“Decentralized” is the debut hip-hop and rap album by Lium Amani, with smart experimentalism and dark trap minimalist beat shakers.

“Decentralized” is a traditional LP length including 12 tracks. It is available in every major platform, yet, it is highly recommended to listen to it in Hi-Fi resolution – like on Tidal or Apple Music – for the best experience.

This artist oriented album introduces Lium Amani to the world with songs and stories, emotions with varying intensity and differentiating expressionism. It is notable how Lium Amani improves as the sole composer and lyricist. In addition, the delivery has definite and unique imprints. On the other hand, “Decentralized” is not an easy album at first but an audience seeker and fan-creator one, making the listeners intrigued.

The 12 tracks vary from traditional hip-hop to dark trap and even experimentalist self-expressions extending and rediscovering the borders of the genre. Each is filled with Lium Amani’s trademark character rapping and the unique spoken word soundscape he invented for this album.

Let’s discover the songs and their different characteristics.

Track 1, Impatience (Interlude From The Saint Regis): is the prelude to the album and it sets the tone with lighter harmonies on the pads and relaxed rapping.

Track 2, Julius Caesar: this song is smoothly emerging from the previous “Impatience”, however, the harmonies are darker yet beautiful canvas for the lyrics. This is probably the first single to release as a music video, too and definitely a live-performance hit. The minimalism serves the song well and the mix and master are just the right ones: the bass and low frequencies come through great.

Track 3, Welcome To The Show: it is a completely different tone with dual vocals performed and uneasy synths and beats. The delivery is so surprising and unusual at first that it takes time to get used to it but after second hearing this song proves to be a gem. It is rare to find find something as different as this with artistic playfulness.

Track 4, Burn All This: is the song in which Lium Amani shows his rapping skills and how his intonation can work in more traditional trap beats and chill harmonies. This song is perfect for an evening drive as well as a live performance. Once again, the ending gives an artistic closing adding just another, surprising layer to the track.

Track 5, Do Your Right: sounds like a hot, night dance beat for intimacy and dance. As an unusual, deeply emotional song, it delivers some tasty remembrances from the ‘70s and the lyrics delivery enough restrained to balance in between too personal and distant. The production work is smooth and seamless, making it a born club and slow-dance song.

Track 6, Changing Of The Guards: this song is another experimentalist artistry. The vox-pads suggest a Gregorian harmony layered over the minimalist beats where the kicks are well-treated. The spoken word style borders with a chanting, reverbed rapping – one of the reason to listen to “Decentralized” more than once.

Track 7, Fuck Your Opinion: is the most “way out there” tracks in the album and the greatest challenge for the untrained ears with its counterpart disharmonies and intentionally arhythmical spoken word delivery. The second half of the song merges some subtle ‘90s techno into this uneasy song. It is a brave and unique endeavor to be praised for.

Track 8, Eye Of The Storm: is a more traditional rap song with great chill synths. Absolutely a tempo changer, serving as a bridge in between the complete rush and the upcoming hit song. The character-based delivery sets an interesting layer on it.

Track 9, Mixed Signals (Standard Version): one of the most radio friendly and sophisticated tracks by Lium Amani, who thrives in the music, immersing himself; he completely owns the stage. This is an absolute concert song, showing the artist honed his craft and decidedly plays around the niches and genres. As a trademark, the second half of the song has a great soundscape and harmonies.

Track 10, Transparent Phase (See Through It): this is a combination of a more traditional rap and the chill-hop trend. Lium Amani’s personality and professionalism come through well; a good album song to listen on the go.

Track 11, Your Desire: brings back the artistry and expressionism just as well the different characters in delivery. The quite interesting noise-beat suits the spoken word dual vocals and the low kicks provide the heartbeat as the song itself was the body of artist contemplating and finding ways. The short outro is once again is just pure joy for music-lovers.

Track 12, On My Way (Three Reasons): is once again a more personal story told with interesting character-based spoken word meeting with restrained rapping and low beats combined easing harmonies. The decrescendo at the end is the right album closing and the minimalism is the strength to play the album again.


Ultimately, “Decentralized” is a consciously made and smartly designed album with different, character-based delivery and storytelling including great radio and dance hits together with strong and surprising, artistic experimentalism and genre-rare harmonies in good soundscapes. Lium Amani shows his gifts and wits among vivid and downtempo performances.

“Decentralized” is an unusual debut album that is equally seeking audience and establishing fans. Lium Amani has a great chance to become an innovative trailblazer, performer-songwriter in the era of contemporary music.


Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/decentralized/1610644089

Tidal: https://tidal.com/browse/album/217208892