„Ride For Me” is the latest, genre-bending chillhop-trap single by 2EazyTre.

This bass boosted fresh take showcases 2EazyTre’s trademark rap which has a great, quick flow in the mid-part and his storytelling skills. The @yBJoeyy produced song embraces an almost downtempo beat and a signature guitar sample. The over-effected chorus starts “Ride For Me” with a quick beat and 2EazyTre establishes his presence immediately. His soul-story is a well expressed and authentic quasi-love song. The kicks and double-times represent the storyteller’s heartbeat; the high-hats the inner tension. The tightly knit beats leave no room to wander away, as the single has a short run, making the chorus and its message even more emphasized.

2EazyTre actually thrives in his music and his effortless delivery gives “Ride For Me” another layer of professionalism and ear-treat. After all, the artistic, character-filled delivery is the real key of the song. It would definitely be interesting to see and hear it in live.

The accompanying music video backs the song well.

Ultimately, “Ride For Me” is perfect for driving, to some niche radios and for playlists. 2EazyTre is an exciting performer whose self-awareness radiate through his latest single. It is indeed good to hear a different direction in this genre.

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