Ernando Recendez’s song “Rewind” from his “Nocturnal” (2017) album is a clear, contemporary pop-rock with vibes from the ‘70s.

The joyful sound of “Rewind” is built from rock, funk and some disco elements, including some standards. The vocal harmonies are superb, aligned with Pharell’s Happy and partly the groove from Bruno Mars is recognizable. This dance song which definitely can move the audience in live – and most probably it does since Ernando Recendez is an active performer – takes the listeners back to the feeling of summer freedom, beach and dance.

“Rewind” is definitely a live song played with real instruments. The drums are spot on complimenting the slower chorus. The bass and the guitar have the right supporting sound; even without a definite riff they keep the song together. The bridge is sung into a pocket in minor which is a surprising but fitting choice and helps to elevate the joyous verses. The synths are completely time-travelling colorizers straight from the ‘70s.

Ernando Recendez’s young but strong, high pitched vocals are the ultimate keys to his “Rewind”.

Ernando Recendez has already released another album The Nandos (2021) and is on his path to find his own stage and sound. He has a good chance to emerge into international status with the right songs.

Ultimately, Rewind” is a mainstream crossover song that is a summer-vibe party and dance song and is amazing to listen to LIVE. This should be played on all mainstream radio stations.

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Rewind - Ernando