„Every Human Needs a Human” is the latest, energetic, tribal percussion centered, bilingual, upbeat pop-dance single by Ismaila Mbaye and his collaboration band La Scelta.

The calypso based drums touch a distinct ethnic sound and the song showcases Ismaila Mbaye’s trademark singing style and radiating, uplifting positivity. The award-winning humanitarian, actor – singer – musician once again is joined by the renowned La Scelta band from Italy to show how friendship, human connections and focusing on what really matters in each other can heal and is a must to experience in today’s world. The clean vocal sound and percussions start “Every Human Needs a Human” with a quick beat and Ismaila Mbaye relatable presence is immediately attainable. The jamming with the band La Scelta is a long needed unique difference from the music scene. Their togetherness proves how souls and talents can unite. Especially in their music video the embracement of life and togetherness shines through. The mix does right with the chorus and the master balances the strong lows to an easy level for the ears and stereos. Ismaila Mbaye and the band La Scelta clearly established a bond a long while ago. The love and respect towards each other and the way how they honed their crafts throughout their vast musical careers spanning over decades and continents elevates „Every Human Needs a Human” into the category of a potential summer smash hit all around the world.

To sum up, “Every Human Needs a Human” is an ultimate dance and sing-along experience, a joyous celebration to be alive on Earth; perfect for any radio stations and for playlists, gatherings and parties. Ismaila Mbaye is an exciting performer whose self-awareness radiates through his latest single. “Every Human Needs a Human” will be hummed and whistled, played at the campfires for years on.

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