“Live at The Mint” is the latest, 5th, live album by Jeff Fowler, with energetic, focused delivery and authentic sound.

“Live at The Mint” is a traditionally edited concert LP set with 16 tracks (including 5 short intros). It is available in every major platform, including digital purchases. This live concert music experience is highly recommended to be listened in Hi-Fi resolution – like on Tidal or Apple Music – for the best experience.

This entertainment oriented, immaculate album is both a trip down memory lane and a joyous celebration of life, music, songs and artists. After the fantastically sounding previous EP, “Just In Time for Christmas” Jeff Fowler could step up his game and with the resulting “Live at The Mint” he could recreate the original, unique experience of discovering, rediscovering songs and emotions. This milestone album is the best introduction to Jeff Fowler‘s music for fans and new sympathizers as well. The selections of personally written songs and covers show a good taste and the performance with this band a seasoned and real leader.

The beauty and delight threading throughout this concert album bring a big “yes” to life, the musicmanship, songwriter skills and delivery is a feast for the understanding ears and hearts. “Live at The Mint” is a go to album after a hard day at work, when one is down and just wants to let the steam go off in a bar, on a long road or at SXSW and definitely in clubs.

Let’s discover the songs and their different characteristics.

Track 1, The “Fowler Vibrations” (Live): is the funky-pop warm-up welcome from Jeff Fowler and his band, and the live audience is immediately captivated with this short rendition of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch’s classic.

Track 2, I’ll Try (Live): is the epitome of Jeff Fowler‘s songwriting evolution: ripe, mellow, rightly used minor chords over a melancholic vocal and some nice touches of jazz and prog-rock; interesting, new and fresh.

Track 4, Here’s to You (Live): it is a straight out of classic jazz-pop from the golden era. The piano drives the song and in this soundscape the vocals give the right emotional storytelling to relate; a song feeling befriended by Jeff Fowler.

Track 6, Firefly (Live): is a time travel back to the ‘80s with this potential pop hit on the heart’s wandering. The poetic words easily connect any lonely person to this love-song. The harmonies and the concept resemble to Spandau Ballet – and it is good.

Track 7, Goldfish Girl (Live): it is a playful ode to a loved one with jazz-ish wurly and rock’n’roll sounds. It is absolutely a concert sing-along piece – with and interesting and unusual choice of harmonies in the chorus. The song thanks a lot to the band members who play it immaculately.

Track 9, Mr. Mason Man (Live): is a salute to the best of blues-rock and shows how Jeff Fowler is becoming a master in songwriting and how comfortable he feels in this genre, knowing his vocal capabilities and utilizing the band around him to create an unforgettable atmosphere and live experience. This song itself encapsulates why people love actual music.

Track 10, You Have A Way (Live): it is the counterpart of “Goldfish Girl” – another playful love-song with a bit of a brit-punk/pop; a little bit of Madness with a strong male vocal presence and a just enough roughness; a good change in the line of the songs.

Track 11, True (Live): is the classic Spandau Ballet megahit, and luckily Jeff Fowler does have the voice and the right attitude to bring this well-known song alive without being too much or karaoke: it is alive in his soul, hence we can have a fantastic trip down memory lane with a fresh touch.

Track 13, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (Live): the Paul Simon song got a new life with this authentic and vivid performance. This is as much Jeff Fowler now as much Paul Simon; one of the strongest songs in the album. This is how to do a cover.

Track 15, So Far (Live): is a prog-rock piece, a very standalone song in the album and one of the most interesting; this new direction could bring and interesting turn in the future for Jeff Fowler.

Track 16, Encore Medley Genesis, Joe Jackson, Rick Springfield (Live): singing like Phil Collins is not an easy task, yet, Jeff Fowler brings it on. This medley is a good concert closing encore and we can hear how much both the band and the audience enjoyed this night.

Ultimately, “Live at The Mint” is the album to buy in a physical format and play during dedicated listening times – and traveling, meet ups. Several songs are destined to become soundtracks in series and independent movies. Jeff Fowler is probably one of the most talented emerging artists in the ‘20s.


Listen to Jeff Fowles on his:

website: https://www.jefffowlermusic.com/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5GoHw1eMoLBOY9n4ONkFAU?si=sqnsxSBfSHifBgHON0E8mg

Tidal: https://tidal.com/browse/artist/5083690