. It comes with a few radio rotation candidates and several possible concert hits, some might even make to a series soundtrack.

Danny End the Dictators is a band to pay attention to, visit their concerts, and immerse into their moody and socially conscious songs.


website: https://www.dannyendthedictators.com/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2vNNCkfh1d4k9vG4tRv3Qd?si=L0wG-DmGTcuM1B5yswB_Fw

Danny End The Dictators - The Death of Sovereignty