1 Shot Mac’s new, charting single “I’m Home” is a contemporary R’n’B with traditional genre influences and a clear, anthem vocal delivery.

“I’m Home” is a surprise from every aspects, starting from the harmonies, the choice of short, completely fitting guitar solo to the decent and clear vocals. 1 Shot Mac’s true songwriting skills equally manifest through the lyrics and the musicianship. The descriptive emotional storytelling about the steamy state of mind uses everyday depictions and international language making it more relatable. The singer’s desire is also expressed through the consonant minor chords and the counterpointing guitar’s major chords. The vocal is sung rightly placed in the bars, the motif is catchy and luckily not overused or emphasized; the pockets are echoing and reverbing a tension representing digital piano. The dynamics slightly intensifies to the chorus and the song ends with a decrescendo of the verses. “I’m Home” is in legato, this way 1 Shot Mac can belt out what he does best: his baritone in a sometimes almost recitativo style. The elegance prevails in his vocals and one of the strongest suits of the single is that it doesn’t want to be more than it is – a rare treat in the ‘20s.

1 Shot Mac does a remarkable producing work on his song and the classic love and desire R’n’B topic sounds fresh in his interpretation.

Ultimately, I’m Home by 1 Shot Mac has a potential of establishing a lasting presence on the charts, radios and clubs.

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