“The Love” is the latest, 5th rock’n’roll album by Derek Lee Goodreid, with energetic, focused delivery and authentic sound.

“The Love” is a traditional LP set with 11 tracks, including one explicit among them. It is available in every major platform, including digital purchase at Bandcamp. It is highly recommended to listen to it in Hi-Fi resolution – like on Tidal or Apple Music – for the best experience.

This entertainment oriented album is a strong soundscape evolution from Derek Lee Goodreid’s previous “Beneath Starry Skies” one; and especially from the earlier LPs. Fans already got used to how Derek Lee Goodreid is upping his game, and his “The Love” shows his vocal and performance abilities more than ever. It is a fine and loud, uncompromising work of rock’n’roll, indeed; sometimes resembling to Nathaniel Rateliff. The raw energy required to perform is coming across so much from the album as we were in the mosh pit. It is notable how Derek Lee Goodreid has improved as the sole composer and lyricist. In addition, the delivery has definite and unique imprints. “The Love” is a go to album after a hard day at work, when one is down and just wants to let the steam go off in a bar, on a long road or at SXSW.

Let’s discover the songs and their different characteristics.

Track 1, The Shakes: is the hard rushing, loud and playful album opener. This extremely ‘out there’ start leaves no doubt what can be expected by Derek Lee Goodreid this time. It is a statement song, an imprint hard to forget. The right-on-time rhythm section and quick tempo with the all-in vocals shake the listener up immediately.

Track 2, Devil’s Due: this is a classic rock’n’roll song with deep toned vocals and the slightly overdriven mix gives a special sound. The darker character singing and its ending message leaves a bitter taste. An unusual choice these days.

Track 3, Road Of Bones: it is a straight out of Elvis Presley’s catalogue piece. Anyone loving the early era of the King will be happy with this. The vocals even play into it to some extent. The strength of this classic rock’n’roll bit is the clear sound and right mix.

Track 4, Needles & Sin: is a modern hard-rock song easily aligned with the ‘80s. The chord progression takes it to a darker realm and while the modern soundscape tries to counterbalance, it feels like a straight drive to the place of uneasiness. It is a bold idea to add it to the ‘A-side’.

Track 5, Sinners Prayer: sounds like a work song with its coordinated rhythm on the edge of spirituals. This pre-blues song is one of the most interesting and unique pieces Derek Lee Goodreid has ever released. It serves as an artistic shoutout to express the fragmented emotions of the artist and shout the uneasiness way out from inside.

Track 6, Sticking Around: is a loud blues-rock declaration of how this genre has the rightful place in 2022. For this Derek Lee Goodreid’s passionate delivery and musicmanship serve as the ultimate drive.  The on spot rhythm section lets the vocals to go full bang and no feet stay still.

Track 7, I Woke Up Alone (But Not For Long): this light blues offers danceable minutes with classic late ‘50s early ‘60s sound and vocal playfulness. The double vocals dueling for the direction might be an artistic choice to merit the song.

Track 8, The Love: is the album namesake and a dense showcase of Derek Lee Goodreid’s singer-songwriter and vocal talent. It is a big rush, a fully energized and pumped up rockabilly, shouting for a movie placement. The best guitar sound in the album with the lead on overdrive. The entertainment factor is the real game changer in it.

Track 9, Gone For Good: a more traditional, throwback rock’n’roll sounding like it was from the early Elvis era. The Americana meets some hillbilly in this entertaining piece. The minor chords provide a special flavor and once again, Derek Lee Goodreid’s singing is the driving force. The guitar sound and play is an ode to David Lynch.

Track 10, Big Bad Wolf: is a ZZ Top-esque smashing. The quick tempo and constant riffs create the right tension for the vocals. The break shows how this one will definitely be an all-time concert favorite. It builds the next song up well.

Track 11, Howl At the Moon: easily one of the best songs of Derek Lee Goodried and a super hit. The blues-rock setting and steamy delivery of this broken love confession stands out in the album. It would have been a proud moment for any major rock artist in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s and it does sound like a timeless classic. Absolutely perfect choice for a soundtrack, a prom night and drive into the sunset. The wurly is well mixed over the punchy drums and the guitar sound is a perfect choice to set the scene for the performing, heavy vocals; the right decision to wrap-up the album. It has the only explicit lyrics.

Ultimately, “The Love” is a consciously made, big rush of adrenaline and rough storytelling, performance oriented rock’n’roll album with the right mixing and mastering, testifying the artistic rebirth of Derek Lee Goodreid.

“The Love” is a great chance for finding new fans as it visits new horizons. It shouts for a live rendition. If Derek Lee Goodreid continues this way, he will become a true force to reckon with in the world’s musical scene.


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