“Tides and…” is the new electronica EP by Blue MOON Science, the brainchild of Allan Vilhan, the award-winning, multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter producer from London.

“Tides and…” is a traditional EP length, including 6 tracks from dance to chill. It is highly recommended to listen in Hi-Fi resolution – like on Tidal or Apple Music – for the best experience.

First and foremost, it is a rare treat to review such a well-prepared release package Blue MOON Science provided. It is indeed truly visible, Allan Vilhan learnt a fair deal of the music business. The quality and maybe more importantly the ideas behind the songs are just purely amazing and the professionalism can be seen and experienced from the cover art to the lyrics video, from the songwriting skills to the mastering.

Let’s discover the songs and their different characteristics.

Track 1, Step Aside (feat Alyssa Jane & Guyku): sounds like an extended prelude to an album with catchy verses and a minimal chorus including a surprise rap in the second half. The accompanying music video also suggests an extra layer on the story these days way too well-known.

Track 2, Endless Game: is an absolute dance and disco hit, perfect for proms, parties and driving. Its harmonies and the sculpted vocals with the slight trance vibe easily make this song fit the any series for a good reason. Blue MOON Science proves how skillfully honed mixing, mastering and of course, songwriting. Endless Game can transcend the boundaries of musical tastes; this is how to write a hit song. Its music video is a reminiscent of the visual arts of the early ’00 with a good and modern twist. Good choice to make this song more accessible.

Track 3, Vidina (feat LOTTA): has a completely different, much darker tone both in lyrics and chords. The sub bass works well with the well-mixed vocals and the uneasy rhythm is counterbalanced with a pleasant chorus. The jazz piano and the guitar sound keep it more interesting, the verses, especially after the break are one of the best this year and the last section of the song shows how great potention it has for a live performance. Allan Vilhan shows his genius in this. The lyrics video os simply just amazing and atypical, completely tailored to capture the meaning of this artistic piece.

Track 4, When I Am Alone (feat. Niko Frost): is a laid back, chillhop, with beautiful soundscape and masterfully mixed vocals plus interesting and various samples; a quasi-love song with contemporary beat and vibe.

Track 5, Time Is Now (feat. Chloe Kay): sounds like a hot Billboard dance hit and it is from every aspect. Blue MOON Science shows here how much the band can understand the musical trends and what makes people dance. It is a dance and party song, a pop hit to chart both in the UK and the USA.

Track 6, Step Aside II (Honey): is the counterpart of the EP’s initial track. With a pinch of Depeche Mode from the ‘90s and contemporary British alt-pop this drum’n’bass meets hip-hop a surprising twist for the end. This post-pop piece in itself is more interesting than most of the mainstream songs in the ‘20s and sounds like a bridge to a more auteur continuation for Blue MOON Science.

Ultimately, “Tides and…” is a various, consciously designed multi-genre electronica EP with talent, skills and experience plus a quite great sense of relevance in 2022. Blue MOON Science delivers in every level, gives artistic and entertaining experience as well. “Tides and…” is perfect for anyone who seeks a way out from the everyday treadmill and for the ones who love danceable melodies.


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