There are only a handful of modern artists who can embrace the traditional rock and add their own songwriting uniqueness in subtle, genuine ways. One of them is Sami Chohfi, the internationally acclaimed artist, singer-songwriter. We’ve been planning to catch-up with him for long, and after his tours now we could get a few minutes with him. If you are already a fan, you’ll find our conversation interesting, if you are a music-lover and a new sympathizer of Sami Chohfi, his latest “The Awakening” is a good introduction while you are reading on:

Music Authentic: Welcome back to Music Authentic! As usual, let’s begin with our site-traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

Sami Chohfi: First off, thank you for having me. It is truly a pleasure and an honor. I slept very well. I had a dream that my wife and I were in front of a waterfall holding hands and kissing…

Music Authentic: I know you like good restaurants but when and what did you last cook?

Sami Chohfi: I just cooked Filet Mignon (medium rare) of course and steamed broccoli made with garlic ginger seasoning.

Music Authentic: After these years of crazy uncertainty and ongoing challenges, pain and agony, tribulation all over the world in many parts of the world life starts to be more vivid, cultural events restarted. Still, the weight of this whole strangeness is on us. On the top of it, it looks the madness just upped its game. How have you been able to keep your sanity? Who and what helped you?

Sami Chohfi: I have an amazing wife and sister. They both are always reminding me that life is beautiful. I write songs and tour as often as possible. Music is the reason I never became a serial killer (LOL) Just kidding.

Music Authentic: The absolutely awesome “Extraordinary World” EP elevated you to a new level as a singer-songwriter, maybe even higher than with your band ‘Blue Helix’. What was it like to reach a whole new universe of notoriety in solo after that many years of hard work with your band, reshaping, reinventing and recreating yourself and being a larger star now? Don’t shy away, blushing or not, with this quality you put out and how it was accepted and welcomed worldwide, you got a stellar mark… J

Sami Chohfi: It is an honor to have toured 5 countries in 3 years. My music is doing very well in Brazil particularly with radio play over 100 FM stations and my upcoming 5th tour to the country. I plan on going to India in November for my 2nd tour there. I am very blessed.

Music Authentic: Then you had another song and music video, “Serenade the Darkness” bringing two cultures into one; after, “Little One” and “The Awakening”. It seems, lately there is a direction towards a kind of unity in the world that is noticeable. Is this the new “punk”, the new “Rock’n’roll” now, the new “cool” in this era?

Sami Chohfi - funSami Chohfi: I think, artists are always re-inventing themselves, trying things and thinking outside the “box”. I pride myself on never making the same style or type of song twice. I think, my goal as a songwriter is to constantly try to move with the “new world”. I think, music should be meaningful, with a purpose and a message. Love and unity and self-reflection is important to me in my songs.

Music Authentic: I heard you playing live and I heard you jamming. You really honed your craft throughout the years. Have you ever felt to hang the guitar up?

Sami Chohfi: Never. I never quit, I never surrender. I am a student and always learning how to improve.

Music Authentic: As a musical teacher-tutor-mentor, how do you see, are the youngsters more open these days to dive into it or they rather opt for the quick, instant solutions?

Sami Chohfi: Most people don’t want to practice and put in the work, but those who have passion and a good work ethic quickly grow in their music ambitions.

Music Authentic: There are hundreds of online courses for learning piano, guitar, songwriting, even singing… Can these ever live up to the times of garage practice, in person lessons?

Sami Chohfi: Nothing teaches us better than playing live or in front of people. Nothing is the same as putting yourself out there with vulnerability. I think mental focus is the key no matter how you learn. I personally give very special attention to my students. I don’t just teach them to play, I teach them to be artists.

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun, shall we? Would you perform on Mars for the first human colony if Elon Musk called you? It’s a long travel and you’d need to sleep in a wheel-less van… 😉

Sami Chohfi: I would not. I would rather stay on Mother Earth and play Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza and any other festival that would have me. Elon can find someone else. LOL

Music Authentic: The American culture is full of superheroes, it’s like people want someone else to deal with the heavy load instead of attending in their very own growth. Who do you think the real superheroes are?

Sami Chohfi: Medical professionals, mothers and fathers. People who help others. The dog in Ukraine who sniffs bombs is my new hero.

Music Authentic: Back to 2022: describe this age but only with song titles!

Sami Chohfi: I will pass on this one based on the fact that my mother always said, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I plead the 5th.

Music Authentic: Bon Jovi wrote “American Reckoning”. In this he faces and digs deep into what society as whole keeps avoiding: the reality. Just another song of broken and damaged lives all around, the stripped away “American dream”… What would you start your work with if you became The President? What are the most important social issues?

Sami Chohfi: 100 percent focus on global warming. We are reaching a point of no return. I fear my nephew won’t have a world to grow up in.

Music Authentic: Now here comes the question to which I can probably guess your answer: should an artist, musician stick only to entertain and remain a court-jester or is it a moral obligation to stand up and use his/her platform for the better life of the people?

Sami Chohfi: 100 percent yes. However, for many it is easier to sit back and watch and judge. I myself strive to make others feel loved, respected and important.

Music Authentic: It is said, behind every successful man there is a strong woman. Can you share your story with the readers?

Sami Chohfi - newSami Chohfi: Without my wife who I met when I was 14, I would be a mess. She keeps me grounded and focused. She is the reason I have had any success over the past 6 years. She was the first girl I spoke the words “I love you” to when I was young. Obviously, she will be the last. Fate.

Music Authentic: Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, Elton John and Steven Tyler are sitting at a café. To which of them would you go first for a meet and greet?

Sami Chohfi: Paul is my dude. Then Steven because I bet he is a great hang.

Music Authentic: Is there any artist you would like to have a song together with nowadays?

Sami Chohfi: Yes, many. I would love to write a song with Paul McCartney and Trent Reznor.

Music Authentic: You wrote new songs, you had a tour in two continents last year. What else and new can we expect from you this year?

Sami Chohfi: The exact same thing. More songs to be written, more people to connect with. I will be touring Brazil August-September this year and India in November.

Music Authentic: Before we go: what is the encouraging message you would say to your fans and sympathizers and all the folks who just started out?

Sami Chohfi: Be good to each other and love your mother. I recently lost my mom to COVID in 2021. No one will ever love you more than your mom, make her feel special every day. Call her every day. Love her every moment you can. My musician advice is to find members who you truly connect with, don’t settle. Be true to yourself and don’t try to sound like anyone else.

Music Authentic: Thank you for taking the time and finally have this interview. Really looking forward to hearing your new songs and good luck with the tour!

Sami Chohfi: Thank you, the pleasure was all mine.


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