„She Bad” is a high-concept, unique, romantic hip-hop with some chillhop flair by ILL Ruckus ft. Mr Smiff.

We are already dragged into the single with the chiming opening, uneasy chords on the pads. This motif is a returning one. ILL Ruckus and Mr Smiff harmonize well and the flow is interesting and well mixed, however, not too much. The chorus is a playful soundscape and despite its oddity it is really catchy. The outro’s tune makes the listener want more and it is indeed and intriguing idea whether in live would it be an extended version or kept is short. ILL Ruckus masters this song, he honed his craft and it is a joy to hear someone knowing what, why and how to do without being pushy or vain.

„She Bad” has stronger kicks, just at the border of not being too much, the drum machine brings a typical rhythm and beat. The song is well-mixed and the mastering does right with the vocals which are the key in this single; as the delivery itself. The production’s interesting idea is well-done all over.

Ultimately, “She Bad” has an interesting premise and due to ILL Ruckus’s skills and songwriting the whole concept works and not gimmicky but great for a party or a playlist. ILL Ruckus is on his way to step into a more major spotlight.


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